The National for Sunday July 29, 2018 — Wildfires, Reese Fallon, Hate Crimes

on this Sunday night a vicious and unrelenting Wildfire season this just getting started in California the death toll is climbing as evacuees scrambling for safety or caught in the fires path and the kindness of strange supporting exhaustive Cruise in Northern Ontario also tonight paying tribute to the Danforth shooting victim one week after gunfire shattered a warm summer evening those who are there who jumped into action who tried to save life remember and the blue jay who just his way into the history books a record no work is accomplished in more than a hundred and forty years this is the national they had no chance to run and no help could reach them in time today officials in Northern California say a fast-moving forest-fire has killed at least six people and the danger is far from over it’s part of a cruel and early start to Fire season on the US West Coast and is Lindsey duncombe reports of the weather isn’t helping it’s a battle against Inferno whipped by strong winds fueled by dry brush and sustained by record high temperatures this fire has spread destruction and tragedy in Northern California Melody Bledsoe and her too great grand children ages four and five died in their home she was covering the children with a wet blanket her husband dead was running an errand when he got a frantic phone call Fires at the back door it said I’m right by honey this still hold on Grandpa’s coming also died cruise continue to look for 7 missing people more than 500 structures have burned entire neighborhood Rubble everybody love this place it wasn’t just our place it was all of our family all of our friends all of our children’s friends and his big loss for all of us the fire continues to grow but it’s now moving away from populated areas more than a dozen major fires continue to burn other states as far away as Florida are sending help some of the most popular parts of Yosemite National Park or closed because there’s too much smoke a major fire has been burning for 2 weeks now and is only 30% contained in Wine Country yesterday a fast-moving fire destroyed 8 structures it was definitely a propane tank as intense and destructive as this is it could just be the beginning Wildfire season in California is usually at its worst in August and September there’s more heat to come Lindsey duncombe CBC News Washington early but this year’s Fire season in California is already on track to be record-breaking so far in 2018 there had been more fires and more area burn then this time last year and 2017 was the worst Fire season in the States history by its in more than 9000 wild fires at Torrance true about 5,000 square kilometers of land that’s almost the size Pei those fire stick a far greater human tool killing 44 people and destroying more than 10,000 homes and businesses are also a thread on this side of the Border in Ontario Cruz continue to battle 39 fires burning across the northeastern part of the province and a dozen are not yet under control one of the biggest is the Parry Sound 33 it’s been burning for more than a week and a half and is growing two more than 82 are kilometers I’ve never seen a fire about negative it took us about 5 minutes to fly pacifier arsene looks like little specks little yellow dots with the smoke in the background so it really gave your perspective how large that fire was part of the fire away from free to Parry Sound winds are Fanning the Flames towards Highway 69 blanketing communities and smoke the conditions are dry rain is not expected in the forecast for game for several days assisted by hundreds of firefighters from across Canada the United States and Mexico sensing visited one Community that’s playing a big role supporting their efforts in a steady stream 13 helicopters are working this fire entering day 11 the work is exhausting but made a bit easier thanks to the small community of Brit this is base camp making the Belanger a helipad there they’re committed to their job and they’re trying to get this under control as quick as they can it’s not hard to see how much effort they put in here firefighters have been welcomed with open arms the low Allegiant closed indefinitely now spot world fishel’s can plot out their next attack forced out and they won’t be able to return until next Friday at the earliest pumps and sprinklers on homes protective measures for the worst case scenario pretty just almost stopped the boat in the figure out where we were and go for some it’s too late scorched-earth all that’s left of hundred-year-old Cottages passed down for Generations they’re ready for this to be over we had cottagers that have lost you no buildings and Beyond and our heart goes out to those where the fire is still encroaching back on Bella Jays field the next copter prepares to leave there is no expectation for how long this will last but it’s clear those fighting this forest fire are in this for the Long Haul Chris everything cbcnews Brit here’s what else we working on tonight on the national another disturbing video of a racist confrontation emerges raising the question what does it take to constitute a hate crime Aftershock and destroys more than a thousand homes but first it’s been one week since the deadly shooting in Toronto’s Greektown many in the city or still struggling to deal with what happened in the impact it’s had saving the marriage on Tori return to the Danforth to reflect on the people who continue to gather to pay their respects