The National for Sept. 10, 2019 — Canada Votes, U.S. Politics, The Handmaid’s Sequel

The National for Sept. 10, 2019 — Canada Votes, U.S. Politics, The Handmaid’s Sequel
The National for Sept. 10, 2019 — Canada Votes, U.S. Politics, The Handmaid’s Sequel
Tonight is election Eve call only hours away the leaders, the voters, the steaks Rosemary breaks it all down from Rideau Hall security advisor is out and Subway suicides are on the rise, how Canada’s biggest public transit system he’s turning to commuters for help. This is more than a hook release. This is a cultural movement worldwide, but it may seem like an election is already underway. How’S, the running candidates are door-knocking, but the official camp tomorrow Rosemary, is leading our election coverage Rio Hall, and it is here at Rideau Hall, where the Prime Minister will be tomorrow morning to ask the underdog explains his opponents have four years worth of liberal leadership. To criticize a country to run and a region Savage by storm and there’s lots more work to do in this type of government is here to to support in any way we can for Trudeau 6s. This election hinges on recapturing. The magic of the last better is always possible. In 2015, he surged from third to first as the Liberals, more than doubled their vote. Since then, he’s delivered big Chex to most families, low unemployment, good economic grow, but no longer The Longshot. Trudeau is now the incumbent with missteps on the world stage. Political controversies at home and broken promises. An election reform he’s not as advertised Exxon, Trudeau’s credibility have already started to both discouraged and Court. Left-Leaning voters. Just saying the right thing, but actually doing them with the NDP and greens arguing. You can’t be a climate champion and by pipeline so expect an election about credibility, but also affordability. You can fill the universal pharmacare for all ends. Meet you to get ahead. Well. These conservative ads have been running non-stop, going heard on the argument that life is harder under the Liberals, background damage, but not destroyed by a year of controversies and contradictions, as polls consistently suggest, he is still the most popular choice for prime minister Marathon election campaign. In 2015, we knew something more along the conventional Lines by 5 and a half weeks, so that we knew that the Liberals are targeting this week for quite some time. But a couple of things I had to manage unexpected one: unexpected potential natural disaster, which brings us to tomorrow, 9:11, which is an interesting choice, is either a bold one or an ominous one for the can planes in the air. But the reality is, it had to be called by Sunday and they were just running out of time to get this started. The West Coast. Vancouver change things significant, the starting gun for The Campaign, which will last 40 days. Parliament is officially dissolved by Canada’s governor-general Viet. That means all pending. Legislation in the Senate and House of Commons dies, including, for instance, the formal ratification of NAFTA. There have already been restrictions on how much political parties can spend before the official camp. Other spending caps will now be in place for the duration of it, roughly 28 million dollars per party, provided. Of course, the party has managed to raise that kind of money to spend, which is not the case for all of them. Tomorrow, you will see more ads campaign planes and buses and yes, more campaign. Signs on people’s front yard is also gets limited during the campaign, so unions or advocacy groups or what else who wants to sway? Voters must be registered with elections, Canada and are limited to about half-a-million dollars during the campaign and finally get ready to just see a whole lot more of the people vying to be your next Member of Parliament. I’M prime minister, tomorrow morning, I’m probably just going to sleep here streaming online at CBC. News. Can dinar CBC News yeah. Let’S get right to the latest big change in Donald Trump’s White House, John Bolton lasted 17 months is Trump’s National Security advisor, which is longer than any other, but that’s sing. The presidents on his final morning as Donald Trump’s, National Security adviser John Bolton, stepped outside the west wing. It would seem for some privacy inside a president with whom Bolton pause now irreparably incompatible John Bolton properties and policies. Just don’t line up with the president for the president made it change Trump tweeted. He fired Bolton Bolton. He quit either way Trump. Now his fourth National Security advisor in three years. I keep posting any white house while they might work well on a TV show where your signature line is. Your fired, doesn’t make for predictable or steady management of the Administration. The whole thing under lines, if you disagree with Trump you’re doomed Bolton, disagreed with him, often pressing for a harder approach on North Korea, arguing against Trump Anson called off to bring Taliban leaders to Camp David for peace talks around this week’s 911 anniversary today. Men to have included Bolton the question: will his departure now mean a softer approach on their ran that treasury secretary Steve mnuchin Trump’s open to talks with Iran’s president, but us pressure continues absolutely working now the president has made clear he is happy to take a meeting With no preconditions, but we are maintaining the