The National for Sept. 13, 2019 — Spy Charged, Humphries Allegations, Conservative Candidates

The National for Sept. 13, 2019 — Spy Charged, Humphries Allegations, Conservative Candidates
The National for Sept. 13, 2019 — Spy Charged, Humphries Allegations, Conservative Candidates
Tonight, National Secrets, at-risk official under arrest the obtain stored, processed, sensitive information, what we know about the charges accused and the Damage Control, new details of Kaylee Humphries allegations against the coast and bobsleigh count. Look at the uncle Andres, Cruz, amazing, run and problem Tennessee senior director working with the RCMP is in custody tonight, charged with taking some of this country’s Secrets. Intelligence and government officials are searching for answers, which Secrets what happened to them, and how far am I read? A story this sensitive, a lot of those answers are in the shadows, but salima shivji outlines what we know: the forces intelligence team in custody charged under Canada’s rarely-used security of Information Act, sensitive information, I believe, with the intent to communicate it to people that he shouldn’t Be communicating it to cybersecurity is facing allegations dating back to February 2015, accused of to Munich sensitive information and Gathering more this past year, with the intent of selling it to a foreign government or just had access to enough secret to be bound to secrecy for Life. Classified intelligence from Canadian law enforcement security, but also Allied information, so she he has them brought attacks that that you get in the RCMP. So, for me, it really comes down to what he took and what he was intending to do with it Federal departments scrambling to assess the possible damage. Even forcing a comment on the campaign Trail under this act are rare. In 2012 of former Navy intelligence officer pleaded guilty to selling secrets to Russia. Another case of a Canadian man accused of trying to spy for China is still in the course. After nearly six years, has experts say of a delicate Balancing Act, official Secrets, basically in the leakage of official secrets and, and so the government has it in an interest of course, in being able to prosecute successfully. But at the same time, they have to balance that against not wanting to defer information in public and public trial, which activist have to be. What more can you tell us about what the implications might be here with the 4th, and we still don’t know what type of secrets were talking about here were allegedly compiled gathered with their intent to sell and to sell to whom such a high level of clearance Means it could take a lot of time to track, but disc beef, potentially very embarrassing for Canadian intelligence are, could be political Fallout, because Canada’s intelligence services are very closely linked to our five Eye Partners. We share sensitive information with countries like the UK, Australia and the United date, so they will all be watching this case very carefully, with interest to see just how big a breach this could be. Ortis, meanwhile, could face up to 37 years in prison if convicted the most serious of the charges that he is fat faces up to fourteen years in prison last night. There are now more questions about why why Canada’s most decorated Olympian bobsledder doing to leave the country to compete for the United States, CBC sports, reporter Devin, who has the complaint and the coach at the heart of the story verbally and mentally abused her during the 2018 Main complaint with the organization since then he stayed and she’s stayed away. Turn on Investigation is still ongoing. Humphrey says the organization is taking too long and his request to be released from the team and now she’s suing them. Spelling of her complaints in court documents filed Humphreys alleges, Hays verbally attacked her personally and professionally, and that she was astonished by what he was saying during his time with USA, bobsled also filed misconduct Report with safesport Todd Hayes was physically verbally and mentally abusive during its Tanner and although the team won medals, his behavior head cinepax on his athletes, including myself, said one of the former athletes coach by Hayes. Safesport, won’t comment on individual cases and today, Bob’s Lake Canada responded on his behalf as the matter it’s now. When the courts, there will be no comment from Todd Hayes until this is wrapped up. It has yet to file a statement of Defence. Humphreys is given to the organization until Wednesday to release her from the program. She plans to attend a u.s. training camp next Thursday, Devon Toronto. You probably got a sense of their Humphreys, is clearly torn about this, representing Canada has defined her career as a fierce competitor, a flag bearer and on the podium online. Some have characterized her move as a betrayal, but among many can an athlete’s she’s found support. Aaron Collins get some of that reaction. First and Olympic medalist from Canada are in a select club. Jen Kish is a member winning bronze playing rugby in Rio. She’S. Also, a friend of kaillie Humphries, Canadian icon, who is this country three Olympic medals? Few they’re still competing are likely to speak up, speak out without being reprimanded for doing so. I think a lot of athletes with would come forward with their stories. Camry work quick to weigh in online tweeting that he had mad respect for Humphreys, a Hockey Hall of Famer and 5 time Olympian Hayley wickenheiser. Also tweeted. Her support, saying canvas lost is the United States