The National for February 11, 2019 — Sports Abuse, Ethics Probe, Polar Bear ‘Occupation’

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The National for February 11, 2019 — Sports Abuse, Ethics Probe, Polar Bear ‘Occupation’
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The National for February 11, 2019 — Sports Abuse, Ethics Probe, Polar Bear ‘Occupation’
On this Monday night, the consequences of our exclusive investigation of secretive sport, an amateur sport, politicians, parents and coaches color change. I welcome the ethics commissioner is interest in this matter: the prime minister’s office under investigation. What did it tell the former attorney-general to do about snc-lavalin details from close doors and the questions that just won’t go away now the war is over, but the refugee problem is not and should generations of Canadians he brought the world home. This is Jose CBC News in Paris, the city of August Place remembering an extraordinary journalist with an unparalleled career. This is the night. This isn’t the sentence. Anyone wants to hear. Hundreds of amateur coaches in Canada have been convicted of sexual offenses against young people laid out. The numbers last night the results of a CBC News in sports investigation. There has been a lot of hard conversations from Arenas to talk radio to the halls of power. These are the numbers at the heart of this investigation. First time anyone’s ever done. The math here in Canada over the last 20 years CBC found 222 coaches involved in amateur. Sport were convicted more than 600 children and teens were victims, and they were just the ones final court documents we’re also not just talking about one or two sports hear. These cases happened in 36, different sports everything from hockey to swimming, to figure skating tonight. The story shifts from wake-up call to what do do next. The federal Sports Minister says she’s doing all she can, but is Devin. Peru tells us one former athletes who needed protection says: that’s just not good enough. Psych broke her silence, but the former Olympian was Warren. Speaking out against, or Alpine ski coat later in, prison for sexual related offenses could cut her career short. I was encouraged to not say anything and amateur sports shows it’s a reality. Young athletes in this country still faced today now leaving organizations in the country are weighing in with the Canadian Olympic Committee and Canadian paralympic committee saying they will be strong and influential voices on this critical issue and athletes. Canada calling for a unified strategy to eight recipe using sport. She has no Illusions about the challenges and fixing it it’s going to take. Our athletes are, coaches, are parents are families, are officials are national sport organizations and governments? Parts for Hope is that they come up with a plan to protect young athletes. We’Re looking at if code of conduct we’re looking at creating a third-party organization and there’s going to be more to say the coming weeks. Forsyth wants to believe the minister he’s sincere and that things will change, but she no longer has patience for the waiting game and my response versus my reaction. Today’S reaction is any indication Sports Dirty Secrets, as a minister calls them aren’t Secrets anymore, Devon, Haru, CBC News. Toronto, one of the Sport’s these convicted coaches were involved in is gymnastics. It already been under scrutiny because of several high-profile trial and the case of American Sports Doctor Larry Nassar was a monstrous example, but what followed was a graph push to make the sport safer, including here in Canada? You put that much heart and soul into a sport, and you wanted to be wonderful and beautiful for all the kids that are doing it. Parents on how to raise an athlete. We had some difficult conversations didn’t yet cuz. He had to learn about some things that 11 years old – that – maybe you didn’t want to know, is Devon’s going to be back a little later on. The national will hear from parents and coaches about the changes they’ve made to keep young athletes safe. The first senior tracking the big story out of Ottawa tonight, the Prime Minister and his office facing a new investigation. Justin, Trudeau appears to be working hard to control that widening Scandal involving snc-lavalin and his former Attorney General at issue is whether the prime minister’s office trying to pressure then Justice, Minister, Jody wilson-raybould, to help the construction giant cut a plea deal and avoid a criminal trial On fraud and bribery charges, the Prime Minister was peppered with questions again today, just as the federal ethics Watchdog launched in you probe into the entire Affair is David Cochran’s houses. Trudeau’S answers did not clear up the controversy. It’S not the sort of thing any prime minister wants to say in an election year. Welcome investigation ethics, commissioner, is digging into the snc-lavalin controversy trying to find out. If the prime minister or his staff pressure Jody wilson-raybould to go easy on the company denies it. Wilson-Raybould has said nothing, it was notably absent at this event in her hometown, I have met with Minister wilson-raybould a couple of times already since arriving in DC yesterday, as they recalled a very specific conversation, she confirm for me a conversation we had. This fall where I told her directly that any decisions on matters involving the director of public prosecutions, hot workers alone, it’s a significant point in refuting