maximum pressure campaign. Another question is the u.s. National Security team, a mess Solution, that’s ridiculous. Washington do tend to have high turnovers, but Trump is outpacing every other in recent memory. So far, Donald Trump has had seven directors of communication for secretary’s each of Homeland Security, Health and Human forces and Veterans Affairs. Three secretaries of defense, three Attorneys General three directors of National Intelligence: three press secretaries into CIA directors and keep in mind. That’S not even a complete list. The parts Atlantic, Canada, Adrian’s back clearly from Nova, Scotia and you’ve, been leading our coverage of the damage from Dorian. It’S good to have you back we’re still keeping tabs on the recovery tonight. So power we know, has been restored to more than 320,000 household in Nova Scotia. That’S nearly 80 % of those people who’ve been affected. Other losses can be harder to fix Elizabeth checks in with someone we first met on Sunday. I know isn’t all of the team that has shown up to help him they’re recovering. What’S left of his forty-year-old Boathouse people, people, you know if ever you don’t know, they’re all wet to their necks out there sand and mud and seaweed and debris with no match for Dorian storm surge. The pounding left remnants of a dozen War, several sheds floating in this Cove for 10 meter ways. So that’s just hundreds of tons of water, pushing against a man-made structure. Pictures and reservist are helping clear down trees. Tens of thousands of households are still waiting for electricity and many are still cut off from phone and internet service. The public safety Minister says people should porthos concerns to the crtc infrastructure, including telecommunications infrastructure, in this country that is increasingly resistant to abnormal circumstances, because, at least for one reason, the accelerating consequences of climate change across the members of This Crew had put in more than 50 hours of work since the storm pass, despite worries about more weather in the future Rhino and his neighbors aren’t going anywhere, is coming up higher. So we have to do something different of the next storm Elizabeth McMillan, CBC News Herring, Cove, Nova, Scotia Toronto Transit officials lost only whispered about the sea once possible. Talk about suicide from employee to commuter, even stranger to stranger. You want to remove leotis explains. What’S behind this plan a Toronto subway, the message to commuters just say: hi, The commission’s Suicide Prevention strategy. Research in the UK has found Toronto subway they’re, not everywhere and they’re, not all the time everywhere and so are trying to reach out and ask customers to lend a hand to to be the one to save the life. Volunteers will now be on hand after suicide incident to help traumatized Witnesses, emotional support and whatever resources that we think they may need, or is Adam asked for double tragedy. But there is always a fear of triggering talk. Accounts to be open about mental health. In about suicide, and we have to make sure that we get the right now that which is that there is hoping that people care announcement is part of the ttc’s wider strategy to prevent suicide. The national got exclusive access, as it was being developed to take you inside a little later. Hey there welcome back, let’s go to Eton International News Room in Vancouver, he’s watching developing stories, breast and Andrew a major development in Manitoba, not long after the polls close tonight. It became clear the progressive conservatives would continue with their majority government. Karen Paul’s is at the party’s headquarters in Winnipeg. Were things pretty well turned out the way, so many predicted no surprises just lots of Cheers here when the Network’s declared a majority government for the conservatives selection, one year earlier than he had to, and that gave the advantage to his team to put the opposition playing Catch-Up for the are. Telesur ran on a platform of fiscal responsibility, balance the books and cut taxes. The NDP tried to change the Tories as ruthless Cost Cutters, closing down emergencies and creating a healthcare crisis that just seems to resonate with some voters. They have gained back some seats and actually made history with the election of the first two black mla’s in Manitoba. The greens were hoping to win their first they’re hanging on to it also looks like the Liberals have lost their official party status. Northern Manitoba is Tori and Winnipeg still has some very tight races, but it looks like conservative governments here in Manitoba more stories developing this evening in about 20 minutes. Now it’s back to Toronto. What is annual launch event, but Executives may have more on their minds than just moving. Product apple is one of several Tech Giants under the microscope for dominating the tech space and leaving no room for competition. Jacqueline Hansen now Tipping Point for big Tech. This is iPhone. 