The National for June 12, 2019 — Pharmacare Plan, Ghana Rescue, Hong Kong Clashes

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The National for June 12, 2019 — Pharmacare Plan, Ghana Rescue, Hong Kong Clashes
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The National for June 12, 2019 — Pharmacare Plan, Ghana Rescue, Hong Kong Clashes
The National for June 12, 2019 — Pharmacare Plan, Ghana Rescue, Hong Kong Clashes
Tonight, a prescription for low-cost drug. I truly believe the council truly believes that National pharmacare time is come purple plan, but with an election looming will it ever happen to be honest and people camping outside our hotel just to yell? Actually it is. I have a game. 6 plus the bad call that could have changed everything, ballistic proof and tornado proof, storm shelters, solid, keeping schools safe the new reality in American classroom. This is finished. Stop by the Liberals just proposed the biggest change to Canadian Healthcare in decades. What it calls on National project, a transformation, a universal public program for prescription drugs have any hope to continue to provide the sort of access to prescribe drugs that Canadians deserved. We can’t Tinker with what exists. We have to transform it. Looking private insurance, a National Drug agency would negotiate lower prices for Approved drugs in bulk for right now. These are just proposals and with a looming elections. Their report amounts at this stage to a political promise. The parties are already weighing in, but first headed Thibodaux digs into the proposals and what they might mean for Canadians has been managing her diabetes since she was a kid she hasn’t had. Private medical coverage for years she’s on a fixed income, has to dig into my savings personally paying for most of her medication for myself, 5000. That’S what I pay out of pocket. A national public pharmacare would be a big help. Everyone in Canada should have access to prescription drugs based on their needs, rather than their ability to pay essential drugs $ 5, all others. No one pays more than $ 100 a year, and people with disabilities on social assistance and low income seniors would pay nothing at all me too, and that’s about half of all current prescriptions and a full list of drugs covered by 2027. A national formulary would replace the patchwork system currently used across the country in other countries, list of medications that are publicly funded. I range from several hundred to around a thousand, so we could imagine a similar situation in Canada. The cost estimate Medicare it’ll be covered by the taxpayer. The chair defends that saying those cost would be lower than what Canadians would pay without a pharmacare plan and one negotiator negotiating with a farmer Farmer and getting a low as possible drug. That would apply then to all Canadians and all prescriptions for millions of Canadians like and a kiss what happens to their drug costs will depend on the outcome of the following action. Pharmacare is one of what I’ll be looking for. That’S that’s a definite choice for me. Thibodaux CBC News Ottawa do the recommendations button National pharmacare plan has been talked about and even promised by some political parties for decades now nothing has been put in place and the reason. Well it’s complicated National pharmacare program. If it was, I think that many governments would have done so in the past. If we look at the creation of the Medicare program 50 years ago over 50 years ago, it was not done overnight. The federal government can Those Who deliver Healthcare to go along with it. One out of every five Canadians has inadequate drug coverage. That’S seven and a half million people so fixing that pillar of a Universal Health Care System would mean a lot to a lot of people. This is why. also just good politics if any party managers to do it, Pharmaceuticals and insurance insurance companies out of people blunt attack is because the NDP recently promised Universal plan of its own and to do it even faster within 2 years. The battle between the NDP and liberals becomes less clear if the promise is similar, which Maybe the conservatives don’t talk about Universal coverage at all. So you show that that is a small percentage of people who don’t have access to provincial plans. You don’t have access to employee sponsored by that. Would that would be where our Focus will go. Selection and Canadians will have to decide what plans suits them best cannabis. Prescription drug situation is unusual. It’S the only industrialized country that has universal healthcare without some form of universal drug coverage, but every tree has hit on its own formula-z UK, for example, covers most or all of a drugs cost, while Francisco payments decrease based on the drugs proven medical benefits, New Zealand Co-Payments, just five bucks or less drug spending down by bulk buying a tightly-controlled list of approved drugs. The trade-off there that can limit patient choice to an ongoing diplomatic wrist between Canada and China and the failed efforts to repair CBC News has learned that the Prime Minister try to personally reach out to a top