The National for Monday, October 22, 2018 — Migration Politics, Ontario Elections, Yukon Glaciers

The National for Monday, October 22, 2018 — Migration Politics, Ontario Elections, Yukon Glaciers
On this Monday night, the dance for links to reach the US border as the migrant Caravan grows, so does the rhetoric on our country. That’S in the salt. I want Mass Exodus through Mexico. Could rally Republicans to the polls right arm at just continue to go down from there? I was serious illness surfaces in Canada, sending kids to the hospital with what looks like polio and doctors can’t figure out. Why prepares to roll out its carbon tax? We go in-depth up north there. Do you need any convincing that climate change is real from shrinking Lakes? Donald Trump is calling it a National Emergency that Caravan of migrants moving slowly towards the United States. Winx ahead of the midterms immigration is front-and-center and the president is talking to the valley to cut millions of dollars in aid from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador in retaliation, but the focus of the campaign rhetoric growing group of migrants will not be deterred walking for hours In the burning Sun, some catching a ride with cars passing by trying to make the trip a little shorter. But these people are on a mission Chasing the Dream of a better life and they’re determined to complete their Journey, which leads to moments like this. Thousands of migrants were stuck here at the Guatemala Mexico border over the weekend. After waiting 24 hours and running out of food for her and her children, one mother took a chance Angel ladder. She was slowly lowered to a rat. Then she washed his strangers. Caring for young children down the same way. Finally, all together, they made their way to the Mexican side of the river. You react to. Those images may depend on your political point of view. Has the cdc’s keep both houses for Trump’s White House? They are a political gift marching through Mexico Caravan Cliffhanger on March. Getting closer to the US border is President Trump leave many scratching their head with midterm elections on the horizon. Real events are aligning with the very core of Donald Trump’s political identity and getting maximum media attention. Images of Migrant, tragic North from Honduras through Mexico to the doorstep of the United States might look too many like a humanitarian crisis, but to the president, it looks like a free Trump can Trump is calling the Caravan and National Emergency, but treating it as an opportunity To be seized and sees it, he has, we can use the Caravan as evidence of how strong he’s made the US economy, I will say I have caused the problem I’m taking full-blown because I have created such an incredible economy. I have created so many jobs. I made this country with you so great that everybody wants to come in another time. She presents the Caravan as a cover infiltrators bent on harming the American people. Democrats say it’s fear-mongering also want there to be an immigration challenge. There was cheering it on because they’re looking for some way to create something to frighten the American people during election criminals and unknown middle easterners are mixed in. I have alerted border patrol a military that this is a National Emergency. When report is asking for evidence to support that tweet Trump offered this instead. Thank you, camera going to the Moon and search you’re going to find MS-13 you’re going to find Middle Eastern you going to find everything and guess what we’re not allowed to them in our country. We want safety, you have no fax, but it’s always. There was plenty of swagger and it’s Trump knows anything. He was this, your supporters, love is Swagger and the election is only 2 weeks away. He poked CBC News Washington, you’re, going to hear from was walking with the Caravan documenting the journey. She said she seen that criminal element Trump is talking about just people fleeing difficult circumstances. Every person has a story, a reason for setting out on this long and painful track. Simple small businesses have to pay acceptance. I’M saying there just isn’t enough work to go around he’s not coming back in Honduras. All the wild Donald Trump ever make it across the border, but I could have come so far. The people in this Caravan say they refuse to turn back. Religious God will open his doors. You know where in God’s hands it’s it’s it’s. It’S really a Triumph of Hope over experience, still a long way from the US border, almost 2000 km, but many say no matter what, if they will keep walking turn in the US. Has come to Canada will tell you what you need to know about this rare polio-like condition, Plus in his municipal election night in Ontario and no matter the outcome. One thing is sure: Canada’s biggest city has about half as many City councilors as it did yesterday, but first Turkish authorities promised to reveal much more about the khashoggi case tomorrow. And while we wait for that, we want to show you some security camera footage obtained by CNN Turkish authorities say it makes a compelling case that Jamal khashoggi skiller’s planned everything out right down to using a decoy after heading to the consulate with his fiance cuz, she Went in and never came out and did, though, apparently we’re in cash Oggi’s clothes identified as most of her Al madani. He was sitting outside the consulate and around assemble later he entered a public washroom and came back out in his own clothes. Turkey believes he was actors of body double roughly the same age height and build as cash OG. I’Ma Danny is a reasonable