11, when the show is as flashy as always seems, apple is facing pressure to change its ways to competitors. Complain is fevers Apple content and it’s not the only tech company to be scrutinized. Yesterday, sissy bipartisan US State, Attorneys General took on Google over its search results in letter of points people to his own product. Where is sick, and I search online for advice or doctor’s. I want the best advice from the best doctors, not the ones, not the doctor, and not the clinic who can spend the most on Advertising increasing pressure. Last week, US Federal lawmakers also launched an investigation into Facebook / how it handles users. Data in such a volatile environment, investors aren’t as Heights about tech stocks as they used to be last year. Apple Amazon and Netflix dogs are all down and the others are far off the incredible games. They’Ve long been known for Cher’s, particularly in Netflix, Apple, Facebook and Amazon. Insider selling, when prices are low, is unusual. It goes on sale at the supermarket. You know if it’s marked down, you buy it unless you, but why is it on sale? Maybe it’s on sale for a reason. Maybe this Tech rally has approached its sale date and insiders are selling happens next, how far Regulators go to rain in some of these companies left to run and grow unchecked for years Jacqueline Hansen, CBC News, Toronto and right time for a quick break. But when we come back in-depth, the number of Subway suicides is growing, so we got exclusive access to Toronto Transit Commission to talk about how small simple gestures would really save live. We want to take a closer look at one of our top story. Tonight. The Toronto Transit Commission plan to deal openly with Sue Canadians know how difficult to subject this is. It affects so many the stigma still persist and the rate of death by Suicide may have dropped nationally, but the TTC has seen a rise, and so it’s talking about it to employ is to the public and to us through months of exclusive behind-the-scenes access. You under meliodas heard the stories that shaped the response any day. At any moment it can happen in the depths of Toronto. Subway suicide hovers like a silent screen, piercing nose behind myself. But logically, I know it’s not my fault. Why didn’t they to look for which Michael’s death was deliberate? It was a crack in the silence that has shrouded Subway suicide for decades. Asylum for TTC is now shattering thanks. I’M not blaming people, but we do need to talk about it as he sees. A human story wants to change the way. The story: in 73 year old person he’s pretty morose. He gets up watch to the edge train as incoming. He watches the train come in. The judgement made by the person who is evaluating this is that he was Psych, I’m self up, trying to build up courage. My own view is: it takes a lot of courage to take your own life and it’s not uncommon for people to take time to do it. The hunting video was captured by TTC cameras, suicide attempts are compiled for training purposes. John said several: it’s not just numbers, so I don’t know who he is Harborside mobile whatever’s in that picture, and all these other passengers waiting they’re going to witness this they’re all going to be traumatized, they’re going to go home and talk about it and traumatized their Family or their co-workers were schoolmates, Grifols out and a lot of people are factors when I came in here prevention program really since 1998, until now, the where and the when is all over the TTC holes, young girl, 17 and has long conversation between my station supervisor. In this young girl and then when the next train came and she went to jump in, my supervisor pulled her back. So is your opportunity there to learn what are front-line employees, what their training out, what their penis action ring every option is on the table. It’S all out in the open, despite the fear, talking about suicide publicly., not talking about hasn’t, worked summary, so we needed to find some way to be responsible about communicating. You have to find a way to to bring it up to talk about it. I think probably every family in town. touched by Suicide of and some extended member of the family, so people know – and I think people are well aware that suicide happens in the subway. So it’s not a matter of it being news to people. What is new is that it’s getting worse than doubled, nearly a hundred people have trying to kill themselves. Transit workers have also stopped dozens more people into. He was supposed to be heading over to Suffern station when and where is largely random 135 a go-ahead suicide is a constant Grim expectation. Never watching Rodger at Lawrence, Kansas 67 Victoria Park station remember getting up off my seat, so I mean emergency screaming that big. How to spank I’ve ever heard and he was driving into the station for years later. He can still hear his screams. God help me. Please help me over and over. When you’re dreaming about it you’re thinking about her all the time you hear someone scream and then you think about it and you’re looking over right, so James’s nightmare reveals a shocking truth is no guarantee of people who attempt suicide by Subway survive the initial impact. Injuries know what happened to the man he struck that you lived and, and maybe he still alive today. Maybe he’s picked himself up and even now I feel you know emotional. That is if, if you did die, you know his family did, he have brothers and sisters, he has a mom and dad I mean the impact not just a meme but his family as well. To choose that I mean it’s stuff, so I don’t think I I want to I want to thank you survived and that’ll help me through my day, I think, to get through a single day. The cost of service delays can be staggering to a single incident. Cannot up to millions of dollars of lost time? Emotional Talent are driving a renewed push for permanent solution. A