The National for June 11, 2019 — Hong Kong Unrest, Jon Stewart, Election Ads

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The National for June 11, 2019 — Hong Kong Unrest, Jon Stewart, Election Ads
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The National for June 11, 2019 — Hong Kong Unrest, Jon Stewart, Election Ads
The National for June 11, 2019 — Hong Kong Unrest, Jon Stewart, Election Ads
Tonight, pushing Hong Kong to the brink resistance in the street protests against their own government. Why Canadians could be at risk. band on the court at all embarrassment to the country, and it is a stain on this institution. You should be ashamed of yourselves why the fundus to support them is drying up, but if it is then actually we are live. On the Pacific edition of the national weave the developing story and Hong Kong, a city on edge, you are looking at a live shot already Wednesday afternoon. There and thousands of people have gathered to protest a highly controversial extradition bill 4 showdown in these pictures. Taking a short time ago, show the level of concern many the protesters wearing masks grinding parts of the city to a halt, some surrounding police cars, forcing officers in riot gear into clashes with protesters debate on the bill with you to start a couple of hours ago. But the session has been delayed will go to a reporter on the ground shortly, but first, let’s take a look at how we got to this point four days. There has been anxiety and anger over the law that could send people to Mainland China for trial and it’s exposing a deeper fear in Hong Kong and around the world. Beijing growing desire to expand its power. They’Re calling for a repeat of Sunday’s historic protests, which Saint million people take to the street the biggest demonstration, the biggest political crisis since they hand over more than two decades ago, protesters worrying the new log Target journalist activist those critical of the Chinese government. Look no further, they say than these two Canadians arrested in China last year. There are another 300,000 Canadians who live in Hong Kong and hundreds who pass through the city as tourists every single day for our sexual petrasek is outside the legislative Council building in Hong Kong and joins us now, and it’s actually mentioned. The debate has been postponed to what are you seeing there right now? Well, that news of course went through this crowd quite quickly. There are tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people right around the legislature. Building in around home, the rest of the city is pretty much paralyzed.. Roads have been blocked in some cases by bus drivers who are sympathetic to this cause and decided to park their buses across the roads to stop people. There have been subway stations which enclosed and, of course, police in riot gear with who are standing on mini mini corner, so this city is very tense. It is also very blocked, right now and and the news that the debate has been stopped for now at least had mixed reactions. Some people felt it was a bit of a victory. Other said that it was just a ruse that people were in fact that the legislators were just trying to get them to all go home. So that’s what’s been happening, but there’s no question that he is very much a city. Divided hongkong is polarized and weighs many say. They’Ve, never seen before. Groups of students and activist who organized previous are again leading the charge and that I’m all done for me to remind people that we have to have massive civil disobedience in order to show pressure to Beijing and also gained International attention. Support what resistance to the extradition lock is spread through parts of society which were never as engaged business? People are shutting down stores to join the protest, can you and are threatening strikes? The professional teachers union is ready to organize is starting a hunger strike size of the okra. My point of view: the government cannot back down because it will lose face for making the wrong this meeting me. We were expecting to have underway now, since it is already in the afternoon there in Hong Kong. It has been adjourned. What are you hearing about one of my resume? Well, that’s a very open question right now and you know, there’s been no sign that the government really is intent on backing down or is trying to delay this or as we pursue. This would be a loss of face and it would be a stunning turnaround for a government has been so determined to go ahead with this, even in the face of more than a million people on the streets just a few days ago. On the other hand, the protesters are saying they are not going any. How many that I’ve spoken to have said this? Is it there parking here and they’re staying here as long as they can until this bill is defeated? So at this point it’s all still very much up in the air, but it looks like it’s probably not going to today. Special fantastic reporting from Hong Kong, where it is, as I mentioned already Wednesday afternoon, might seem to have touched a nerve in this city of seven million. Hong Kong is technically a part of China, but it’s operated under was known as one country two systems since 1997. When the former British colony was handed back to Chinese rule, the city continues to enjoy the right to have its own social, political and legal systems. For 50 years with China has become more overtly authoritarian. Since Xi, Jinping became president in 2012 and since then, Beijing has made substantial efforts to integrate Hong Kong with the main line. Mini-C, that is Beijing encroaching on the city’s autonomy. That’S significantly compromised the territory and Mainland China. Hong Kong is being felt here in Canada and spoke to some who feel threatened by Hong Kong, diminishing autonomy there, a ferry crossing the harbor 2018 worried that will be armies to