match at a distance, except for one thing to show. Jeep was gray and balding, while I’m a Donnie has a thick head of dark hair. So far this please have not confirmed or denied the body double Theory, but insist. The Killing was accidental on Saturday claiming cuz Shoji died in a fight that you was President Donald Trump said today. He believes he died slot going to ride. That’S what he told USA Today, reporters on Air Force One he did not mention that earlier in the day, I am not satisfied with whatever I don’t want to lose. All of that. What is the minion job? I don’t want to lose a hundred and ten billion dollars in terms of investment we going to get to the bottom of. It also said he has, but he’s not happy with the princess for another 30 days to investigate. So what about Canada’s response for a country that builds itself as a defender of Human Rights? Some say it’s reaction to Jamal khashoggi. G’S murder has been a bit muted. Yes, it’s condemned the journalist where to repeatedly yes, it’s Consulting with allies but possible next steps, but as Katie Simpson tells us that talk has yet to be backed with any punitive action. Charming Rogue Nations like Saudi Arabia, Canada, is considering its options on what to do about. Saudi Arabia hesitate to do so again. True open the door to reconsidering the sale of light armored vehicles to the kingdom after holding an emergency meeting on the murder of Jamal khashoggi, and how Canada should respond. Important question about the entire relationship with Saudi Arabia. That needs to be asked. 15 billion dollar deal in the past, which is created about 3,000 jobs in London Ontario, even though it was struck under the previous conservative government when it comes to our government believe strongly that Canada’s word has two matter apparent. Change in tone comes after Germany announced it would not export weapons to Saudi Arabia. Under the current circumstances, having Germans go first makes it a little easier for Canada grazes that expectation to kind of go. Do something we’re more in the fact-finding phase. Don’T expect the Americans to act just yet says the White House, after that the president and the secretary of state will make a determination as to what we deem to be credible. What actions we think we should take more clarity is expected from president who promised to deliver a public update on the investigation tomorrow. The foreign affairs minister, it says, she’s been in close contact with her International allies about this issue, but until Canada gets more information about what exactly happened to cash OG, it won’t be making any dramatic moves. Katie Simpson CBC News Ottawa, so Canada maybe wrestling with its arms deal, but it’s not like this out he’s don’t have other option. Saudi Arabia is now world’s number one weapons importer and these are their biggest suppliers, 2 fighter planes and tanks. Britain is the second biggest supplier with ground weapon aircraft and ship third is friend that also sell. Ships, along with heavy artillery tomorrow, should be an interesting day for Canadians. The Trudeau government is laying out its carbon pricing plan, but specifically how it’ll affect provinces who decided to go against the grain. There’S a thing the government knows this will be contentious, so it has a plan to soften the blow. Katherine Cullen has more of those details for us to Katherine. We. We know that the plan won’t be applied evenly across country. What can we expect tomorrow or going to go right into the heart of the provinces that are opposing them on this senior government sources? Tell us Andrew identified for that. Don’T meet their bar Ontario New Brunswick, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The Liberals are going to try to go over the hens, essentially of those provincial government, an appeal right to the people who live in those provinces by telling them that they will get a substantial rebate check coming in the mail deliver will save it in most cases. Those checks will be bigger than the price increases that people will see, for instance, at the gas pump. Now the amount of the rebates will vary depending on the situation in each province, and we are still waiting to hear tomorrow, the specifics always in poor how the liberal plan is actually going to be applied. And why is the government taking this approach in particular committed to this plant Manitoba, for instance, no longer backing? They have a major new opponent in Ontario, with Doug 40 calls. This nasty says it’s the Prime Minister reaching into people’s pocket, even in Alberta, where the NDP is Empower. They backed off the longer-term goal here to the primary is going to have to make a convincing sales pitch directly to voters. Obviously, it’s a fight. The federal liberals believe that they can win a lot of conservative politicians who opposed that. They think they’re on the right side, so certainly something to watch. Voters in Ontario cast their ballots in more than 400 Municipal elections today and well, results are coming in quickly. There have been some issues: cities like Kingston and Pickering. When did voting an extra hour this evening and smaller cities like Sudbury, Pembroke and Innisfail are planning to extend it until 8 p.m. tomorrow and those cases there been problems with the online voting system that was brought in, but in Toronto, relatively smooth sailing and sounding win For the incumbent Mayor John Tory a further inspiration and for this historic mandate that they give me tonight, Golf & CC decision desk projecting his win Tori looks have secured more than 60 % of the vote and Selena said you was at John Torres headquarters in Toronto. Just as the results came in, they started celebrating just 20 minutes after polls closed and that’s when you came that incumbent Mayor John Tory had been reelected overwhelmingly with more than 60 % of the vote about that strong mandate in his feet. Basically, a sign for him that his campaign message of stability and staying the course had worked before soprano city council now looks drastically different. Only 25 towards a lot of season. 