and that’s what shows you how strong this community is it doesn’t take away from the tragedy it doesn’t take away from The Grieving but it just shows you this is a real Community we got to make sure it stays that way and then we fight off anything that is going to Trenton that people offer their condolences to the families of the two people killed in the attack ten-year-old Juliana coaches and 18 year old Reese Fallon cbc’s Greg Rollins has more in a community stealing warning up one week after the horrific shooting on the Danforth many still feel the pain afternoon family friends and people from the community gathered at a public visitation for Reese palant the 18 year old woman who was shot and killed last Sunday because I’m a mom myself and I felt really sad about it happened last week members of the Toronto police mounted unit stood guard outside while mourners made their way inside for one last goodbye I don’t think we’re anywhere near starting the healing process we’re still trying to accept what has happened Julie steel is a family friend who knew Fallon well and spoke to her just hours before she died we’re going to have another conversation like forget about the spot where she was gunned down a man who is still haunted after witnessing her last moments hidden greens it’s open your memory might Nemet lives just steps away from this phone he was one of the first to arrive on scene among a group of people who help the victims he says the mental images from that night are hard to shake the thing that triggers me now is when I hear ambulances and fire trucks going by he finds comfort in coming back to this same spot everyday all this Mayhem was going on there’s just people yelling and screaming and you couldn’t hear anything but now we’re here where we can hear the fountain and kind of bring some calm scheduled for Monday morning and we’re also expecting the prime minister to be in the city Monday afternoon we’re told that he will come here to this Fountain where he will leave flowers at this growing memorial for the victims rycroft CBC News Toronto and forth tries to return to some sense of normal one start reminder of last Sunday night Dimitris the desert restaurant where the gunman opened fire remains boarded up it will likely be closed for several more days West Coast to raising the alarm again about opioid overdoses according to BC emergency Health Services paramedics responded to 130 overdose called in the province in a single day last Friday a number reached me once before on April 26th 2017 so why the sudden Spike It’s a combination of a couple of factors there were a lot of overdoses in the safe injection sites in overdose prevention areas and you there was something very toxic on the street that combined with the fact that the income assistance checks went out where we always see a spike resulted we think in this hundred and thirty overdoses revive but still in BC there is it is on fire danger be much sooner when addictions grip is first taking hole perhaps in high school fire Stewart now on an Innovative idea and its challenges inside this room or the remnants of quest Collegiate in Barrie Ontario Canada’s first and only Recovery School for the few dozen teens who wins here I keep part of the curriculum was therapy and counseling in addition to academic if they’re not constructively present in the classroom there’s no point in trying to teach him history just stopped and figure out what’s going on and that is a real power of the recovery High School moment action in mental health issues quest which started in 2014 was modeled after similar programs in the US but this month it was shut down because there was no Financial commitment from government to keep it going and I just couldn’t get anybody to checking it but just as the school was shuttered they were called to create one just like it in DC a province is at the center of the national opioid crisis police report the DC Center on substance use urge the provincial government to do more to support addiction recovery including creating schools Twilight something else harm reduction will get us so far recovery and and Community Connection is going to get us the rest of the way started experimenting with drugs at 13 by the time she was in grade 12 she was frequently skipping class but her mother feared speaking with teachers about her daughter’s addiction what I thought was that they would think less of her struggling already going to throw thing out there also know she’s using drugs are not going they’re going to think less when they’re going to give up she died of an overdose in 2015 she was 21 her parents say they don’t know what kind of difference of Recovery School could have made yeah I would have loved to have tried that when she was really young but she believes it’s time to try anything that might prevent someone else’s child from Falling deeper into addiction Breyer Stewart CBC News Vancouver we’re keeping an eye on some developing stories tonight including a Manhunt for two gunman in New Orleans last night two men opening fire one with a handgun the other with a rifle police say the pair of shot into the crowd then stood over one person and fired multiple bullets before taking off dramatic video of those fleeing the wildfires in Greece dozens of people jumped into the sea in a resort town east of Athens was Cape the flame it will later rescued by the Coast Guard then the others weren’t so fortunate they were among the 91 people and aftershocks continue in Indonesia