team of experts is assessing what it would take to build platform Edge doors, physical barriers, that only open when trains are in the station it would cost at least a billion dollars to retrofit. An aging subway system haunted house to be there and, more than anything, the conviction, John says to do the right thing: the moral imperative. So knowing that we have a solution to all this loss of life, not go ahead and do it. If you know there’s something you can do that’s going to save one life and you are Duty bound to do that thing. All the time on this day, Jon breaks away to watch over a man who seems vulnerable make sure that she got on the train safely. If the funding for the doors comes through it’s still years away, so what now the TTC is refreshing. It’S Chris’s la posters, reminding People Help is a call away and there is a new plan to encourage commuters to approach someone who appears to be distressed. The research shows a simple hello. I need somebody to acknowledge. I need to not feel alone in that moment, Subway platforms starting the end of it. I got on the train and the moment I did myself on a train Emily. I just felt this incomplete side. Relief of yeah it was just okay. I got through this buy right now and never know. I can’t remember what he looks like at, but he was just a person that cared and did the right thing so on the road to recovery. Wake up happy every day. I never thought this would happen, never could have saved her son’s life look out here and I want to see okay, where, where was he in this whole platform area? You know when somebody was watching and it was. It was the middle of the day and I always think to have somebody there on the platform that takes a buddy want to go first smoke. You know we’re just came open on the right, but John says the suffering, and the Silence has to end happened to anybody in your family and it’s happening to other people’s families, and it may happen to somebody in your family. So let’s get this done. This needs to get done safety in Silence the feeling here it’s gone, Emily Otis CBC News Toronto. You know I thinking of suicide. There are people you can talk to. You can contact crisis Services, Canada or kids help phone. Those numbers are on your screen when we come back more from Rosie and Rideau Hall on Election call Eve. Just who is the average Canadian border here in the nation’s capital tomorrow, Canadians as possible? But who is the average Canadian voter anyway and are they most concerned about who are 17 and 1/2 million aliens voted in the last election really know about one another? It’S easy to see our country as an economy driven by resources or banking, but the most common job among Canadian men is truck driver. The most common job among Canadian women is retail sales. How much do we make the political parties we’ll talk incessantly about the middle class and those who were working hard to join it, but the middle class has become a catchphrase. It doesn’t really mean anything. Here’S what we can say the typical family brings in about $ 70,000 a year were most concerned about heading into this. Election is the cost of living which make sense 10 years of economic expansion, which the most recent data show has mostly benefited. The rich stocks are up, 275 %, will wages have remained flat, Canadian households, Kerry, record levels of death for every dollar we earn. We owe a dollar 73 and economic growth in Canada is spotty. Will the economy is broadly speaking doing well? It depends in large part where you live. The point of all this is there is no one single Canadian voter, no typical experience, which is why elections matter it’s our chance to break out of these bubbles, because if we don’t do it now, when will we CBC News Toronto about your local MP before they Aren’T you actually Bird shows us how, before tomorrow’s official election start and teas are out gathering information, door-to-door and they’re also collecting it click to click, to go to look at 15 track, because if there are seven tracker investigation looked at every empties website, it sounds something Called trackers embedded in the majority of them they’re used to gather information on user Behavior butts are used for advertising. There can be multiple trackers for website where they, what they are our little pieces of of software data to get put on your computer. Every time you go to a website that lets that website better track what you did on the website and they have an advertising tracker their re-election as could start popping up in your Facebook fees or other websites. You visit, if not being disclosed that there’s trackers exist. We don’t know who what date has been collected. We don’t know, we don’t know how it’s being you Tibetan Target us again later. Trackers are everywhere cbc’s website and other Canadian companies also use them, but political parties are exempt from Canada’s privacy laws. Restricting how this data is used, find that appalling, because there’s no transparency, there’s no accountability with these MP’s use of trackers on their website. Ndp MP, Charlie Angus has trackers on his website, but he says they are being used for malicious purposes, you’re not being used in any capacity except in the election to make sure what, if an ad Target someone and someone clicks on and goes to the website, we Get we know that that’s where they came from get re-elected, but when it comes to these trackers