2 counters will be back double charge of much larger area instead of 47 counselors they’ll be only 25. In most cases, won counselor will be in charge of more than a hundred thousand people. That’S like having one councillor for the entire city of Kingston or St Johns. So why did this happen? For too long? The people of Toronto have watched city council go around and around and around in circles it Premier starting a battle with Toronto City Council. Don’T let all the way to the court says the legal fight raged on and even if they cast a ballot today, the issue was on people’s minds, but other people they was so confused by who was running. Where that I have a feeling the votes going to be down there, rific young people running when there is 47 seats and most of them had to drop out and if they didn’t drop out, they don’t have a chance. Now is the chance to try to put the past behind them at the city in the province to be everybody’s friend. You know when you’re at the municipal level, because you need the provincial government to support what you’re doing so, there’s not going to be any issues after this election with the municipal government, they are going to go cap-in-hand to Doug forward, to say yes, sir. Please, sir, give us some more sir. Some of the first issue that should come up would be some of the first issues that will come up will be Transit, getting people around the city more easily, also the high cost of housing, and how to tackle that special numbers are pointing so far to a Low voter turnout about 40 %, that’s lower than the last two municipal election, assign perhaps that the drama and the legal challenges of this election just turn. Some Builders off power slim should be in Toronto tonight and not far away former Ontario PC leader, Patrick Brown, has one in Brampton and the numera wasted no time getting to his big Focus: jobs, creative environments in Brampton, where businesses can grow again, invest again, hi Oregon. I want to have jobs around me to the incumbent, Linda Jeffrey marking, his return to politics after being ousted as Ontario PCS, sexual misconduct allegation another term in the best most beautiful. Most caring City in the entire planet are City, Auto off. That’S Jim Watson who will head back to the mayor’s office. This will be his third time as mayor and that you can find updated results throughout the evening for all cities right across Ontario. Just at the CBC News. CA and click undercity, powerful hurricane Willa has not yet landed on Mexico southwest coast, but that storm is already clearly making itself felt this normally picturesque, waterfall and popular Beach, town of your lap sing torrent and a nearby Sayulita right there. People are preparing for the worst as well a bears down and join us now with more on the storm. So how bad is bad in this category 5 storm expected to make landfall at tomorrow evening near Puerto Vallarta, that popular tourist destination for many Canadians as a major hurricane is moving through some very warm Waters right now, but some windshear, I will hopefully tear it up. Just dropping into a category 4 or Category 3, so we’re still talking life-threatening winds and flash flooding at a time it makes landfall. This storm was also one of the most rapidly intensifying storms. We’Ve ever seen on record. It just read them so quickly and that’s not only a trend. We we seen this season around the world, but that’s a trend received more and more of in a warming climate, Okay. So, as far as it’s still October, it’s not that common to get to the end of the alphabet listed. That’S 23 named storms in the northeastern Pacific Basin and every sort of ocean Basin around the world has there different a different kind of naming convention, but the last time we got to the end of the alphabet in this Basin was back in 2005 globally. This is the ninth Category 5, a tropical Cyclone at this season, and that is tied for second at any point on on the record books. Adrian, I imagine, by the time we get to the end of the Seas in about a month. I will be breaking that many more records are fortunately you’re. Welcome conversation between local residents at the base of the flagpole is our moment of the day, plus an Urgent Message. Direct from Canada’s North Susan ormiston travels to Yukon to see firsthand the effects of climate change on glaciers, the rare serious disease affecting children in Canada and the United States developed a fairly sudden weakness or complete paralysis of either and on or a leg. What we know about this next on the national, a rare illnesses being diagnosed in North Erica and it can cause paralysis in children, after small surge of cases in the United States, children and I’ll being diagnosed in Canada and as soon as he helps reporter. Christine V rack shows us what causes this illness and how it is transmitted for two-year-old Julia Payne. It started as a common cold weeks later she was having trouble breathing. Then her parents noticed something was terribly wrong that she likes control of her neck and her right arm and just continue to go down from their