after a powerful earthquake hit a popular tourist Island the magnitude 6.4 earthquake killing at least 14 people and injured 160 more watches developing stories for the national on Sundays Renee running from their homes about 10 seconds and was especially dangerous not only because it was strong but the Quake was also shallow with the depth of just 7.5 km the island of lombok is not far from Bali at the popular for tourist because of the pristine beaches and hiking on the islands volcanic Mountain for the areas hit hardest were small villages in the North and the East End in one area that shaking even triggered a landslide no more than 1,000 homes were destroyed sometime play collapsing the Red Cross says it still working to figure out how many people are missing but right now volunteers are working with police and rescue teams to help the injured and you continue to look for survivors this man from Malaysia was vacationing in lombok he ran outside during the quake and watch does the house he was staying in collapsed killing a friend now it’s already daytime Tuesday and in Lisa and we’re watching for more aftershocks already 100 have been recorded the largest that magnitude 5.7 and luckily the large Quake didn’t cause a tsunami but this is an area that is no stranger to earthquakes as it’s part of the Pacific ring of fire in thank you you’re welcome still ahead on the national feed that’s never been done in the history of Major League Baseball until today will show you a blue jays record rookie moment was Rosemary system with Tegan and Sara the Canadian pop stars on their 20-year career and what comes next and Parry Sound shows up a local grocery store overwhelmed by volunteers pack boxes driving Cruise that’s her home if the day but I can definitely make boxes for the firefighters for the second time in a week a video of a racially-charged confrontation in Ontario has been posted online and that’s LED people to question about whether Authority shouldn’t be treating these cases as hate crime this most recent incident happening outside of Walmart near Hamilton after a dispute over a parking space video and appears to get hit by the truck with this the driver’s been charged with threatening death dangerous driving and failing to remain at the scene of an accident and police said they are reviewing it as a possible heat Prime this follows another encounter caught on video this one in Toronto and one count of threatening death and Toronto police say they do consider this a hate front these videos of led to a vigorous debate on so the media among the issues were they hate crimes and if so what were the consequences be illegal acts when we talked to said the words and actions in the video appeared to him to be motivated by hate and if a judge agrees that would make jail I’m likely as a motivation for a crime constitutes a strong aggravating feature which is Court should take into consideration and should impose a deterrent sent it it has to send an important message to the members of the community feel marginalized but they’ll be protected and it has to send an important message to those who might be like minded that hate comes with a consequence can see the videos but those videos also make the conduct of both men very clear steelhead on the national couldn’t invented solution to clean up the water become more garbage itself and promotes the activist to Total mainstream popstars we revisit Rosemary’s interview with Tegan and Sara from a place where there wasn’t very very high expectations for us 1st from from within herself all I want to know is can you come over for the Performing Arts given to artist who have done some pretty significant things by the middle of their careers among their many fans as our own Rosemary Barton she sat down with Tegan and Sara to discuss that career and twice about so much more than music Here’s another look Tegan and Sara have sold over a million records and perform sold-out shows across the globe the Popstar is performing at the Oscars but Tegan and Sara’s impact goes well beyond the music they make the twins are committed to using their popularity to create change 2016 they launched the Tegan and Sara Foundation to support an advocate for women and girls in the lgbtq community to be strong leaders we have to be healthy and we have to be confident this weekend recognize the 2018 governor general Performing Arts Awards and Sara at Rideau Hall and ask them about what this award means to them hello did you think when you were younger women teenagers crafting ideas that your music would bring you to Rideau Hall to a governor Janet like was that even very very simple answer of course is absolutely not back in the 90s when we started we were in high school and it was like sorry pre-internet smartphone access everything Google era so I don’t even know if we knew what to reach for and the fact that we didn’t have to have a job and the fact that we’ve gotten a record deal like we thought we were truly successful when people be like why do you consider yourself successful no I didn’t Imagine This yeah I was like that prove to you that you really have been successful does it make you feel valued by Canada maybe in a different way especially something like this where it’s really a big honor it’s really nice and I think I don’t share exactly the same you know perspective on things and I think for a long time for myself anyway I deserve long for this acknowledgement recognition that she wanted I think when we started our music