game Mark McCoy has walk the path kaillie Humphries has embarked on McCoy won a gold medal in hurdles for Canada at the 1992 Olympics. Breezewood move to the US to compete with basically hit my head against the wall. For 20 years competing for Canada trying to do it on your own without any support, and finally, I I went to train and in the states on the train in Britain. I basic got to do myself, and that was the only way agrees that Canada’s athletes need. More support in and out of training, she said, there’s no question who she’ll be cheering for in the next Winter Games: YouTube about a broken system and its statement of support for Humphreys, the Canadian Olympic Committee said it has offered assistance to both sides of the dispute. Calling the situation extremely unfortunate, but it’s alright clear just how important it is for parties to vet their candidates, because, whatever old online posts they miss their opponents are bound to find, and it’s getting Simpson shows us. It happened again today Andrew Scheer stood by his candidate running aniki Ontario riding, even though our pain Gahanna had to apologize today for a homophobic, social media post. He published back in 2010 he’s also defending this candidate after sharing and islamophobic tweet from 2013 to local candidates. That you mentioned here have apologized for their messages and – and I accept their apology – I’m glad that they have done that forgiving of a third candidate running in Manitoba firing him for islamophobic comment. He made online while this is not what she wants to talk about. By no means is this just a conservative problem. I find that unacceptable position when the party is being really that’d. The greens were caught off guard by an anti-abortion comment from one candidate and fired another for posting about sending a pig carcass to Muslims. The Liberals, Buddha to Quebec and mom over on call Matzke made on Israel and this NDP candidate was dropped after flippant and aggressive words and Oil Workers were discovered online. There’S no excuse for this to happen. I mean clearly if your opponent can find stupid things that your candidate said you should be able to find them 2. Maybe they regret because their views of change whatever it is. They said now fun out the context team spend months digging up dirt on their opponent. Waiting for the perfect time to strike this will only become more intense as election day gets closer Katie Simpson, CBC News, Brampton Ontario call about risks, pulling attention away from the messages party leaders want to get through today for the NDP liberal and conservative leaders. Those are focused on affordability, Trudeau, pledged to help out small businesses in park, giving grants of $ 50,000 each to 2,000 entrepreneurs a year to build startups. Also, Canadians created over a million new jobs in four short years and much of the credit is owed to small business owners. We know that cell phones are not a luxury in Toronto, Ace of cell phone and internet services. It’S going to save families on average $ 250 per year, but it could be a lot more also make it mandatory for companies to offer affordable, basic and unlimited data plan and Andrew Scheer is promising to bring back the public transit tax credit that Justin Trudeau scrapped. Two years ago, so I’m so excited to be here today, standing here to provide much-needed relief to Transit users, besides increase ridership and healthy environment. Is that really the case throughout the campaign we’re fact-checking some of the things candidates climb and tonight, Evan Dyer takes a look at that one Andrew sheret says the conservatives would give a tax credit worth 15 % of whatever a family spends on public transit. We also reduce greenhouse-gas emissions here at home. That’S why the green public transit tax credit important part of our real plan to protect the environment. It makes sense more people on buses and trains, fewer people in cars and fewer cars for emission, but the clay misleading problem is, it’s been tried before and it didn’t work that way. This tax credit was first introduced in 2006. It was popular with Mayors and Transit Authority, and our calculations showed that it cost about $ 3,500 in foregone government revenue to cause one more person to take public transit to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1-ton. It cost about $ 1,000. An Revenue River says that place is it among the most expensive and least efficient carbon cutting measures, comparing it to the current federal carbon tax at $ 20 per ton, Highway 2 Benchmark Lacoste. Although a lot of that money went to people who were fairly well off because it didn’t take people out of their cars, it didn’t do much to cut in Mission. It cost a lot of money about 200 million dollars a year having dire CBC News Ottawa details from inside the courtroom have a little later. What does it take to create a champion like Bianca on dresser and end up? Conversation had welcome back. Let’S go to the national news room in Vancouver. Orion is tracking of the stories from across Canada. Tonight, commissioner of the Provincial Police, 15 million dollar lawsuit against the provincial government. Brad Blair is suing the Ford government over statements. The premier made suggesting Blair broke the law by releasing confidential material Blair. Also ask the courts to investigate the governor x v hire a longtime friend of Premier Doug Ford as OPP commissioner. Public inquiry into these matters is the only path forward to adequately address the serious issue of