come in and and to take over Hong Kong directly Hot Topic with his friends. It is useless. hoping to increase International pressure on China. More than half-a-million Canadian have connections to Hong Kong. Canada needs to prepare for a new wave of people leaving Hong Kong number is not seen since its Handover to China. A lot of this 100,000 Canadians and Hong Kong will come back. City need to worry about China’s ability to arbitrarily arrest and detain people. From now on. He sees a future with even more need to protest. Here. Voices will be increasingly silenced in Hong Kong, Greg Rasmussen, CBC News, Vancouver and we’ll have the latest on this developing story through the night for now Rosie. Let’S talk with a very different event: it got people on the streets, but also in stadiums across Canada. The Raptors Leslie and very much in recovery mode today, but there was a moment last night. It still has everybody talking. In fact it’s almost overshadowed the final score. Almost Golden State Kevin Durant collapse, then limped off the court at first beers and cheers from some fans. Don’T want to hear the crowd the sports world and the Warriors noticed other warriors were last charitable, calling it trashy and classless Toronto’s Mary stressed it was just a moment. People are cheering at the end of the play, but very quickly after that, and he got a very warm Round of Applause. Just any player he’s. Actually one of the best players in the league may be the best Ikea fence of threat. Who’S been absent with an earlier injury now for weeks. Many wanted him to deliver last night, but it’s Chris Glover explains there are questions about whether he should have been there. How tall is Kevin Durant in the building, but will be in uniform, Superstar Kevin Durant entered game 5 of the NBA Finals, looking confident if they were not facing elimination, he probably would not be coming back for days. He watched his take a beating against the Raptors side light with a calf injury. Since early may, he came back with a vengeance last night, so when he went down it sent shockwaves Achilles injury, the extended the decision to clear Durant was collaborative the Warriors GM says: if you Police Department, the pressure to get the rest of the Court was intense. Even from himself, the Warriors helped create a climate and pressure him that is a terrible Warriors basketball culture. He was forced to return based on the chatter that we knew it was going to take place. He saw he really didn’t want it. He wasn’t committed to the team sports doctor shows how the calf and achilles connect certain locations for shirts, depending on how serious it is on the verge of being a free agent in July, could be out next season. 2, acceleration deceleration jumping me know: that’s usually a bit longer. On average, I would say about 9 months or so an injury that may have altered Toronto. The shockwaves at the Raptors lost last night have disrupted one of the most powerful forces and entertainment Oprah Winfrey Oprah had a speaking engagement on the Raptors home court Scotiabank Arena on Friday, but the Raptors put the kibosh on that the show’s been canceled. If it comes to a game 7 – oh gosh – I hope not, but that will happen in Toronto on Sunday, Oprah Show might have needed to dismantle of Courts and at this point, there’s just no way. That’S happening. Okay, back to the thing that I cover. Most of all, if you watch the game last night, you may have seen two National Party leaders being mocked and criticized advertisers pay top dollar to see to be seen on that record-breaking broadcast. The NBA says in fact, for 2.5 million Canadians watched all or part of game 5, but these expensive election messages, weren’t paid for by opposing parties, David Cochran, looks like who’s behind them and why they’re eager to learn some hard punches before the end of this month. These Raptors title run is bringing Canadians together, but these ads will cost. You engaged is run by people with ties to the Liberals, but also to the NDP and Big labor and attack ads aren’t just coming from the Left 4 years. It should a group called shaping Canada’s future paid for a sequel to this 2015 conservative party. Yet even using the original cast nice hair, though his future is run by same person who ran shaping Alberto’s future in that provincial election, a group fueled by corporate money with direct ties to Alberta, Premier Jason Kenney, Canadian audience was bigger than the Super Bowl ads cost. Tens of thousands of dollars to run but those third party, political ad, you saw or a black hole of information and gave Canada and shaping Canada future, don’t have tell anyone how much they spent or who gave them the money we trying to put it very clear Rules in place at from June 30th onwards has to disclose its donors and follow spending limits really important. That Canadians have an understanding where this information is coming from. They have transparency to who’s funding it and we have some limits in place and by then the big series will be over. The big audience is gone and big money spent with no disclosure at all David Cochrane. Cbc News Ottawa continue the Pacific edition of the national we’ve heard from the planes regarding the use of this photo in engage Canada at here. It is the editor-in-chief saying that McClain’s did not Grant licensing rights for use of this image. They say the politicians must Trust editorial purposes. Only McLean’s has said, engage Canada, cease-and-desist letter, and the prime minister is firing back to a different letter from six premiers saying. National Unity is at risk. If the government does two pieces of legislation, if they don’t get their way, the first would change the way Resorts projects are approved and II would enforce a tanker been off BC’s Coast authorities say the pilot who crashed landed on a New York