career we were sort of starting from a place where there wasn’t very very high expectations for us you know even maybe first from from within or so and so you know to like Tegan said to have a record deal that was a big deal to a much higher than that I don’t think that really came naturally to us and so this this awards for me anyways it’s sort of says like it says something about what other people think about our our future it means a significant amount about both of you is you’re not just a band it’s a little more complex than that into the music as well so maybe talk to me about who the music is 4% of my producer before Centro staying there may have been a time in my life where I would have said oh this is you know this is gay women singing for gay women that’s not the case right like I totally relate to all the songs it doesn’t sitting in the music culture or the world I don’t know and I think that when we started on the late 90s there was still rampant sexism and homophobia in the press that covered us lot of it was blatant but a lot of it was just thinly-veiled right it was it was is very much in the subtext which was other girls and they’re clear so probably unless you’re a girl you’re college-aged or York where you’re probably won’t you know 70s and 80s iconic pop and rock so we grew up listening to heterosexuals the way we look at that in any music isn’t necessarily in that one type of person it’s super cheesy but we always say like we’re speaking universal language we go all around the world and in some places that we go the only English the audience knows is the lyrics to sing along all together in a way that’s really cool and unique so it’s also one of those things where I personally I know Sarah and I feel different. I don’t ever really feel that marginalized to start with like I did see a wide spectrum of people enjoying our music I’d like now some point that you were out there I think that the the the benchmarks and the start of the tastemakers that I really valued when I was a young person I don’t that we necessarily connected with them and then I remember that really really struggling with that so she could identify with them I was really into I knew we’re not our band is not necessarily lumped in with those people you know bands that I really loved I I can remember I lived in Montreal alter my twenties and I Remember Loving Arcade Fire Remember Loving that idea of Montreal has a scene and here all the bands that are in that scene but I knew I wasn’t in that scene even if I even if I like that music even if I was at those early shows and I think that really bothered me I wanted to acknowledge somehow and I think Tegan she lived in Vancouver she was part of a different sort of set of cultural movement dance to the beat of my own drum when I go back now and I listen to early music I can understand why people who were perhaps not young women or clear didn’t necessarily relate to us but we also had a different I had only seen a certain amount of Life at that point traveled around the world I run a business I’ve experienced multiple long-term relationships we’ve experienced life and death all of you think it’s makes more sense to me that there would be more that people would find us more relatable now we are more related to a lot more people but it’s also nice to be able to embrace our identity as women in and queer women in a really different way now before it was sort of Defense if we were insulating ourselves something about identity that we’re really proud of and and the sort of social recognition and acceptances is it feels much more feels much more broad now that that activism do feel the same way being queer United States and Canada I just wonder under this Administration whether you feel as comfortable as he once did or is he would have hoped to be complicated question you know when the election happened we were on tour and definitely really sad you know we’ve spent the last 10 years pretty much Living in America working in America since the late 90s we have a lot of family in the states and we both date Americans so we were really invested in the election it’s really sad I thought that would be great and I think that in the time that’s passed since we’re definitely very motivated and very hyper Vigilant to make sure that we’re getting back and doing as much as we possibly can to support the communities that are under attack specifically obviously women in lgbtq people those have been communities that we’ve really focused on and causes that we’ve really centered in our activism and our awareness and yeah it’s it’s frightening and it’s scary and it’s complicated and it’s frustrating and it makes me feel add and sad and I feel really bad for young people who are just seeing how much negativity in the news and sometimes I’m like a social media and Sarah jokes that we just need an asteroid thank you for and the majority people that I need a really wonderful and just like Canada it’s got some complications Canada have a lot of same problems America does just was smaller more polite scale and I think that we didn’t think let’s leave we didn’t think well good luck see you in a few years we were we were playing the day George Bush declare war on Iraq like we’ve been through many fat administration’s in the US we’ve been there and witnessed these things and rallied and walked and we fought for marriage equality that you know for two years down there and import around expressing your audience open reminders done it before I’ll do