Chinese leader to improve the tense relations and advocate for Canadian sitting behind bars in China, but Beijing rebuffed him Katie Simpson has gruesome details days before Canadian Robert Schellenberg was sentenced to death in a Chinese court room on drug crimes. The Prime Minister wanted to make a personal plea for clemency already Under Pressure to demand police of two other detained. Canadians Justin, Trudeau personally, reached out asking China’s Premier for a phone call, but that request was ignored by Beijing. Documents obtained by CBC News show that in January staff, prepared briefing note for a possible call. You are reaching out to prime minister Lee catching red one heavily redacted memo that erroneously labeled Lee as the Prime Minister. Instead of his actual title of Premier, the prime minister office confirm today the call did not happen and that China did not even engage with Canada’s request. The Chinese practice tends to be to hold off on meetings at the highest levels. Beach is furious, with Ottowa over the arrest of tech, executive, mom, Wong Cho on an extradition request from the US in what is widely seen as retaliation. Michael stauber and Michael Kovac were detained days later. A lot of Leverage directly with the Chinese, to the extent that we have leveraged it’s mainly from working with our partners, who are themselves calling on the Chinese to release the two Canadians detained. Canada has asked its allies, including the US to publicly denounce Chinese action. The opposition says that responsibility lies with Trudeau. What is he he’s embarrassed? He knows that if he can’t get a phone call with the premier, China, that’s just going to show him how ineffectual is. Canada will be looking to its closest traditional Allied, the US for more help on this dogs are under way for Trudeau to visit the White House this month. So the Prime Minister can look President Donald the directly in the eye and underscore how much he needs American Health in this dispute. Rosie has indicated he wants to sit down with China’s president talk about their own issues, but true. Will be there to what are the chances he would get a meeting China has frozen over other countries during similar diplomatic stop. History has shown that until Beijing gets its way, it tends not to engage. Expectations are low that Chinese officials will even interact with Canada, but there is some hope that the US might be able to break the ice. Another story involving Canadians being held abroad Andrew last week have been rescued: nineteen-year-old Lauren Tilly on the left and 20 year old Bailey chitti are both University students from the maritimes. If they were vault Hearing in Ghana when they were abducted, but then came the sudden and dramatic mission to save them, Kayla hounsell has the detail: local media in Ghana, armed raid by police to free Lauren, Tilley and Bailey chitty CBC News hasn’t independently verified the video, But authorities in the West African nation say shots were fired when the rescue operation took place in the countries south Ashanti region, the victims have been flown to Accra. Preliminary indications that we have is that a fine in Fredericton they were working with an NGO called. You challenge International when they were taken from this Golf Club in the town of Kumasi. In a statement today, the aid group said the two women are receiving psychological support. The parents of both young women have been in contact with their daughters and, at this time wish to express their it gratitude to the guardian, police, the gunny and government and the Canadian government for all their support and actions throughout this extremely difficult time. Family members aren’t speaking publicly, but today Canadian officials expressed their mom. It has really touched the hearts of a lot of people in our country, the work of a terrorist organizations from North Burkina Faso, Molly and easier benin’s, so that it may have a an effect on Ghana in the very near future. From Nigeria they say. No Ransom was paid or even discussed here in Canada. People are anxiously waiting for the young women to come home. Kayla hounsell, CBC News, Halifax National, including a Halifax police officer, found guilty of assault for punching a homeless man. In breaking his note, the judge today released video of the incident from last year and warning you might find it hard to watch. The way. basso was called to remove the man when he was caught drinking at a shelter. That’S a violation of the rules. To argue that there was a tug-of-war over the bag and that he acted in self-defense both judge and the crown disagree. I believe the video speaks for itself use abusing The Authority that has been granted by his position as law enforcement Zaxby’s in the US. The first person sentenced in the big College admission Scandal will avoid jail time. The former sailing coach at Stanford University help students get in in exchange for more than $ 600,000 for the sailing program. He was $ 10,000 fine and two years of supervision. Stanley Cup Final. In Boston, it’s to nothing right now, we’re just getting into the 3rd. And clearly there’s