City. Skyscraper should not have been flying at all. It was raining yesterday when it happened in the pilot was not license to fly in poor weather conditions. Former host of The Daily Show wasn’t going for last today, when he lashed out in US lawmakers. He spoke up for. First Responders, who were called to duty on 9/11 and still bear the scars too many of their Heroes. Steven D’Souza tells us why they still need a champion. Men and women are most valuable commodity, direct and passionate, as he made a plea on behalf of 9-11. First Responders, sick and dying and no one shameful embarrassment to the country, and it is a stain on this institution for years. Stuart has bought for station for the police, firefighters and paramedics, who were struck by a myriad of illnesses, after digging through the rubble, a solid foundation to stand back upon to remind us of why this country is great of why this country is worth fighting for. And you are ignoring them to program to compensate any what health issues relating tonight 11 expires next year and pay out recently cut back with 21000 claims. Outstanding many could be left with nothing. Congress is considering a bill with bipartisan support that would continue to fund program for 70 years. You all said you would never forget all I’m here to make sure that you don’t get chemotherapy and Stewart made it clear that he and thousands of others have to repeatedly appear before Congress to fight for what they’re owed a did their jobs. Courage Grace tenacity, humility, 18 years later to yours. We wanted to show you more, for the record became more apparent. Can your sick, but it’s not for the pile and then when the science became irrefutable? Okay, it’s the pile. I don’t know if we have the money and I sorry if I sound angry in undiplomatic, but I’m angry and you should be too and they’re all Angry as well and they have every justification to be that way. There is not a person here. There is not an empty chair on that stage that didn’t tweet out, never forget the heroes of 9/11. Never forget their bravery, never forget what they did, what they gave to the country. Well, here they are powerful. Next on the national Canadian mayor, fights back after his town is held for ransom and leader, was farmers in western Canada are being pushed to the brink? Even today, when you look at how far away the lake is it’s hard to believe that it actually happened? Cyberattacks for ransom are growing problem in Canada is Katie. Simpson tells us there’s a new push for a national strategy to fight. known for swans, on the Avon River and of the home to some of the best theater in the country. There’S little drama off stage in Stratford Ontario, but the city is adding its name to the list of Canaan Community Health for ransom by hackers in April cyberextortionist broke into the city’s computer system encrypted part of the database and demanded tens of thousands of dollars to regain Control of the system, many sitting ducks for cyber-terrorist they’re, not really interested in the information they’re interested in disrupting your ability to function, and that will allow them to get money in there be surprised to learn. That decision is completely up to the city and it’s insurance provider of the attackers, the federal agency that helps protect cannabis, Communications networks, any City or business stuck in this position should reach out to him for help, but don’t expect advice on meeting Ransom demands action with You have till you have to measure that against how do I get my business back up and running and that’s an order? That’S an individual decision for an organization to workout law enforcement agencies across the country of flummoxed and other than practicing good cyber hygiene. There really isn’t much anyone can do to stop these criminals. That’S why Stratford’s mayor wants to work with other Mayors to come up with a new security Prodigy. As long as we are holding information that is deemed to be valuable to attackers or the new terrorist of the century today, I think we need to find a way to do it add a meeting this fall while he is grateful. No sensitive or personal financial information was stolen in this attack. He wants to spare other Canadian communities from the trouble he’s city is going through Katie Simpson, CBC News Stratford on up next, what happens after flood waters, recede and difficult decision mini face in New Brunswick stain rebuild or start a new life flooding in New Brunswick affected? As many as 16,000 properties and don’t think I didn’t others stay fighting to protect their homes and waiting for the water to receive benzos, how much will the pump does in the basement, and I just keep my fingers crossed? That’S all you do owners face a difficult Choice. Trying to sell their properties except a government buyout or rebuild a prune, went to New Brunswick to find out how the floods have changed lives are the waves would come all the way through the trees and pretty much stopped here, and that’s what we saw that day When we first arrived on the Saturday morning, the waves were came right through the trees right to this area. We walked through probably two or three feet of water to get to the house and we open the door of the house and water poured out of her house as walking in John Burke describes the flood that changed her life. How the wind came up on Grand Lake in the waves pounded against their house today when you look at how far away the lake is it’s hard to believe that it actually happened? Last 2 years, New Brunswick through the worst floods in Canada, the flood of 2018 historic. You was supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime event, but then the waters rose again this spring until people here wonder what, if this is just how things are going to be from now on and that’s why I’ve come to New Brunswick the rising Waters affect people’s lives. That’S a lot of memories still when she was told that her house couldn’t be salvaged, she refuse to let her children know it upset her show my kids, that material possessions come and they go, and that’s not what it’s going to Define, Who We Are and decided Against it, moving away from the flood zone, how high do you build? How bad are the floods going to death, so that was a struggle for us best? Is the lands belonging to my grandparents a place that used to have a cottage built by my grandfather? 