it again what side is that it was kind of like it always does but I think it’s like so cool to recognize young women doing incredible things not just in music be proud of yourself look really congratulations it was the second annual fundraiser held in the Utah Capitol this year and more than doubled in size to 35,000 people and the Teigen was right in the middle of things clearly in her element the concert is called love loud and conceive Dan Reynolds the group Imagine Dragons next on the national the dispatch we take you to Alameda California home of an ambitious plan to clean up the ocean every few months or so if that’s the would come like a giant garbage truck of the ocean would empty the system and take the plastic back to Lad where I could then be recycled but there are serious doubts about whether it will work or if it will just become another piece of Ocean garbage itself the first and what has not been the greatest of seasons for the Toronto Blue Jays I historic accomplishment today by one of their young Stars Laura’s Grill jr. rookie to have one game with multiple his two games in a row a nice treat executive game that breaks the rookie record history of Major League Baseball season is gone you may not be surprised to hear today’s accomplishment comes with some bad news on his last play of the game he twisted his ankle and knee and needed help to get off the phone plastic pollution every year about 8 million tonnes of this type of waste ends up in our oceans adding the 150 million tons that’s already there and that figure could triple over the next decade if there isn’t some sort of intervention much of this Marine waste is non-degradable but just how to clean it up has been the subject of debate among research an activist for several years as once pristine coastlines become more and more polluted in tonight’s dispatch from Alameda California kimbrew in Hobart takes a closer look at what’s being done to fix all of this near Los Angeles Pier a slow-moving stream of garbage plastic bags plastic straws plastic bottles plastic Lids they Flow by on an aquatic conveyor belt it never stops always more on the water Anglers compete with sea lions for the fish that swim it’s the trash all this plastic garbage is carried here by ocean currents and accumulates on Shore seven years ago gave Dutchman boyan slat and idea and inspired an extraordinary plan to clean it all up and they’re very effective ways of catching plastic floating Coastline of sorts to gather up all that plastic across the bridge from San Francisco is the Alameda assembly yard workers have been added since May assembling what will become the longest floating structure in the ocean bite pipe will support a mesh screen which will hang about 3M underwater actually works its way down and it moves slowly in the water this is actually the part that holds the plastic driven by currents in will funnel plastic into the mesh every few months or so if that’s the would come like a giant garbage truck of the ocean and would empty the system and take the plastic back to lab where I could that be recycled they hope to put the first we got there by early September then they’re into the Pacific Ocean halfway between here and Hawaii to the area known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch twice the size of Texas slot says his device will gobble up half the garbage patch in 5 years like a giant Pac-Man if all goes well then we hope to have the first plastic back on sure before the end of the year but a recent survey of 15 ocean plastic pollution experts suggest some scientists consider his ocean cleanup project a quick Sonic dream and that this giant plastic removal system could become the world’s biggest piece of Marie debris and it kind of sucks to be like the Debbie Downer on this but oceanographer Kim Martini conducted an external review of the project for years ago and she believes several key problems still remain the first the very the squad it’s just not going to work he also believe the giant structure could be dangerous for ships and animals the projects we are not Pirates we are working together with a lot of authorities and he’s confident withstand extreme conditions of the open ocean is made for 20 years survival at Sea as for the animals some critics worry that Smite actually harm Wildlife what’s your response slowly so you have enough time to go around it it will be much safer than say about going for the ocean if the first one works they help to build a flotilla of 60 devices the goal to clean up 90% of the Pacific Garbage Patch by 20 what we’re seeing today released at the tip of the iceberg if we don’t clean it up then over the next few decades is going to be much much worse not just because the impact will be much larger but also two small pieces get the harder it is to get out so much rather clean it up before that happened so far more than 30 million dollars in donations and private funding Skeptics believe this mess of investment reflects our obsession with solving the world’s worst environmental problems with a technological Bullet Stop stuff coming into the ocean Isabel if we bring the specials full with plastic back into Port collecting in displaying more than 1 trillion pieces of plastic will get concrete illustration of an abstract problem a dramatic reminder not to talk all that trash in the first place Cambridge / CBC News Alameda California National Park in Southern Alberta leaving one of Canada’s natural Treasures chard and desolate this Parts Canada