a lot on the line for both teams, but a win for the blues would be historic. Last time they made a cup final was almost half a century ago that actually won the big prize ever and earlier in the season they were ranked dead last in the league tomorrow night in Oakland fan, rivalry has escalated with Canadians accused of dissing. The Golden State Warriors can ruin her checked out the mood in enemy territory, Nick Lewinsky carbs, is Smoked Meats. The way he was taught back in Quebec. This entire Delhi is an Ode to Canada in Berkeley, California, on the menu poutine in the beer, fridge, Molson, Canadian and almost screens the Raptors on Game Night fan. Both teams gather to watch what some have been calling the most amicable finals. Ever when Warriors star Kevin Durant, went down, Raptors fans were accused of bloating. Then video surfaced of raptors fans heckling, the Currys outside of throttle Golden State Warriors star, Steph, Curry his mom and dad got too stupid to be honest and signs of people camping outside our hotel. Just to ask: what is it either us or our family members or whatever the case is, but we handle all that stuff a class and try to ignore it. The best we can back at the deli like long Warriors fan Elgin Ford is having trouble ignoring it. It was shocking because of my perception of Canadians. You thought we were better than that. Yes, I thought no way, then he realized symbol with the growing tribalism. This little basketball incident is a great metaphor for our lives. So I said I’m going to send love and light to those Canadians, gopnik Lewinsky, how much love they’ll be in here during game 6, Advanced foot again for the most part, it’s not like we’re going to repeat the War of 1812, which may the best team win Kim Berkeley, California, after his victory just within range you’d, better believe fans will be watching the refs, especially so after the NBA admitted. There was a mistake in the final seconds of game 5 Chris Glover looks into the Golden State Warriors foul referees, somehow list now we’re rooting review by the NBA of the last 2 minutes of game. Five confirms a foul should have been called at. This all should have gotten two free throws, turn Raptor fans into conspiracy, theorists the longer they go, the more money they going to make radio only team in Canada. Sometimes they are kind of not fair. Nick nurse just got a technical foul back in December Raptors coach. Nick nurse was fine for an outburst at officials and he is absolutely Furious. This sports writer says in the big leagues. Officials are sometimes let’s Superstar NHL playoffs Wayne Gretzky to the face, but no official called high-sticking and the great one Kings, the beat Gilmore’s Leafs and they still talk about that as a missed call. So absolutely these calls are magnified. He says the NBA’s public post-mortem on the final two minutes is unique, important that the NBA owns it. I think it’s important credibility. You can see. Demarcus Cousins comes down, but this former pro turn draft worries about the NBA calling out its own officials when other leagues don’t do it, while they’re being on the team. That loses doesn’t benefit from this. The fans that are cheering for their for the team that they want to win, they don’t benefit from this as well. Despite the honesty to call on the court is the final word Walton says it’s unfair. To say a penalty would have changed the game’s outcome of 48 minutes, so many things happened, game that could have been better for the winning team or the losing team Even build the biggest losers in all of this may be the rest in game 6, more suspicion And even greater scrutiny and the Golden State Warriors Kevin Durant has posted an update on that injury from game game 5. You said I did rupture. My Achilles surgery was today, and it was a success, easy money as Kim told us, Raptors fan scorned after some of them cheer Durant’s Misfortune. Well, some Canadian has sent him flowers on behalf of the whole country. Nice little story note attached very Canadian thing to do and another has set up a website, so people here we donate to Dorrance Foundation. Little later on, the national were with the Raptors fans, as they touched down in California. Call Ian Gets a look at the renovations with Blue Rodeo Jim Cuddy up here can on it, though they faced rubber bullets, tear gas and police batons, but defiant protesters in Hong Kong are not backing down and the demonstration, so serious government offices are being shut down For the rest of the week, protesters are block a new law that would allow extradition to Mainland China. It is sparked deep anxiety over the territories, Independence. China’S growing reach and a Sasa petricic tells us many fear. What comes next. Thousands came out to show their opposition to an unpopular law. They could see Hong Kong residents extradited to Mainland China to face its harsh and arbitrary legal system. Protesters say maybe respect that and this tastes like mainland China, with very few freedom, more of people going to space, and we need the government to which Georgia, Lord totally surrounded the legislature, forcing debate on the extradition