48 years ago, I think what was to me, the child is just freedom to be creative and 2 to have fun in what was their kitchen. The whole front of the cottage was just opened to the water. Was the walls are completely gone? I thought to be the symbol of a childhood and I thought I had lost heard of an era of my life. The living room had a window that just opened right up to the lake, so you could be sitting on the couch and NC the lake. Then there was another little bedroom to the right. I was Grammy’s room, so she she has to have a window right to the lake would always listen for the waves in there play it’s gone, but it’s it’s still here. That’S one thing. My grandmother said she and when we are started processing the aftermath she was like. Well, you know the view the view still there at least a few still there. I don’t necessarily need the cottage to physically be there to still understand what what it meant in this area meant growing up to me that that still there Sarah’s family decided not to rebuild. They say it’s too risky, and these are the kinds of decisions being made. All over New Brunswick all over the country me nobody knows for sure what the water will do year-to-year. What if we could better predict where the floods will hit. You can see here, there’s a wedding downtown. You enter all the environmental variables and it predicts where the water will go. Another remarkable thing: it was created by fifteen-year-old Cynthia its way and her brother Leo, because they’ve lived through the floods to yeah. That’S like lose like you’re home due to flooding. So we felt that if people could know in advance of time and could really just prepare adequately for flooding, then that could really help the community Guadalcanal show. So you live here. If there’s a blue color, there I mean to your house, is getting flooded and you can see how severe it’s getting close by the color green in remarkably accurate and I hope to make it available to everyone in the province. Chances are the future more and more. People who live beside water will need information to decide what to do with their homes. People like Lisa Sanderson, who lives here on the banks of the Saint John River, historic floods and nothing had ever come to the house. So we thought we were safe until at least I bought her dream home I mean who wouldn’t, but now things seem to have changed two years in a row, Lisa’s house is flooded and even though the water is gone now she can’t shake the stress of the Last couple of years, I think it’s the feeling of walking out on the deck and looking out at where the water should be and seeing a neighbor sitting in a kayak right. Underneath your deck. Just images like that, where we’re sitting in like we wouldn’t notice, if it would be up to here and water right now, you can tell it doesn’t get easier, the more they happen Tarter this year. The helplessness feeling, I think, was worse things. I T was worse. The cuz you have a you know what to expect. You just didn’t expect it to happen two years in a row cuz, you know how hard it is to just see the water coming and know what you have to do and hope that it works and it’s a feeling of feeling of Doom and dread. It just feels like it’s attacking your life. I guess we submit to the last couple of years have shaking her and she’s going to start going to counseling kind of you picture your your life here. It looks like it’s just a little piece of he’s the land of someone, but it just it perks us up when we come home every single day like look at it, it’s beautiful it’s hard to think about planting your life somewhere else, but at the same time We can’t go through what we went through the last couple years. At least I wasn’t sure what she’ll do she’s explored, building a flood wall and she and her partner of looked into moving to the. How do you sell a house that flood I haven’t actually been down to the beach since the since the flood was a little too little too real? I guess to see the water when we first came to this is one of us telling points is standing here. Looking at this River, like that friends who betrayed you, who you know you still hang out with but you’re, just careful and that’s the thing we’ve always been attracted to water wanted to live near it. Maybe the question is: how do we do that? Now, Nick verdancy, we seen you on the banks of the Saint John River parts of New Brunswick may have had too much water this spring, but on the Prairies they have two little. A multi-year drought is taking a harsh tool, stunting crop growth and Fields and pastures, sleeping ranches with you, Sims 4 they’re, hungry cattle as Bonnie Allen houses for some the only recourse, maybe selling their animals. No, don’t turn all you can eat buffet in the pasture I’ve. Ever seen, it doesn’t even have enough grass for these few dozen balls. He has to buy them extra food. His entire herd of 200 cattle would graze in the pasture all summer. Right now, this grass we should be it – should be over a foot, maybe even a foot-and-a-half tall. By now, if we were to turn our cows into our group, they would probably eat it all in approximately two weeks and what are we going to do for the other four five months, the drought has hit parts of Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba that we are seriously Considering hay crops aren’t growing either and after