video gets a silver and view of the devastation the fire consumed nearly 200 square kilometers of forest and wiped out a lot of Park infrastructure about 80% of the trails were closed at the start of the season but the park does remain popular staff or busy doing repairs and working to make the park safe for visitors at fire created work for another group of people and they couldn’t be happier there researchers Keane study a treasure Trove of artifacts and other historical Clues laid bare by The Blaze the cbc’s Carolyn Dunn went to see what they found the piece of a puzzle will be found each artifact adding to the story of the Blackfoot people who use this site in the last 300 years and the team of archaeologist can only see an Explorer because of last year instructed Wildfire that’s eliminated all that vegetation on top and wow can we see stuff it is absolutely amazing it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity camps are laid bare revealing Treasures that have been hidden just below the surface painting a clear picture of how the Blackfoot people lived finds like these trading beads document their first contact with European fur Traders and the fire allowed the team to go back even further in time it revealed Trails used by the Blackfoot people up to 7,000 years ago were finding so much that we’re starting to rewrite what we thought we knew about Waterton history and Indigenous camps in history like to walk where your ancestors walk I feel very strongly connected to almost as all the prehistoric sites that we’re seeing today at every indigenous site the team excavates archaeologist Kevin black plume makes a tobacco offering black plume is from the nearby kainai Nation so this professional project is intensely personal I found this site didn’t and I was just yelling it’s cool it’s cool to see I never found a projectile point before in the see what they hunted the Bison with it is very uplifting I guess connected me a lot too and like to the land into my answer this is a depression relief camps not all the sites are indigenous in the 19 thirties unemployed men were put to work building a road through the park the archaeologists are finding Rock foundations of structures and the remnants of Camp life refining meetings as well The Narrative of what happens here is enriched by fines like a needle case in a Boy Scout button but access to the side without vegetation is an opportunity to make more robust the permanent historical record all of these outlines and three-dimensionally and then they can be plotted on to maps and then we’ll verify that with archival photos and aerial photos as well and I kind of build up and create the story for this site there’s a narrow window for it all running out of time that the vegetation regrowth is looking at our heels as we’re running recording things but but oh well what a ride deeper and go back even further over the next several years Carol and NBC News Waterton National Park I’m going to feel part of a community who who goes to help here are some of the stories were following the national this week tomorrow we can gain some new insight into one of the greatest Aviation Mysteries what happened to Flight MH370 in government is releasing its final report for years ago the plane carrying 239 people disappearing from radar the only traces of wreckage or Wing fragments that washed up on the Indian Ocean Coastline the families of the victim will be brief before the report is made public writing more than 30 million dollars of income 2 offshore account this is the first real trial resulting from Robert Mueller’s investigation but prosecutors have said they don’t intend to deal with questions of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia in this case it is a 3D gun as of Wednesday anyone with a 3D printer will be able to download and create one plans for the plastic gun known as The Liberator we’re naturally posted online in 2013 the US state department order them removed because they can be used to make weapons in other countries the Trump Administration reverse that decision last month but 3D gun is said to be untraceable invisible to metal detectors as we told you earlier in the program fire crews are working around the clock in Northern Ontario but they need support to and the town of Parry Sound his answer the call the local Sobeys was struggling to fill in order of food for firefighters last week but they didn’t have enough people to pack up Supply so they put out a notice on Facebook hoping for a few extra hands well around 200 people showed up that volunteer spirit is our moment of the day I volunteer firefighters and I just think if it wasn’t them fighting fires I would hope people would help stations with an aisle in between them this looks outside behind the sofa store pasta sauce pasta instant oatmeal salt pepper colored cards and pants so they were able to scroll a little note quickly and put it in our box feel part of a community who who goes to help well if you’re Canadian of a certain age like my age you grew up knowing Parry Sound for what one thing right Bobby Orr’s birthplace so it’s kind of nice that for at least a night in 2018 we know it for something else and it ain’t really only had one prop after they put the input announcement out on Facebook looking for volunteers they ended up with too many they thought they might get 40 or so and as we heard they had about 200 at is the national for July 29th good night
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