the allegations reported in the globe and mail, but it Remains uncorroborated by wilson-raybould who insists she can’t say anything due to Solicitor-Client privilege it’s time for Justin Trudeau, to stop speaking for Jody wilson-raybould and let and let let her speak for herself for the opposition, so they can see players in front of the Justice committee If he, if he’s innocent, if he has nothing to hide, he should Waive this immediately, the government Minister, Trudeau, should wave expressly wave the explicit or client privilege to ensure that Madame Ms Wilson can I see, comments and disclose information about reap. What really happened. Trudeau hasn’t ruled it out. The issue of solicitor-client privilege is not a simple one. So I have asked our attorney general to provide me with advice on this matter, but the new attorney-general hasn’t provided that advice and when asked about it today, he gave a Litany of no comments and it would be very inappropriate for me to give any comments on That so I can’t come in that’s why I really can’t answer that question in both official languages and reassured her that the decision was hers and why feel the need to do that? The senior government official about this is what I’m told is that the Prime Minister felt the need to reassure Jody wilson-raybould that this was her call because of the intense lobbying at the time you have the company, along with Federal and provincial politicians, publicly and privately pushing For the justice department to drop the criminal charges against snc-lavalin to let them pay fines and the official I spoke with insist that the Prime Minister wanted to reassure wilson-raybould and let her know this was her. Call ignore the pressure make your own decision, but, of course they insist. The pressure was coming from the Prime Minister and his staff, which is at the center of the Global Mail allegations and something the prime minister’s office flatly denies. But as people try to assess David, what really happened here, complicating that is still no public comment from Wilsonville problem is the prime minister’s virgin today is completely uncorroborated. She has not said anything. I sent an email to her office today, so you look. Can you simply corroborate the version of events at the Prime Minister outline today about this reassurance? I still haven’t gotten a reply, you’re welcome. So what would happen if the ethics commissioner finds a violation in the ethics law, while there aren’t actually any sanctions? The biggest price they’ll pay for their offense would likely be being publicly named in the Commissioners report, so wide parent’s lap in the wrist. The conflict-of-interest act that came into effect 12 years ago says the purpose is to encourage compliance with this act rather than to punish Venezuela if there is a psycho actions of descent in that country. Tonight, it’s tensing up. Supporters of the government and those of the opposition are each preparing for Rally’s tomorrow and like so much else in the standoff. Showing strength on both sides is about perception. Dueling, rallies mix, dueling narratives, about what’s really happening in the country, mention how it got past. The government block a his message that his movement can alleviate the suffering in the country. Then there’s this from de facto president Nicolas Maduro, recently touring steamed pharmaceutical facility declaring the country will produce all its own drugs by the end of the year. That’S almost certainly a fantasy, Venezuela’s economic pain exceeds what Canada or the US experienced during the Great Depression with hyperinflation and a GDP cut in half or just 5 years. But seeing with your own eyes is believing Adrian is in Venezuela once again for us tonight as she shows us, it doesn’t take much to Pier past the facade, Define a country in despair. How it looks is not always how it is. Beautiful Caracas can deceive pockets of comfort, of smiles of wealth and even in this place of hunger in crisis, a full Market could tempt some to scoff at the idea. Venezuela is in trouble but start doing the math, mostly them basically $ 13. A month kilo of peppers would take nearly all of it, I’m here to buy, but it’s too expensive. This woman told this before hundred Bolivars. I can’t get anything and then there’s this University Hospital of Caracas, one of the biggest most established in the city. It looks busy, looks while staff can you go inside dark because there’s barely functioning electricity in few replacement, bulbs, piles and piles of bottles, the patients have to fill themselves because there’s no running water, a kitchen that doesn’t have food, I’m still traffic on the stairs, because There aren’t many other options available, operating room, bring him up to this ramp deep inside the hospital staff who sometimes sleep here, because they say they can’t afford bus fare home. It’S the patients who linger who really worth it three or four days. This nurse says, but then what happened then, the other days the patients stay there waiting for. I don’t know what waiting just like eighteen-year-old gibbous Rivas is waiting, but he’s not. Okay. Look at forty is five. Most of his fever had to be removed because infection was eating the bone, his parents, who sleep and cook next to his bed, that he needs antibiotics multiple times a day. Yet everyone is cutting back. There aren’t enough antibiotic. The country was father said yesterday. They didn’t put any more in this is not a one-off in a futile search