a couple dry years. Feed reserves are depleted to agriculture experts, not too late for crops to rebound brain right now, and they will be Off to the Races anything that they get those roots and grabbing, and he was very, very efficiently right now there is little sign of rain in the Forecast Caitlin Duncan canola crop has stopped growing little bit of frost damage and just overall moisture stress with some of the plants still haven’t germinated and some of them are just you know they haven’t really grown much. I worried about it. She needs significant rain over the next few weeks, so does Lee norheim if he doesn’t get it he’ll, have no choice but to downsize his heard, like many of his neighbors funny owl CBC news near Regina operations could be harming the environment of the radar because it’s Invisible the gas is used to put you under for super preview of a story we’ll see here tomorrow. Night all Hunter looks at what’s become big business in the US protecting students from a dangerous reality to be clear, it’s just a drill, there’s no emergency School Zayn. It’S also to protect against that other. Ever-Growing worried in all american schools mass shootings at school is that inevitable event happens where bad guys on campus we’ve already taken care of that we’ve already put in the work to help protect as many kids as possible Play song tomorrow morning on cbc’s Daily News. Podcast Front Burner climate change: how much is the world actually going to war and how bad will things get in 2050 downloaded wherever get your podcast? The healthcare industry in North America has a pollution problem. One study showed it generates about 10 % of greenhouse gas emissions. What is Christine garage explained? A few changes in the operating room could actually go a long way in helping the planet. Anyone about to undergo major surgery isn’t thinking about climate change. They need oral anesthetic to sleep through the pain, two different gases and anesthesia. Will you see the flooring and dark flooring come to trapping heat inside the Earth’s atmosphere, but his other Industries cut carbon emissions? The release of anesthetic gases has only increased since it’s because it’s invisible so many any statistics in practice are not aware of the other side of the agents that use somebody year in the environment. Desflurane lingers up to 14 years, trapped by 220 times more heat and cost roughly twice as much as the alternative to quantify the impact of desflurane gas calculations. When desflurane is used in one operating room for 7 hours and has the same impact as driving a car from North Cape Norway down to Cape Town, South Africa, so why don’t doctors just switch? If you’ve been using this for the last 15 or 20 years, you will be worried about trying something new care obviously comes. First, they had to do something about anesthetic gases as against go into the fashion they get exhaled to the endotracheal tube. The gas is the patient’s actually taking in the patient is actually only taking in about 5 % of the anesthetic gas. The rest is actually exhale YouTube. The hospital sometimes knocking out Birds here in Toronto, General they’re capturing that extra gas. This gets connected to the canister, and then the gas is geared up sort within the canister. What was here in the county says that they come from the hospital, so basically it’s a cradle to cradle Hill type of solution is or capturing them. New Solutions are needed and some are you vill come when government start regulating medical and the World Health Organization has said. Climate change is the number one health issue of the century, Christine Derrick CBC News Toronto. You might not have heard it yet in Ojibwe. In case you missed it, Donald Trump, so-called Bromance, with North Korea’s dictator is still on the u.s. president today swimming persil, very warm, very nice letter Trump Kim Summit a year ago was an icebreaker, but love can be cruel in February. Was a failure after that key members of Kim Jong un’s hitting team disappeared? According to some reports executed, that’s not a stretch. A South Korean and Geo just documented more than 300 sites of public executions across North Korea, Kim Jong-un, the nuclear weapons or his missile program, or his continuous verbal threats against the us at first Trump’s love seems to be blind all that four letter. What the Trump Administration has not budged on sanction, they are biting. North Korea is again relying on food Aid. Experts see a stalemate and gushing flattery might be Trump’s way of trying to break it. We so how many times have I heard that this week, or even over the past number of weeks, it’s a phrase that seems to have taken over Canada. Ontario teacher got it on the hype. He use the phrase as an opportunity to teach his students a new kind of cheer and is Our Moment. Suicide Chat thing is Zoe de north north right. So I said you know we can say that roots are caught up in the playoffs and some of them are really big fans for The Last 5 Years. I like baseball, hockey or basketball, or let’s see how we can bring basketball into the classroom. I think that’s the best way and it’s one of the more critical ways for students to really learn a language language into a in which way is actually a word. That means alligator standing up with two tiny arms, which the elders apparently think is the funniest thing. I’Ve ever heard so complicated to translate a little bit come on. I don’t know you know. I remember a CBC radio show years ago about how the first French Expo play-by-play people have to come up with a whole bunch of French terms for baseball right. You know the French term for fielder’s choice for something on the Headland. The headlines are on Sports avakin, not taking the classroom. So I was a great example for June 11th, goodnight goodnight
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