doctors later told them. Julia had acute flaccid, myelitis, a muscle, weakening disease. That looks a lot like polio, it’s extremely rare, but the number of cases appears to be higher than usual. This in both the United States and Canada. South of the Border, they’ve confirmed just / 60 cases and are investigating 65 others fewer than 20 young patients have. Colleagues, talk about cases in other centers across Canada, but I don’t have a sense of exactly what the numbers are. There was a similar jump in cases back in 2014, MRI scans revealed damage to each child, spinal cord, weakening or paralyzing different muscles. Some cases were traced back to a known enterovirus, but scientists, it didn’t explain every case nerve damage can be permanent and treatments are hard to come by. Julia’S parents remain optimistic, we are very encouraged, is improving, which we hope will continue or say. Parents should not panic million children, their advice for avoiding it is pretty standard, remind kids to wash their hands to prevent the spread of viruses. Christine Drive CBC News Toronto still head on the national dirty lesson for a good cause. White kids in New Brunswick are digging through the trash to learn how to reduce waist plus we go in the Yukon where people there are the first to feel the effects of climate change voices receipt, that’s the normal State of Affairs. That’S what ice does? What do you say to that? So do you need any convincing that climate change is real? This is where we’re headed tonight deep into the st. Elias icefield, to learn what these Canadian glaciers can tell us about climate change, and it’s not good. This month, the UN issued its most dire warning yet about global warming and tomorrow as well, the Trudeau government is unveiling its carbon tax plan for those provinces that haven’t yet fallen into line. So tonight you will learn some amazing things about Canadian glaciers. There is an Urgent Message In the dramatic change one part of Uconn is already under, and Susan ormiston is our guide. You can barely see the Alaskan Highway, the Slims River used to be fed by a UConn Glazier, not anymore. This is one of Canada’s Great Northern Roots, but it’s changing fast. We came up here to the st. Elias mountains to find out what this big eyes can tell us about: climate change, the casket Walsh Glazier 70 km 5 km wide. I find the landscape inspiring. I love being out in the glacier and seeing the ice. Windflowers is a glaciologist from Simon Fraser University. She and your team are mapping the task. What we’re doing is freezing is ice, penetrating radar system to measure the depth of the ice, so the transmitter here is sending little radio pulses through the ice. They are reflected off the Bedrock underneath and then come back to our receiver box for the recorded. The team holds along the radar and carefully to avoid crevices. The ice is over 800 decomposes, the largest in the world outside of Antarctica and Greenland. What have you noticed about the Melt or the thinning in this on this passport place? Here? Glaciers are fantastic barometers of climate change; they averaged out the signals overtime, so they tell us what’s happening on a long time scale. So sometimes we think. Oh, it’s so cold this winter, but the Glaciers are telling us that, yes overtime, we have a warming Planet. The shoes size of these Place years makes it hard to appreciate incremental change, but it’s there. The Melt is faster than before and the snow-covered Camp replenish what’s lost each year. So, even if we stop what we’re doing right now, these places will continue to retreat. But the choices we make now are really important for what happens after that on longer time, scales and they’re important for what happens to big ice messes other places in the world, particularly the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets, that together have about 65 meters of equivalency level Stored in their reservoirs, one of the foremost expert on glaciers in Southwest Yukon, doing field work here almost every summer for the last 13 years, including maintaining a weather station part of her climate calculation on the ground from a tiny hotshoe processes. The data with Jeff crumpton, a PhD student and Laurent Mingo and engineer so to paint a picture in Canada. We have about 35 % of the world’s glaciers and ice caps, so those of the smaller ice masses outside of Greenland and Antarctica. So we as Canadians are Stuart’s of about a third of the world’s Mountain glaciers and ice caps, and this is our responsibility. When’S Teen Titan are equipment in heads out to some unique field. Last, on the place, you very long time, Google we’re looking for land on the ridge of a glacial Phenomenon with the clear markers of a woman Planet. So what are we looking at here? What we’re saying other remains of a nice tan Blake. So if you want to 6 weeks ago, you would have seen this whole Basin filled with water next week, so that water is impounded by the ice dance and that damn releases suddenly allows water to escape. Where does it go so this water drains through a tunnel? You can see there 50 kilometers under the Catskills Glacier all the way to the glacier. Terminist only icebergs are left Stranded. The whole process will repeat itself next year and overtime, the lake get slower. So I can see these lines that Mark the previous high water level, and what we can really see is that there are lines their way above where the Isis today, how convinced are you that that’s decades me as humans are responsible for about 70 % of the Mass loss from small glaciers and ice caps hundreds