staff at the hospital approach strangers. Even us asking for specific medications, and then we met this young man recovering from a four-year-old wound, isn’t said they spent their money on an antibacterial mattress, but now they can’t get enough of the antibiotics. You see him being administered here, the one at 5 p.m. so it would stretch, but they can’t get ahead of the infection like this. Everything is a choice. The mattress matters a sum of been thrown out because they were full of the mites that cause scabies or no supplies to disinfect them. Hospital staff took chances showing us around, but they said they did it because it’s the truth and they’ve had enough. So many things you have had enough in another moment where perceptions can fool what looks like just another rush hour traffic jam. Is it it’s a protest Hospital workers blocking the road angry with nothing paint? We have no access to Medicine, no access to anything, they blocked. The road, but not the woman with a baby right there, I sure don’t do a motorbike or the hospital may not have anything to offer in Venezuela sent to Venezuela most of it remains blocked by the government. Colombian border Madero call the Aid offer a Macabre game. Given the fact that us sanctions prevent his government from getting at roughly ten billion dollars in offshore assets, he’s with the CBC covering major international events like what we’re seeing in Venezuela watching history, unfold, reporting it to Canadians with charm, humor and, above all, Humanity, he died Peacefully at home today, the age of 90 impact on all of us in this craft in at the CVC, including Adrian, who put together this tribute to his life, his character and his contribution. My name is Josiah and I have a new job after he, retired singer was still bursting to be a reporter smelled stories just about everywhere, certainly since 1, in the burdens of aging and the elixirs of memories and love to be a patient to realize what it Meant when time Came Calling so frustrated a man who spent an entire lifetime fighting to live with me. First is the boy who, during the second world war, lost his parents in the Holocaust, a little boy saved by the kindertransport boarding a train with hundreds of other children escaping the Nazis. His parents were later killed in Holocaust and he never stopped missing the concept that news of the world mattered was embedded in that lonely. Kids. Might the news route to Saigon, rather than run from the news he spent decades running towards the most remote and ravaged pockets of the planet he reported for other outlets around the world television you in 1966, there was a curious career choice. He dumped his job. Is the executive producer of National correspondent? Again, he always said, was in his DNA about being on the road. I was having a convulsion life of being able to ever be able to find something you next sighting Springtime August is a month to be here. It goes in August and operations in Paris, you can sit down and you can hear yourself think why do I get the feeling that that was your favorite part? The idea that your bosses couldn’t find you that’s right now otherwise over, but the refugee problem is not what a comfort to so many who are go to Canada to come. Come here with me and his empathy reached out. Maybe it’s because he’d injured so much that he was so attuned to the struggles of survivors with may seem like a fight, but if over the battlefield where the bodies of the Dead are being removed, floats the sound of music. The music comes from a greeting card for Aid and Muslim holiday in April. The car’s owner will never see details. The tiniest of details were treated with the greatest of care in Schlesinger’s reporting. He knew their power to bridge distances, what’s happening, his butt breathe, but not interested in bravado, and he knew the difference. Generation love young journalists, he was ultimately showered with Awards and honorary degrees among his most precious, the Order of Canada. So many years I love you to do things that other people wouldn’t have. You ever had an advantage. Tolerance of radius increases and things like that of tolerating Joseph singer. This man was pitching stories until his very last days. He was a gift. Here’S a little bit more of his stories and his words. It’S such a privilege to be able to spend one’s life watching the world on Ford and actually being paid for it. The South Vietnamese say they have 10000 men on the road and you get the impression of a solid line. But when you get here on the road to unlock the reality is somewhat different. Time-In China supposed to give us an inside track interview undeveloped Market of 700 million people. Well, maybe it will maybe it won’t it’s because he’s got that all that dispensary. Meanwhile, back in the big city, this is George CBC News in Paris, the city of August place. The one driving force in journalism for me is not being too Scoops, or anything like that is just Joy of learning also left an impact on many of you and will hear some of those memories in Our Moment later in the show, the first was trying to Several other developing stories were watching tonight time in 24 hours. We are under a snowfall warning view from rcbc tower cam up to 25 cm expected in some areas tonight. Earlier today, public transit was disrupted by the snow and ice, and that is still the case for commute home some universities or closed their campuses tonight. Several Ferry services between Vancouver Island and the mainland