law to be suspended. And, of course, they protested. In the rain free back memories of the popular Umbrella Revolution here in Hong Kong five years ago, but this one is different. First of all, it’s brought out many more people onto the street and people from different walks of life. Princeton some unionize bus drivers block the road by parking their double-deckers across it, but the police are also adopting more aggressive tactics moving in faster and for the first time firing rubber bullets and bean bag rounds. Amnesty International has criticized as excessive force as leader chief executive Carrie. Lam has been unyielding, she’s been demonized for being too close to Beijing, but in a teary, inter today she rejected accusations, she’s betrayed hongkong. I was born and raised here. She said this place is called her a lot of personal sacrifice. As for the extradition law, Lam is still valuing. It will be passed by Hong Kong’s legislature. Soon those protesters remaining on the street overnight say they’re not moving until she changed remind Sasa, petricic, CBC News. Hong Kong Bulletproof islands, that is the new reality and US classrooms. These are our ballistic proof and tornado proof. Storm shelters, protecting students or profiting on Speer Paul Hunter goes in-depth next. Well, I believe that we have a moral duty to visit Weldon, effective conditions in the inherited the first G7 country to set targets based on the Paris climate agreement. Mays plan has been criticized by some for coming too late and by others for being impractical update. Now, in the shooting of former boss Red Sox start David Ortiz, the alleged gunman has been arrested along with six other suspect and 1/7. The still at large Ortiz was shot, while at a bar in the Dominican Republic, National Police has. The group was carrying out a hit, what’s hit in the stomach and he’s in intensive care in Massachusetts. It is unfortunately, no longer news that there are school shootings in the US 23 of them since August understandable, then that educators are just fed up waiting for politicians to act, so they are with their wallet safety they realise, might just be for sale. So when tonight’s dispatch from Hilton Oklahoma, Paul Hunter has a look at the school security industry and it’s a big on a rainy morning in the small town of Healdton Oklahoma, just north of the Texas border summer school has nothing to do with reading or writing. But everything to do with that heavy-duty blue and white box sitting at the back of the class there’s no emergency Vista their school is in a county where tornadoes tend to strike. The shelter is to protect against that, but by designed, it’s also to protect against that ever-growing worry in all american schools. Mass shooting school superintendent, Terry Shaw, heard about the shelters from an old schoolmate, gave us a video showing how he put it to the test. That’S him stepping inside, along with the Utah man who designed it while outside they let er Rip. It worked so well, Shabbat, seven of them at $ 30,000 puppies. He loves them and gave us a look up close. These are, are ballistic, proof and tornado proof. Storm shelters, solid, there’s room for more than 30 students. They come complete with cameras on the outside monitors on the inside of ventilation, system and peace of mind, for everyone from parents. Is that it’s that sense of security, knowing that their kids are safe at school? It’S a 10 edible event happens where a bad guys on campus we’ve already taken care of that we’ve already put in the work to help protect as many kids as possible. Things in the US remain statistically rare has left countless parents in this country eager for anything to ensure kids safety with gun laws here deemed unlikely to change anytime soon and with mental health issues. A separate Focus American schools are fortifying themselves. The school security into in this country is now worth some three billion dollars a year in Las Vegas, Nevada, where’s in the world of security. At the International Security Conference & Exposition among the fastest growing sectors, schools from facial recognition, software door, stoppers and super strong. The show has it all: a Biometrics protected gun, safe teachers would need a pass card and there AirPrint to get into it for defense, against a bad guy, with a gun, how many biometric safes for school extinguishers or how about an easy way for students to unlock School doors: for that credit, this Canadian developed software – that can do it using your own cell phone or trying to bring this idea. How do you use what you already have and retrofitted to increase the level of security? Then there’s this. Of course, that’s not a real assault rifle, but in this demonstration it quickly with artificial teligence said picking up the weapon. The alerts are popping down there, it’s alerting like 911 or whatever idea come from. I spent 10 years in the military and I got tired an active shooter event. Almost every week, it’s disgusting and there’s not a really good solution out there to stop school shootings before they can even begin. Skygrace knows his stuff on this. He leads