of years ago there was a glacier coming right down, but another one at the top here and around the bend call Glacier. One is now dying to at a rate faster than in the past in these mountains. There’S more glacial ice open from any other Alpine area in Canada. Here’S one Stark example: back in 1900: today, it’s Terminus or end is in Retreat. So much that the glaze, the water which used to feed the Slims River, has taken another route to a different River. The casket Walsh, leaving the Slim’s River Basin dryer and the lake it feeds luani thirsty this area is part of Kewanee First Nation and Bob Gibson is the chief. So what are? They called? Is now a river Vista, Creek right just being fed by some of the local Creeks here, hipstore it down Thomas a call to get a coffee because of the sudden blowing up from here. So do you need any convincing that climate change is Real by that she’ll water, but it’s small communities, burwash and destruction Bay. The lake is pulled away from the shore boats can’t access some parts of it and spawning areas for salmon and trout have shrunk. Leilani, First Nation still fishing hunting every year to culture camp at each members. Traditional ways like smoking, Moose for the winter, the trout and fly fish populating luani Lake have been Bountiful. Future is now a question 8 to 10ft lower than we normally would be. This time of the year, where you have to learn to live with this, we can’t change it areas, fishing areas all are changing, so we have to learn all that it all over again on lake borders National Park and preserve some 30,000 Taurus and Adventures a year And Parks, Canada sounding an alarm. We got up with superintendent Diane Wilson. I mean a 20 % difference in area coverage of of of the glaciers in Killarney, National Park and preserve and the rest of the UNESCO world heritage site. That’S unprecedented and in such a short. Of time, 60 years, we’ve never seen that it is outside the scope of normal people are so excited to come and visit this wonderful place, but they should know that it’s changing! How long have you been running this and 73? He flew teams into the ice field. Now his company flies in Adventures and tours to ship unchanged we’re flying into some ice field 6 times the size of the ice cover in the Rockies. We can see Canada’s highest peak Mount Logan through the clouds and if people say Blazers receipt, that’s the new State of Affairs. That’S what ice does? What do you say to that? It’S doing it up to you in the areas like this, where the the Melt is making it more and more difficult for us to offer a Saturday even at these houses choose well, I would say that Warfare is polio, polio, natural resource, certainly when you trying dates Of the changes are occurring here in two areas like the Islanders or the Himalayas, where there are millions of people relying on a steady flow from glaciers to breathe, irrigation and died drinking water, then the the results are catastrophic, at least another three degrees predicted by the Turn of the century, unless things change its, why, when flowers is so determined to share the place you store where you headed now it’s currently searching accept down. That’S in July, we can see the craggy tops of a surging Glacier with enough Mass. It can move a meter a day for a year or two, and this one is the rest of the few percent of the world switches. Third, so this is a pretty special Dynamic opportunity to understand. Oh I get to even this is good as July even better. I did you see those I mean it’s just like lapse camera over the winter out here in the howling, wind and bitter cold. These scientists are trying to grab Canadiens attention, so I think, as Canadians given responsibilities, to be stewards of this ice, I think we could be doing better. I think Arctic science should be a priority. I think understanding our terrestrial and Marine ice should be a national priority and they’re ancient ice have truth to tell about our future. Someone needs to be listing. Susan ormiston Yukon, Gwen flowers, talking about glaciers, serging, here’s a bit more of her explaining that. I want to hear more of this helicopter ride on our YouTube channel check that out and we want to make change a priority issued for the national this season. 2. Coming soon, you will have this story about another effect of a warming Planet. I’M east of Churchill, Manitoba with a team of scientists, have been collecting data about polar bears twice a year. They come here and they tranquilize the Bears and they start measuring their teeth. That collect blood but of everything they measure the story of the bear is really in the fast he’s Bears just aren’t as heavy as they should be. The reason for that has to do with the sea ice out on Hudson’s Bay sea ice isn’t lasting as long as it used to be, but means the Bears are spending more time here on the land and they’re going hungry country tonight on Menasha unionized Hanna post Workers in the greater Toronto area will go on a 24-hour strike, starting at midnight, just as their counterparts in Edmonton, Halifax, Windsor and Victoria did today. Worker safe upset about stagnant wages and top security kind of post says it put an offer on the table, but the union insisted will continue with the rotating strikes. Frederiksen proclaimed his innocence in court today. Matthew, Vincent Raymond is charged with killing two police officers and two civilians in a shooting spree in August he’s yet to enter any formal plea, but speaking for the prisoner’s box today, he said quote: I am innocent due to Temporary Insanity. The case was adjourned until next week