cronyism that hangs over this government. Ford denies that there anything he said about Blair. The time was defamatory remember when people predicted legal cannabis would be in big profits for government. Will not in Ontario not yet anyway, the provincial Crown Corporation sandals online sales in cannabis, distribution lost more than $ 40 on sales of just under 65 million. The news comes with the latest round of new Cannabis stores was put on hold after a judge, granted a judicial review of the provinces, licensing process and unusual protest in Ottawa today, as women show their support for workplace harassment. Allegation at City Hall that woman to report counselor should rally protesters pass through all day, leaving bras in trees, sending a message of support to a woman who says she was harassed by councillor work. Surely, during a job interview she has filed a complaint saying Riley asked her if she’d be willing to go braless to some work. Events in Newfoundland and Labrador cabinet minister Perry trimper, has resigned over comments. The local Indian nation is calling very racist, went blank. What I heard the compass on my voicemail, so after trimper left a voicemail to recording continue. Then you can hear someone tell the former minister of the a new quote: have a feeling of entitlement. Among other things, he replies in this is a quote. The race card comes up all the time since apologised he’s still a member of the liberal caucus I’ll be back in about 20 minutes with details about how dangerously sharp edges and some SUVs has led, recall. Felicity Huffman is heading to prison for her role in the u.s. college. Admissions Scandal. The Desperate Housewives actor paid $ 15,000 to have her daughter’s SAT scores rate in Morrow has the reaction and what, if aim for the dozens of other parents facing similar charges? Felicity Huffman did not answer questions as she left court, but inside the actress was contrite telling the judge I broke. There are no excuses or justifications for my actions. The hardest consequence of those actions. A tearful husband told the court her daughter’s reaction. Why didn’t you believe in me, Mom husband, her daughter, asked? Why didn’t you think I can do it on my own? Huffman is the first parent to be charged in the college admissions Scandal dubbed Varsity Blues. Another high-profile defendant is actress. Lori Loughlin poo Huffman has been defiant, pleading not guilty with husband, getting a 14-day sentence. Some analysts say Laughlin should be worried. Felicity Huffman is definitely the floor. She is the bottom because he is going everything right, but is Huffman sentence. Fair critics point to the case of Tonya McDowell sentenced to 5 years in prison for enrolling her son in the wrong School District. Tv Judge, Greg Mathis when a black homeless woman got 5 years for using the wrong address to put her son in kindergarten. Why the difference Huffman valid in court to live a more honest life going forward so begin her jail sentence on a Uber 25th Ln Morrow, CBC News, Washington rise of a Canadian champion from teenage Underdog to top of the tennis world and in-depth look at Bianca and Rescued cats to Victory and how to replicate it and leader, a woman with different sized feet, put out a call for her shoot win and she finds a match. That’S quite the pair in tonight welcome back on a story with twists and turns complicated stories of sacrifice and Triumph. You can still fight a single photo, a single image that sums it all up perfectly. This is that photo has Against All Odds performance open in New York City exactly 6 days ago, and then exactly two days ago. She said this accomplished a lot in this past year and I feel like I can do even more in the sport I’m just going to keep striving, and hopefully when many more Grand Slams from now on by every Friday, we’re going to take one Topic in the News and try to break it wide open anyway, that’s interesting, insightful and empowering so this week. We want to try to answer the question: how do you create a champion appropriately? We have help with us here in studio, so let’s go around the table. Donovan Bennett host and writer at Sportsnet, Katherine salmon, and associate professor of sport psychology at U of T and we have Marnie McBean 3 time Olympic gold, Metalist and Canada’s Chef de Mision for Tokyo 2020, which effectively means before all those Canadian athletes will be going to the Olympics year. They’Re there, their leader, their mentor, just do a quick around. If I had to put you guys on the spot – and just you know some of what you think, the key to Bianca success is in in 1 word as unfair, tenacious Garden, rational, irrational 210 in the world fast forward to March 17th, following year, Indian Wells tournament Breakthrough Victory 5 months later wins the Rogers cup, then last Saturday, Vengeance at the US Open qualifiers, but in the final beat Serena Williams in straight sets. So our first question: how does she do it natural for those of us who still hope I’m kind of exploding? The whole panel hair, so natural organic there’s, a huge part of that is, is her personality. Cotton in her way like it’s just like the perfect field or Forest of everything, that’s just untouched, and so no one has taken her raw talent and said, oh, but you should do it this way and no one’s taken her dialogue. Oh you should talk this way. You kind of really get the sense that everything everything she’s saying it’s flowing through. Quite naturally, it’s like this internal dialogue that she’s letting us be pretty too and