there are gray zones and gaps in the law and he’s planning to look into it, but that won’t happen until after the election Ashley work CBC News Ottawa, it’s going To be an exciting next Sunday, the national will have special campaign coverage with a new political panel that takes you inside the party war room and, of course, a tissue will be here every Thursday to help you make sense of it all. But for now back to Toronto is back in two minutes, with more developing use, plus later the book launch that has fans lining up around the world. Cbc’S Daily News, podcast front burner off our federal election coverage with the look at the path to victory. For the three big party subscribe, wherever you get your podcast national news room in Vancouver, a vigil was held in Washington today to honor the 157 people who died in the Ethiopian Airlines crash, but the last 6 months Our Lives, the lives of the families of the Victims, my life has not moved an inch 18. Canadians were among those killed on March 10th when flight 302 crashed shortly after takeoff. Families of the victims also met with American Transportation officials to express concerns about the Boeing 737 Max 8 plane and what type of training Pilots my received before then Jet is back in the are. Hundreds of people have been evacuated in Australia, Cruise battle, more than 130 fires in the country’s East Coast. Extreme Heat and dry conditions are fun to be factors in the unusually Fierce fires, but police are also investigating whether someone deliberately sent 400 people have been forced from their homes, although this time of year the damage is more severe and widespread than in the past. North Korea is displaying what it calls it super large, multiple rocket launcher State, meteor, King images of the country’s leader Kim Jong moon with the Weaponry. This is just the latest in a series of tests in recent months, and it came just hours after a top North Korean Diplomat suggested. The country wants to resume denuclearisation talks, the United States and Canadian who street photography turn ordinary moments into Renown. Works of art has died, Brad hertzog, moved from Germany to Vancouver in the fifties and captured Street scenes on film work. Wasn’T featured in a Solo exhibit until 2007, but he quickly became one of Canada’s most acclaimed photographers. The 88 year-old passed away yesterday in Vancouver still ahead tonight, Atwood’s latest book, and why she waited more than 30 years to write this one we’re back in two minutes, but is the highly-anticipated sequel to Margaret Atwood classic novel The handmaid’s Tale? It’S called the Testaments, it just went on sale today and it’s already in the running for the Giller prize. As for Atwood herself for lunch, this novel has gone. Global Cameron McIntosh shows us from London London’s National Theater live green with that familiar silhouette, Margaret Atwood’s Global launch of the Testaments, making its Mark hear from the poem London Tube stations, a must-read on the way home being snapped up in bookstores motivated, says that would buy Polarization and disenfranchisement she first warned of in the 80s power and the name to have the power Harry potter-style midnight launch. Those are kids inline. This is a cultural moment is for everybody and it’s fantastic to get the kind of news coverage. That is because view of a theocracy oppressing women’s most fundamental rights Atwood, says today’s divisive political rhetoric drawer back to it, particularly American debates over Reproductive Rights, putting people in charge of women’s bodies who are not those women she’s being celebrated time, calling her a reluctant Prophet. The Print run could hit the Millions 35 year old because we’re to go from there. In my case we kind of know the answer seniors. Her 80th birthday Cameron, Mackintosh CBC News, London sequel to The handmaid’s Tale, has landed. Our future interview is a Canadian TV exclusive. That’S coming soon on the national, we’ll be right back with tonight’s moment and what happened when a Cowboy Woman discovered her longtime hairdresser, always sort of felt like family. That’S, Andrea, Fleck always had kind of a special for the hairdresser. She has been his client for 7 years. You shared all sorts of her secrets with him, but what she didn’t know was just how close that connection really was because it wasn’t until they both sent away their DNA, that she learned her hair dresser with her half-brother, and that is our moment of the day. From the beginning old souls, Kindred Spirits. Troy got the results from that DNA tests first, but he got connected to this half Uncle of ours in the United States percentages. As you do to me, we get on a 3-way call and soon, as we all connected as Andrew, saying it out Andrea, Troy Weber, the laughter that has lots of giggling and crying, and I would have never imagined. But from my perspective I was just counting them. I I have seven relatives in Canada who are genetically connected to me so now by marriage, but seven of blood relatives. I guess I know where they all are right now. I would never have this experience and I definitely not related to my hair stylist. I really undertake because the potential for this wonderful connection – maybe it turns out badly. I don’t know that. Maybe that says something weird about me. Haircuts are now be free for September, the 10th
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