and civil rights and lgbtq Advocates outside that’s because they’re angry the Department of Health and Human Services as looking to limit the definition of gender. According to the New York Times, the department is working on a draft proposal that would define sex based on a person’s genitalia at Birth, no room for change. If adopted, it would erase Federal anti-discrimination protections for more than a million transgender America’s garbage to learn new ways to reduce waist and it’s Kayla. Hounsell explains the Hands-On. Lessons are getting some promising results, you’re right there all plastic in this New Brunswick classroom. The lesson is garbage trash talk is encouraged and students are eager to answer questions for your hand, if you think you know why we do this program to make the world a better place. Rachel is with the Gaia project, a nonprofit that pushes young people to take action on environmental issues, the kids in this group or in grade 3 and 4 at Hampton Elementary long, they’re heading down the hall to the art room and that’s where things get really well. Dirty so what I’m going to do is pour some garbage into your middle bin, virtual in her staff dump the school’s entire garbage collection from the day before kids separate the material into the appropriate bins for recycling and composting important, then they weigh it and record the Data, so they can track their own trash virtual says: that’s what makes the program unique. We are looking through their garbage that they themselves put in the waste system yesterday, so I think it really hold them accountable. I think that students got a lot more from actually digging into the garbage and has in it and seeing what’s there. Then, if I was to stand in the classroom and say, do elastin and give him a task after an exercise like this one that got a project follows up to see how schools are doing so far. They found a 50 % reduction overall waste in schools where students learn how to track their trash and brainstorm ideas for how they can do better. Their school already has a strong recycling program, but the students have found they still need to approved. So you can see almost 60 % of what we found in the garbage was compote. He was also paper towel that can that could have fun in the compost. Virtual says school is a starting point because it’s kids generate most of their garbage, but she says this is about more than one school in one town in one Province. If they can learn how to recycle here, we hope that they can also bring those lessons back home and that she says is the key to creating global. These kids have some pretty good ideas to having litterless lunch. How do you do that hack? All your snacks and containers and water bottles work hard to reduce the amount of garbage they send to the dump Sligo Stephanie Brunswick for about a day the conversation between those for and against. It is Our Moment the first in case you missed it for years ago. Today, A gunman killed 24 year old, Corporal Nathan Cirillo before storming Parliament Hill as cerillo lay wounded in front of the war memorial. A stranger remain by his side to comfort him during his final moments. She was Brave and he was a good man. Four years later, Barbara winter spoke to our colleagues at as it happens a moment of Purity a moment where there’s no artifice, where everything you say and do truly matters, and it matters to somebody other than yourself, and there was nothing else but to try and save His life and try and provide Comfort – I remember that I remember just focusing a hundred percent on Nathan not have spoken to Nathan. If I hadn’t run back, there is not a day that goes by that. I don’t remember, and I certainly have a different understanding of those events now and I I have a very deep understanding of what people who are involved in them are going through. A small community in New Brunswick is in a spotlight over this flag. It’S being called a straight pride flag and it went up in the village of Chip ministre, Frederick and yesterday it was the work of a man named Glenn, bishop and a few others, and it had Village Council approval. But four members of the lgbtq community, the move, was a slap in the face. It is a big hate symbol towards the gate community and now that they know, maybe they can be more educated in the future. It has since been taken down and replaced with a Canadian flag, but the discussion continues with both sides trying to get the other to see it their way and that led to a wrong pretty honest Nation with the man behind the flag. That conversation is Our Moment. Are we still buddies or race? If you want with your wife or girlfriend no one’s going to stop and stare, you know what they make rude comments. So that’s interesting extra virgin and I watch the entire tape that our colleagues from CBC and Fred. They videotaped that and – and it was interesting because I don’t know at the end of the day whether either side convince the other, but at least they were talking. Appearances in the United States has never been flown in Canada. As far as I can tell, and if I have to go back to 2005 to Yellowknife to an attempt to two greatest straight Friday, if you will a proclamation, you’ll know if that was quickly pulled back because of protests, I’m sure every time this does come up. It is that same distinction being drawn right between treating people fairly and treating people equally and whether those two things must always be one. In the same, I suspect they’re, not that is the national for this October 22nd goodnight goodnight
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