then the way she’s playing. I think what makes us love watching her, it’s almost like sure, either unguarded as she’s playing, and you know you kind of just get the sense of hers like it’s all, very organic. What what sets her tenacity, apart from from that of every other Elite athlete plays? It just strikes me that every time she plays every shot, every match. she seems to go into it, the same tenaciousness and competitiveness and that desire to to win, and I also think of her tenacious nature in the way that she’s dealt with injuries. love. I say doesn’t home to end Sears, why you talk about the competitiveness and the love competition to go from 210, as you mentioned to now top 10 and beat seven people who are in the top 10 in the year, you have to be directly confident. Most people would have said so many times along the way. Most people said I’m injured. This is as good as I’m going to be. She hasn’t Next Level. Thinking of, why not me and I’m going to actually go after it, and that’s why I think the difference between some of the goats and everybody else says they have a mental capacity to think what this doesn’t make sense right. I don’t really care. I think it’s clear that everyone agrees that Bianca has a mental toughness to her right through that Channel pressure. I mean I’m sure Canada wants me to do very well and, most importantly, I want to do very well. So I think that pressure really helped me honestly how to win the mental game of pressure. Let’S start there on the task at hand, and I think that’s why I’m saying that I really enjoy watching it from Bianca. I know it’s how I went from no Gold’s to three gold is not thinking about the gold medals was thinking about for me as a row. I just have to think about every stroke, and I think you know we hear from from Yamaha she’s done a lot of mental imagery and stuff like that, and also have had a lot of time off. So the way she goes through dealing with all of it is every time she does a mental image. We don’t think about broad Strokes, you don’t think about bad place and she’s been in her mind, thinking about playing Serena at her best, and how will I respond? How will I absorb what strain of like what Canon screen is going to send at me? How do I absorb that? I think the way the best way to accomplish great things the mental prep is by thinking about the task. The task takes care of the goal and I’m Catherine I’m trying to I’m trying to listen to what you saying, but but with the head of a parent, to write on and trying to think. So. How does the advice change when you’re dealing with your son or your daughter right now, and certainly if we’re working with younger, need a simpler task for helping them to build self-awareness about the kinds of situations that they’ve been facing? What are some of the things that you found difficult in this last match? What did you do to deal with? That? Was that effective for you, so parents and coaches can help athletes by engaging them in questions about the match that they played or the game that they played or what might be coming up and helping athletes to Think Through for themselves. What was effective for you and dealing with that situation than providing some tips and guidance? I have parents coming up to me all the time going. You know my my my little Susie or my little Johnny always get to play. Select the parents think they need to push their kids in these things. So you’re saying listen to the kids. I need to stress this, because parents make this mistake all the time. Kids, who are going to be gifted at their sport. You don’t have to push them that all you need to help them find like balance in sleep and eat properly, because they’re, the ones who are going to be outside taking shots and they’re going to be the ones outside doing their sport in the rain and going To be the ones, waking you up in the morning to go to practice, and if, if that’s not your kid, you have to do as a parent reassign your goals because they’re, not you kids goals, it takes a village, as they say, a champion really becomes a Champion alone, I want you to listen to another clip from Bianca, it’s just so nice to have amazing parents. I mean not like anything else. They’Ve been handling everything super well and they helped me stay grounded and I think that’s the that’s very important. So I’m I’m really grateful for that. So the question who does a champion need and clearly parents is it is one obvious answer. One source of inspiration, motivation, Donovan. I know once upon a time in in your younger days you were burgeoning athlete yourself. I was yeah. You know what I was going to end up playing football: it that’s the sport that I was most passing up before that it was a spy during speed, skater and my dad had this beautiful dream at his two sons of the first black speed skaters ever win Gold for Canada, he was the Richard Williams of speed skating at the time it didn’t like it right. I wasn’t very good my brother quit and if I look back, I probably would have enjoyed the experience more. I had the level of focus and attention to detail that I later had in my football career, and I sell it to say it wasn’t just a pair, giving Bianca the resources and helping her with the tools. Bianca wanted to actively be a part of that conversation and at a young age. She had the level of focused to be engaged that much so early and that’s why she ended up being good and in with that comes pressure, but Billie Jean King, when she walked into the US Open. The placards are pressure is a privilege from an early