the group partner Alliance for safer schools and is head of security for a school district in Colorado. We would have more negative actions taken places on the campuses, so if we didn’t do that, it would be tremendously a lot worse than where it is right. Now that talk gets put into action right here, it’s the security control room, Grace’s School District in Colorado, complete with a wall of monitors, it’s The Cutting Edge in u.s. school security. These are motion. Sensors motion, sensors overseeing the 20 schools in this District braces team is installed 1100 cameras throughout those schools. They can spot unusual activity automatically. His team can watch, listen in send alerts and with the flick of a switch lock doors almost anywhere. These things is, if he’s kept down the road, these cameras, if somebody is carrying a weapon or something like that, that that can give you an alert before they even get into the school. There was a shooting at School in Grace’s District in 2013, leaving two dead and another at this one just last month, killing one injuring 8 and in the district right next door. Columbine 20 years ago, 13 students were shot and killed in a shooting. Lauren Reis was a student at Columbine, then just 15 years old. She was between classes and on the phone with her mom when the shooting began Play. I Love You by now with two kids of her own. She underlines this country has little choice but to strengthen its schools and weather is legally or not in a sense being. No. This is the world we live in now, but we have to protect our kids, how to make a book, but many others counter in today’s America fact is you got to do something at another. School in guygrace is District, where teachers desks come equipped with hidden alarm button. A group of young students are on a safety refresher course in classrooms, don’t feel like prisons next person, it doesn’t lock the door go ahead in a nearby hallway, simple drills, promote muscle memory, push that door lock. It unlock it and for those times when a shooter threatens rare, is that might be there besides, it’s a high wherever, however, behind anything and quickly to stay alive remember these are all Elementary we’re giving them something. If you know it’s, maybe simple as heck or whatever, but it’s given him some confidence to make sure that you’re, not living in this year has quiet spaces for study resignation mixes with resolved. I hate the fact that I, but that’s where we’re at so when you’re faced with the problem, I think it’s our job as parents administrators women’s to deal with that problem. You don’t want to be that school that wasn’t prepared. I think we need to be that school that is moving forward in preparation to help protect our kids, a sobering response to a challenge say all, but now demands it400 Hilton Oklahoma, something else we are looking at how climate changes affecting Canadian right now extreme heat Wildfire Smoke and disease is all made worse by a warming Planet, the impact on your health and the challenges faced by doctors. When I went to medical school, we were taught that there was no line disease in Canada and we’ll take you to the Arctic permafrost. Changing the landscape just worried about my house like fall apart, and the search for Solutions online on radio and right here on the national. It all starts on Monday tomorrow, as communities across Canada deal with the growth of far-right hate groups. I speak with the cbc’s refugee Canyon, about the soldiers of Odin. You can subscribe from wherever you get your podcast. This is always been Canada. Special music. All just like Carnegie, is to New Yorkers tell the first time you do load-in and you actually play it tremendously. Trolley corsaut was Getty, leave the legendary Rush frontman talking to Ian last year about Toronto’s Massey Hall. Historic venue marks its 125th anniversary. It is deep now into its rest, some projects that we and recently went back to check in on things, and you know how he is. He brought another major figure from Canada’s music scene with him. Generations of cross-section of Canada has gathered here to watch world leaders. Boxers and of course, musician, but now Massey Hall, is closed in case by Scaffolding. In the midst of an extraordinary fancy holes director of operations Grant troop took me for an exclusive look behind the scenes with a special guest blue Rodeo’s, Jim Cuddy who’s performed here. More than 40 times, like many iconic Canadian performers cutting, speaks about this Hall with reverence coming down the middle people looking at each other from the balcony, see who got the best seats up front everybody from the state so that level of intimacy, as well as the Acoustics, those are the things that have to be preserved. How do you feel about right here right now? I was under siege. This preserves it for another hundred years, then that would have been worth it. 125 years of Canadian history has been stripped bare and it’s now being painstakingly restored. The front cover after we close the hall and we’re taking out the seats of smelling hair with the scaffolding is a temporary floor. It makes it easier for us to the