The mysterious case of a dead Russian businessman – BBC News

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The mysterious case of a dead Russian businessman – BBC News
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the most exclusive private Estates in England houses in this cold sorry cell the tens of millions of pounds to me inside not allowed in 20 a Russian businessman was found dead on this estate I believe he was murdered on in November of 2012 he was when he collapsed poisoning looks much less likely the most probable cause it’s a heart attack get evidence in a major Pro case linked to Russian organized crime that case have the potential to embarrass not just the Russian state but President Putin himself before he is now an inquest is her the D bells of this case that would judge Miss decide he was another victim of Russian poisoning on British soil Triple H nice life came to a sudden and on a Saturday in November 2012 he been shopping with his daughter he had lunch made by his wife and then went out running couple of residence nearby Fountain including a chef he tried to administer fast ATM by that point it was too late to save him what place did know that I was who Alexander perepilichnyy really was and who he was working with can bring up for the mister mister Browder and this particular case assistant Lee extremely angry about Bill Browder the US for nuncia Bill Browder is one of Vladimir Putin’s biggest critics he was once a major investor in Russia that one of his companies was evicted huge electrode is Russian accountants cigar night Netscape was arrested and died in prison in 2011 when he was first contacted by Alexander perepilichny an email from a person who says he has information showing who got the money that Sergei magnitsky was killed over and we were thinking for ourselves why would somebody give us why would someone have that information and it slowly emerged that he had the information because he was the money manager for the people who committed this crime so how embarrassing Prime group involved with the Russian State the Russian government then this was devastating formation was devastating because that money was in Frozen and there are now 15 live money-laundering investigations which started that whistle blowing exposure was perepilichnyy with promising with explosive stuff documents the Browder says show the fruit with links to corrupt Russian tax officials bike Islands in Dubai and property in Moscow he was prepared to testify in Switzerland with some of the money ended up you said an inquest I think there was a strong possibility Eastern Boarder still today I believe that I was in her position was murdered on in November of 2012 by still on what what evidence do you have that well based on the fact that he was a cooperating witness that he was on a hit list they went out and took an enormous life insurance policy on his life in case he did get killed and on the fact that he then drop dead at the age of 44 with no prior health problems but in the day before he collapsed Alexander population he wasn’t home in sorry but hundreds of miles away in the French Capital Paris some of the most exclusive some of the most expensive hotels you can find in the whole world he arrives in Paris just two days before he collapsed staying in his five star hotel around lunch time that time he was joined by 22 year old’s Ukrainian designer so American Sky runs a high-end fashion design business in Paris and she met me she said she was dating website and she said she had a very long but I play with the weekends and take her out O’Mara Imaging scope was never interviewed by Surrey place the details of what happened in Paris already came out much later when she spoke to BuzzFeed and then the inquest in the death we discovered that they spend time shopping and she said during his time in Paris he wasn’t quite with it he was worried he was he seemed off Eliza said they spend the evening together at this sushi restaurant he told her the food tasted strange and sent the dish back when they return to that hotel he was sick 3 times in the bathroom play this witness on Meredith in sky with key to understanding what happened yet British police failed interview her despite knowing of her existence population East body it approved difficult to find Specialists implant options with protein and someone for the defense laboratory quoting down but after many first ladies in the end no poison was ever acted we showed the inquest testimony to one of the country’s leading toxicologists he said based on that are not true that does look more likely than murder any poisoning from a case like this I think what you have to do is look at the most probable explanation and in this instance of a heart attack an end and it’s not uncommon that can 14 year old individually he hasn’t for two something is going out for a run it’s just overexertion and then dextrose on a heart attack how much importance to attach to the fact that he was apparently sick repeatedly the night before he died he had seafood or fish in some way and it’s well known that Seafood is supposed people being sick could just be a coincidence coincidence Alexander population is background the British Place didn’t immediately treat this case as suspicious that meant key evidence including his entire stomach contents with Flushed Away before they could be fully tested losses those open stomach and got is really quite important because it might tell you much more about recent ingestion and that would be crucial for a case like this so I could have been very important if I keep hold of that substance what type of the cause of death critics points to other mistakes made in this case phone messages will not checked CCTV with deleted before it could be viewed please lost all the title they copied from us family laptop there’s so much information now it says yes that this was a murder that it looks like some huge ass covering exercise at the inside the Surrey police looks like completely messed up on this investigation evidence that he was mad at a lot of this is circumstantial love it suspicions around his rolling in the floor during voting threw away all the stomach samples they lost his computer files they didn’t check for his personal computer they didn’t check the WhatsApp messages on the French police have conducted this an entirely different way I was invited to give evidence in Paris inverter Squad in Paris and I sat down with them for an interview that I thought was going to last 2 or 3 hours it was an 18-hour interview in which they clearly had looked at every possible circumstance connected to his situation and show me what a real murder investigation looks like sorry please said it would be inappropriate to comment before the end of the inquest but giving evidence the lead detective defended the investigation as appropriate unproportionate he said old that was no evidence of murder and others including his wife are convinced he died of natural causes 17 us intelligence sources told BuzzFeed and the BBC they believes Alexander purple HD was assassinated then just two weeks ago the Home Secretary successfully blocked his healing in public if you ever have contact with MI6 or the security services that decision was made on National Security grounds corner is quite competent judicial official and there’s been some questions asked but there’s so much information that still not been ventilating so many requests that we’ve made for for further investigation actions approved that it would be much better if it was a Publican for a can mean how many Russian deaths or Russian assassination attempts need to happen before everybody wakes up to it at least have formal Powers the knitting Quest looks unlikely a recent Government Review into this case and 13 others like it found no need to go back and reopen any investigation that decision is unlikely to throw a solid line on the another unexplained Russian death on British soil
It was another mysterious Russian death on British soil.

One afternoon in November 2012, the businessman Alexander Perepilichnyy went out for a jog and never came back.

He was later found dead outside his mansion in Surrey. Mr Perepilichnyy was about to give evidence in a huge fraud case linked to Russian organised crime.

Nearly six years on, as the inquest into his death is set to draw to a close, this programme has now learned that the government will be able to keep some key details secret – including whether the businessman ever had links to the British security services.

Jim Reed has the background to this extraordinary case.

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