age, who’s already putting pressure on herself she’s right. I won on her wrist, and so she wanted for a long long time that I hear about kids, who say my parents that I didn’t want to go to. My parents made me. Persevere through that walk that long. How much is too much and I provide opportunities – am I doing too much my over-scheduling, my kids and I think the key things are two to know your child and you know what’s best for them right. You know that child and – and if you are thinking this might be a little bit much then that’s probably a good indication that we can ease off a little bit. I think. like at you when you said I wish I had to focus and it’s easier to find a sport. You like that. I think everybody’s extraordinary at something and it’s just the lucky few who find what it is and so, whether it’s you know your dad. A parent or coach: what is The Village? What is the village need to provide to that? Ashley is a couple of good notes like, as in with you, surround yourself with people who are just. You know the right people that doesn’t help you at all, because you need someone who’s with you cuz think we’ll are you looking for good know we’re looking for great today, so no that wasn’t good enough today, but for you know, Bianca’s parents Bianca’s coat and even Though a tennis, Canada has I’m filled around her they’ve brought people in who are strategically aligned with how Bianca is playing and her strength and her need to be skinny to be with her family. What a super interesting conversation we have to wrap up there I mean hopefully they’ll helpful for all of you. Folks are or parents of people who want to be like Bianca worth noting real quick, especially for those people who are watching in the Toronto Mississauga area. There was a rally in Bianca’s honor, planned for this Sunday in Mississauga Celebration, Square Bianco be receiving the key to the city. There will be an unveiling of a street sign and rescue way in her honor and, of course, we’re going to have coverage of that event. Right here on the national on Sunday, as well as probably a speed, skating venue, Bennett Bennett Dome, is that the highways 2 minutes with homegrown Talent, shining under very different stage to Ontario Brothers, walking tips red carpet other now lifting up other Canadian town. It is the final weekend of the Toronto International Film Festival last chance for celebrity sightings and star packed red carpets. Will tonight, the premiere of the sky is pink, that’s a film by Priyanka, Chopra Jonas and she made around the time she married singer. Nick Jonas. It was a really hard juxtaposition of real life of for me, especially because I was getting married in at the same time to spend deals with loss loss of a child which is such an unnatural way of being based on real events. The Bollywood film deals with grief through humor and some beauty. Of course, tips has its share of international Stars. We all know that, but the Homegrown variety shine to two of those or Shamir Anderson Stephan James, to successful brothers from Toronto. Looking to give back to trying to read spoke with him about their efforts to support and promote Canadian talent. Don’T like brothers, Devon, James and Shamir Anderson from the Canadian screen Awards to the Oscars and Golden Globes being able to celebrate their success together. To be able to help each other, you know now we get to motivate each other in a way. That’S just so positive. Add a Golden Globe nomination for his role in homecoming opposite Julia Roberts, while Anderson is busy with TV roles in a new film at the Toronto International Film Festival, where he was recognized as a tiff rising star at idle, his younger brother earned in 2015 check another. You know it’s another win for the family to be coming back home and celebrating. That is, is a true honor and a privilege. That’S the stars fall when we were when we were kids eating out before before anybody country, and we need to celebrate them. It’S very very important to have an example, and you have a beacon of light, because we didn’t really have that part of what me and my brother want to do. Is we want to find the talent here, the Homegrown Talent here and show them the support? Now? It’S why they founded the annual blackballed now, in its fourth year at tip, an event honoring diverse Canadian men and women, making strides both on camera and off. We need their voices to Stronger younger voices to allow people to realize how well davorn’s also recognize how difficult the work is that we all do not an easy world out there, and this is a very tough industry, which is why I’d rather say they are just Getting started excellence in and not letting it go unnoticed stepping into the spotlight to Shana read CBC News Toronto, National starting a hockey season without a hockey league challenges for women’s hockey in Canada and how the pros are fighting just to get on the ice will see. You in two minutes, Newsroom in Vancouver Ford, is recalling more than 300,000 of its 2017 SUVs across North America, and the problem is within Arm’s Reach. Under the front seat, more than 23,000 of the vehicles are here in Canada., Central danger comes from a hidden, sharp edge on the seats frame. Dozens of people have already injured their hands, reaching between the power front seat and the center console and again the model year is 2017 Teenage Crime activist Greta tuneberg took her fight to the White House. Today, we’ve signs demanding immediate action to Newberg says the United States has a moral responsibility to lead