have been canceled police are trying to identify this woman, throwing a chair and other items from a condo balcony Town Toronto. The video cuts out just before the chair hits Lakeshore Boulevard below. So it’s not clear if it hits a car. Please say: they’ve received dozens of calls about the video doing the rounds online, but no connections to the woman. Yet Sheriff investigation has been launched in Russia. We go in-depth into the world of gymnastics and ask what’s being done to protect young athletes. The first he led the investigation into serial killer, Bruce McArthur, now Hank, it’s just taking time with us to reflect on the case and it script details. The photograph specifically are extremely disturbing. Nobody wants to look at those photographs. I don’t want to look at those photographs has angry that this isn’t gone on in this in the city for some time and that’s how it actually done this inspector Hank insinga has seen a lot over the years, but nothing like the crimes of Bruce McArthur. The 67 year old serial killer, who is sentenced to life in prison last week’s worth killing and dismembering eight men most with ties tutor most gay Village, will almost certainly never leave prison, but the investigation continues as police search for connections to dozens of cold cases. Tonight, UNR meliodas sits Down With It singer to reflect on the past year. Toll is taking on him and the questions that linger and stay it got to him. There’S definitely a lot of highs and I’m definitely a lot of lows in emotionally. I want when I talk about highs, you’re, finding a key piece of evidence. You want to celebrate. You want to be happy, but you found this, but it’s such a terrible thing to find, and then you caught in the middle of two extremes really for a year inspector Hank was the face of an did: investigation serial killer, alleged serial killer 1, so Grizzly outlined In court their voices would break didn’t get to. Thankfully I wasn’t going up there having to talk about it, so it’s I think, for everybody who is in that courtroom. Listening to that who it was very, very difficult and he did a great job under the circumstances. I don’t know if I would do quite as good a job as he did and then took pictures of them using props, including a fur coat and hat before finally, dismembering them and getting there remains in planters and in a ravine area. It’S in God, of course, seeing that all firsthand what struck him to unaffected, how expressionless the convicted serial killer appeared, not acknowledging anyone in the gallery got nothing out of him whatsoever in the courtroom in conversations with them. I can’t discuss at this point in time what you get out of him in conversations no confessions, but an admission to killing eight men, a guilty plea that spared their families from evidence that insinga could barely stomach. How disturbing as evidence the photographs specifically are extremely disturbing. Nobody wants to look at those photographs. I don’t want to look at those photographs of seen the photographs. I can’t imagine the reaction have any member of the families of some of these victims. They would be traumatized for Life by those photographs. 13 months after police arrested MacArthur and will Justice John McMahon took the extraordinary step of commending detectives wear their work in open court. The backstory is it almost didn’t happen if not for this a secure camera, video of MacArthur’s last known victim, Andrew Kinsman, getting into a red van and a calendar entry Kinsmen made with the name Bruce those two pieces of information LED police to MacArthur surveillance video. I don’t know that we would be here today if he hadn’t put that name in the calendar. If the friends hadn’t reported missing, if the initial responding officers hadn’t done a video canvas Uno, exactly Mark the end of nearly a decade of dead ends and frustrating what ifs and has led to calls from Toronto’s and grieving lgbtq Community, especially to review how police conducted The MacArthur invest it’s in gout, welcomes the scrutiny and says he has his own lingering questions to be given the opportunity. I think I’d really like to nail down a more historic timeline with him and you don’t have any evidence of him committing any murders prior to 2010. What is everybody knows down? District, Arthur didn’t always live in Toronto and, if there’s anything historic where we could get some investigators pointed in the right direction for some closure Force, nobody else and that’s what I would be most interested in why MacArthur killed it single says he doesn’t really want to Know what he did is revolting enough. If you were in a room with him a question, why would I want to tell him? I don’t think I could tell him anything more than what the the families of the victims last week in court about the impact that his very selfish actions have had and if I was in a room with him like I might have some questions has an investigator I’Ve got no desire to talk to the man whatsoever. Emotional draining case is over a serial killer is behind bars for life and for now at least that’s enough. You want a remote CBC News. Toronto on the national Russian town on lockdown and you’ll, see it’s pretty obvious. Why question is what to do about all those bears? Can you are investigation into abuse and amateur sports the step some parents are taking to protect their kids and what what initiatives need to be taken to make Sports better? I think we have started a conversation that has never happened