ceiling. Listen to Cuddy’s reaction when he gets his first look. I know this is an ion yeah. I mean it’s, it’s just an incredible experience to be up here and see the credible detail and workmanship, much of which has been secured for the last fifty years. Cuz. It’S all been covered in this chicken wire chicken wire. Is it cost-effective way to protect audiences from crumbling plaster, like so much else in this building the essence of what industrialist hard mass and what hundreds of workers created back in 1894 is being revealed and rebuilt, and you can see that the crime that’s been coated on That over 50 or 60 years, exactly cigarette smoke and lent so the process of using is there just slowly but surely working their way along removing the chicken wire making sure that these original stalactite details are intact. Filling cracks and prepping everything for eventual repainting cast quarter inch, nails fascinated to see up close to ceilings, soft curves and sharp edges, and to hear the sound when I clap my hands something we do to help our editor. The cameras every irregular shape keeps deflecting the Champs in all different ways instead of evenly. So it’s all part of the reason why it sounds good with the art of this refurbishing is not simply to recapture the Halls original, but also to make sure it will serve audiences in The Next Century or trying to reduce some of that Echo. A factor that slot back of sound when, when we push out all of this Amplified sound now from the EPA is, it will be hanging all right, they’re, going to hit those walls and by the way, if you don’t like heights and climbing here’s a tip, don’t Take a tour with Cuddy obsessed about going up here has been told that he’s not allowed above the original stage surface or the last day of service and we’re right over the stage area where Jim would have played anytime. How would a building once lived by Open Flame, the old wood beams never burned? These purlins are 10 x 10, and this is original Timber that would have been harvested from Northern Ontario or BC. And it’s quite amazing, look at this and you consider the hall was originally heated and lit with gas that we’re still here, Canadian buildings built with steel beam. These probably came from a mill in Hamilton, so sturdy they will remain here left for some future Renovations. One cover and maybe find the signature for many of us Massey always about the music, a stage for great performers, but it’s also a showcase for a different group of artist, highly skilled craftspeople and Tradesman, whose names we may have forgotten, but whose work lives on. There’S a marrying of aesthetic and artistic element with the underlying structure that allowed them to create such an amazing volume of a room, and ultimately, the volume of the room is what creates the sound and that’s why I’m out call is renowned the way it is so So, there’s a very interesting intersection between Art and Science here that this reflected in and what we’re seeing right now in case you missed it. The mother of a soldier had her Canadian flag, stolen Debbie Ross, went to her mobile home and Amherstburg Ontario to find her old pattern flag. Along with a note, woman leaves me a note stating flag was tattered and, and I hadn’t taken care of it, signed by a mother of a serving soldier who said a flag should be kept in a condition Worthy the honor and dignity of those who died for It Ross The Sun Also a soldier is no longer with her. It was a flag that he had and he carried around with him in his bag, and he gave it to me cycle sentimental because of my son, and I had it hanging if anybody were to take it down. It should have been me in disrepair. Is attachment of time and memory he still has the flag he flew in Afghanistan should be destroyed, honorably and with respect, but I can’t do it the lesson here. The flag is more than color in cloth with meaning for the many and the one each needs to respect the other. Well, James thinks that you’re getting closer for Canadians. Obviously the excitement is mounting. In California, 16 Raptors fans were given the gift of a lifetime tickets. To game six, their Journey towards California and tomorrow night’s game is Our Moment. Take my whole like life. If I got to see one of these games and then having to win tickets – and it’s like it’s real, but it still feels fake. I can’t even wrap my head around. Thank you so much for making me your flat. So I’m I can’t even describe how excited I am to be here in Yunnan on the eve of what could potentially be history in the making with Raptors dethroning. The Golden State Warriors and becoming the NBA Kings. I mean that what more can you ask for it? So who are these? People are huge fans basically plucked from the Jurassic Parks across Ontario and given the chance to win those tickets. That’S pretty cool to end tomorrow. So tired, remember: broadcasting live on Monday for game five from Jurassic Park in thinking my gosh. This has got to be the best way to experience this game, but I’m sure each and every one of those guys would tell me it’s only almost true June 12th
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