the efforts. It was her first high-profile event since she arrived in the US 2 weeks ago on a zero-emissions boat and British pop star Sam Smith. Making use tonight revealing he considers himself non-binary. The 27-year old is asked fans use the pronouns they and them instead of HE and him Smith said via Instagram. Just comes out lifetime of being in war with gender Smith has said they did not feel male or female, but somewhere in between back in 2 minutes with the return of the hockey season for NHL players for Canada’s professional women, it’s much different struggle. That’S next! Professional hockey is officially training camp time, but tonight, as we look ahead to the season, the national hesitated to sports really because the contrast between men and women and Canadian hockey is Stark. The men have teams millions of dollars in months, replay, head of them for most women, no League, no team and no money. Elizabeth McMillan shows us how Canada women’s hockey leads are still fighting just to get on the ice. But after the collapse of the Canadian women’s hockey league, there’s no pro league to test their skills, the game is at a very high pace. So you have to train like that throughout the year in order to be prepared to playing those games and without a league-high, and you don’t get the opportunity to challenge yourself in that area. Normally, these players would have an entire season to look forward to not isn’t an option since the cwhl folded in March sponsors, putting more money for This Woman’s program and wants to hold more counseling this to bring players together. Players are also relying on a new Professional Association. Keep them on the ice. Unifor is sponsoring Showcase in Toronto. There are three other events planned in US cities. We want to see one. We establish that’s going to be sustainable, that’s going to offer a little bit of opportunity in also players. Aren’T you pay out of pocket in order to play? Where is the bestest ever been? You know we need that initial investment. I think to take it to the next level, but just to be able to make a living in a decent living. You know I think right now. That’S that’s all we’re after players say a steak is ensuring professional hockey Elizabeth McMillan, CDC news, Liverpool, Nova, Scotia different kind of the NHL yungstar Mitch Marner held out until today before Tynan. Get this a 60 or 65 million dollar contract extension with the Leafs CBC Sports. Jamie’S trash and tells us any NHL now this is the state of play: Maple Leafs, general manager, Kyle dubas, it’s the unavoidable training camp topic feel a little differently in personally. If there weren’t other situations around the league that were there was sort of in the same stalemated position, games are currently locked in tents, multimillion-dollar contract talks in Vancouver it’s Brock, boeser Winnipeg has a pair of stars on signed, Patrick lyonnet and Kyle. Connor players won a bigger piece of the pie that can to grow. Consider this in the last 12 years. Recently Seattle, 860 million dollars in franchise. This growth continuing to ramp up words in one short, lucrative contracts when they get their free-agent status, then they think they’re going to that’s when they can hit pay dirt, and so they don’t want to be locked in a new gambling deal means hundreds of millions and A rich new television deal is on the horizon and, if you’re a star player in the NHL, it’s a great time to be on the ice. Jamie Strachan CBC News Toronto, hey when we come back two women and two provinces, each with two different sized feet together, though their match will explain our moments as next meet Janine Maynard and Jessica Gray strangers in separate provinces sharing a unique trait feet that are completely Different sizes, as if one foot is size 9, the other foot is size. 7 mouth, just imagine what shoe shopping might be like. You have to buy two different pairs, different sizes, it might get pretty expensive, well gray started looking for someone anyone else in her position and ended up being interviewed by CBC Sudbury. That’S spread play the Calgary, where unbeknownst to her was Manor same problem, Mirror Image a shoot win. You might say all their connection is Our Moment tonight. Pictures side-by-side and everything it was like. Oh, my God, I feel seeing yet so vulnerable in like in the best way. I know it’s really excited to not only get not a lot of people will see me and she’s able first off and when I approached like managers about this in stores to maybe like get a discount, because two spend $ 350 on one pair of Nikes. Technically, symmetrical human, I’m not the only one that suffering in silence, I’m not the only one that has to deal with all this shame on a daily basis. Maybe this did happen for a reason, a great, if not unusual, stories, anyone little kind of baby. At the procedural point I would like to make it. We often talk about social media driving stories and reunions and all that sort of stuff. This was CBC radio. In a small City that did the first story and connected to a CBC Radio Show in a second City, and then our web page did the story with the two of them side-by-side. So a little shout out for some CBC media and it’s sort of been reading. Happily, they have the same taste in shoes. That’S going to be important and they both it seems injury this by buying the bigger size and then stuffing the other foot with toilet paper and Baysox. But those days are done. That’S National! For Friday September 13th, night
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