in this country. I am making this commitment that I am going to work to make sportsafe in this country, Steve Duncan she’s, responding tonight to our investigation into the abuse of amateur athletes by their coaches within 200. Amateur sport, coaches in Canada. What convicted of sexual offenses against minors? In the last 20 years, we’re in gymnastics is a sport that was already reeling from the terrible stories of serial sexual abuse by former US Sports Doctor, Larry Nassar, and add to that a former Elite Canadian gymnastics coach accused of sexual assault. We are expecting a verdict in that case this week, so as Devin who tells us it’s allspark Grassroots push for big change in that sport, she’s learning how to be a hard worker, how to be focused, how to be respectful of both herself and the people around Her to be supportive – and I love seeing her apply yourself – you put that much heart and soul into a sport, and you want it to be wonderful and beautiful for all the kids that are doing it, and it does break my heart that there are kids out There, who have it’s a difficult admission, that the gym were children spent dozens of hours a week, hasn’t been safer, every athlete a reality, Trust on gymnastics. Parents, like I’m sure, in a widely followed case of sexual misconduct, south-of-the-border that hammer fell hard on Larry Nassar today. Youtube unfolding during the trial of American Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar. There was a lot of pain in our community a year ago. Yeah it hurts it hurt me it hurt, and and as a former gymnast who chose to have her daughter do gymnastics, I felt sort of like I had to answer for summer, it’s personal for Kim and it propelled her to act. But where do you even begin advice for parents on how to raise an athlete and what what initiatives need to be taken to make Sports better? All those things – and I just collected information, I read articles and then eventually, you put a PowerPoint presentation together 5 times a week now involved with gymnastics, Alberta and gymnastics Canada and gives a regular shapes for presentations working with fellow parents to break the silence 2014. That was a concern for me as a parent I didn’t know who to tell this to hoodoo asked about 9 was also a younger Jim parents, so I thought well, I don’t want to sound crazy, your overbearing, or maybe this isn’t normal thing – silver all the years And have an independent third-party, where you can put your complaints, is absolutely critical, even Club to club without standardized framework example, Kyle shufelt’s gym in Calgary Club should have to do it frost. I think it’s been a big value-add. It just allows us to stand firmly in the place that we’re doing everything we can to protect the young athletes. You might remember Kyle from Athens in 2004, gymnastics royalty, the Olympic champion, who does commentary with CBC Sports, get away from future athlete. He believes that away from tough conversations anymore about a year ago, we got together as a group and just had that conversation into me. That was like a really that was a really positive step in all of this. This is Messi for sport in general and for gymnastics specifically, but now I’ve got the black and white feels like this person has been please check and we done reference. The cracks background checks only catch people with a criminal record and reference checks. Well, there’s no character. Sketch of Pooh a predator might be paying for it and lift up to your line now. Hips Kelly man, Jack, found this out the hard way and present for more than three decades. Kelly has been helping him. It’S get to the top, including Kyle shewfelt. At the 2004 Olympics, he now owns his own gym in Mississauga, a space where dozens of athletes come to train everyday. The idea that a coach could have use an athlete in his gym seemed Unthinkable, no red flags, a lot of red flags that I was really really concerned about in any sense, and he picked up the coaching pretty quick and he was very serious about. He reminded me of me, I told you work at he’s gym for years now faces charges, sexual assault and child luring the details of what happened here and at several other gyms. Still before the courts and under publication ban. You you and told me that you did your background checks and it is much as we could as we normally did. There was no flags at all, it’s just it got right by me and there was no no bone in my body that wanted to go. Look deeper into the problem because I thought I saw the the guy every single day and I trusted him you’ve had you knew him, I called him and he didn’t you well. Obviously not I mean I really like the guy to believe that whatever it was, wasn’t that big a deal? Yes, since then, Kelly has taken every step to arm his gym against potential Predators, hiring a dedicated employee for staff discipline, installing cameras all over his gym and creating stronger policies on coach-athlete Honda keeping safety policy. Current is an ongoing conversation not only at the gym but at home to between me, munchies and Jim practices Kim now also fits in talks about sexual assault with her twelve-year-old daughter Addison. You didn’t want to know why I really didn’t want to know those things. Are you glad you know them, then I know that I know what to do and that other kids should know what to do. Why are you doing this? I’M doing this because it needs to get done you? No. I think it breaks my heart that my sport is has been looked at in the way that it has. It breaks my heart that there are kids who are hurting. Every Sports should have challenges, kids should learn resiliency, they need to be accountable. They need to be hard-working all those things that what makes an athlete special, but they they they don’t need to be degraded. They don’t need to be beaten down. They don’t need to injure inappropriate behavior ever there’s momentum. Now, coaches athletes, parents all moving forward, not completely sure about what’s in front of them, but ready to close the door on an abusive pass Devon, Haru CBC News Toronto, especially if your parent, you may have questions about what this investigation has raised, or maybe you’re a Coach at yourself or an athlete so later this week, some answers so sending your questions about overcoming sexual offences in amateur sport, to the National, at, struggling to get the situation under control. I know it’s a problem perhaps familiar to those living in Canada, but this next story is a little different polar bears. Dozens of them have invaded a Russian Arctic community and, as a cbc’s, Chris Brown explain how scientists think people’s behavior just might be making things worse. It’S a polar bear emergency in Russia’s High Arctic, as many as fifty two bears have moved in and this open garbage dump seems to be the big attraction with lots of food to eat and all kinds of other things to explore around Antoine get out screens a Woman is a man makes his escapes serious, hungry bears, are wandering into and then out of apartment buildings, passed security cameras and all around neighborhoods. There’S a person walking and the bear walking says the woman’s voice. The reason why we have so big concentration, the town belushya guba, is a closed military Community where access is restricted after polar bears. Rifled through dumpsters in 2016, the World Wildlife Fund says it tried to conduct a bear awareness campaign. Russia’S military wasn’t interested and it’s likely the Bears will keep coming back. It’S a warming climate, that’s forcing the Bears ashore in the first place. No ice means no seals to hunt and scientists say the Melton. Does. Eastern Arctic is likely even more severe than in Canada? Usually, relocating problem bear its hundreds of kilometers away to where there’s ice is it preferred solution, but in this case that may not work, it’s not so difficult for the nicest transport one or two about how to deal with 50. I miss you, I’m afraid to go outside and waiting for the so-called polar bear occupation to end Chris Brown CBC News, Moscow. The moment is up next on the national and tonight we’re turning it over to some of you with memories of Josiah. Today, we’re remembering a remarkable journalist, a man who’s been decades, bringing the world into our living rooms and making it all make sense. Schlesinger passed away at the age of 90. The Prime Minister offered condolences on Twitter today, saying with passion, courage and authenticity. Joel Schlessinger brought the news to Canadians and his contributions to Canadian journalism will not be for a man who knew Jowell. Peter Mansbridge tweeted impart look at a map and it seems you could point to anywhere and remember his story. The Joe did from their storytelling. The few will ever match and in ways that made us all better informed about the plant we live on Jupiter also pouring in from any of you viewers and your memories of Joe is our moment of the day. I still can’t afford correspondent automatically commence tonight and the feelings of the Congress, and indeed of the country, appear to be on a collision course. She spoke his mind in this post. Have nothing much to do anymore, voice him explaining a complex world event. Is such a touchdown for me watching the national at night, with my dad as a kid instead of the Prime Minister, stop brushing up on the Yellow Rose of Texas, e-news Adrian is in Venezuela tonight doing yours too, and it just felt right to have her share Her own slice of Joe’s life, so I have a look she just sentencing. There was a day when I stopped him and asked him if he was myself and told him. I was a huge fan of his work and we started talking about storytelling and he said: look, listen, you’re not actually going to have a story, a really good story. Until you have a thing in the story – and I thought I have no idea what he’s talking about, I want this to be good advice, but I don’t understand what he’s saying: what do you mean by a thing and he said it’s something you something it’s the Thing everybody will talk about the next day, it’s a moment or a clip or something unexpected. You don’t have a story. Thank you very much and I left it for a long time. I had absolutely no idea what this icon had said to me and then years later the penny dropped a little bit and I thought I think, and so now what is become kind of a lifelong Pursuit for the thing his impact undeniable in big ways and in Small ways Ian you work with him, so I worked with him on a News Network show 20 years ago, so I was in my thirties. He was in his sixties. I guess you know an Adrian uses, the word icon. Imagine what that was like to be sitting there working with a guy who travel the world. I done a lot of stories up and down the west coast of Canada in the United States, always patient, always gracious always willing to teach, never condescending, and it was a real honor to get to work with him. A little bit at is the national for February 11th, goodnight
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