The National for Thursday, August 22 — CRA Scam, Scheer Speech, Pompeo Visit

The National for Thursday, August 22 — CRA Scam, Scheer Speech, Pompeo Visit
The National for Thursday, August 22 — CRA Scam, Scheer Speech, Pompeo Visit
Can I cracking down on that infuriating, scam, Canada, Revenue Agency filed a lawsuit against your name, used investigation, BCT, Lay Dying of a suspected overdose while Witnesses shot. Video of the two officers who were dispatched to help him or under investigation is autism being over-diagnosed. We begin with new developments in the investigation of a scam that is cheating Canadiens out of millions of dollars. It involves harassing phone calls. I see you are calling said Marketplace located. A major overseas call center behind the fraud that seemed to spur on the RCMP mall tonight in our exclusive report they tell David and how their net has tightened, not just in India, but also hearing Canada complex in India’s largest city is the focal point for many Of the scam calls the RCMP we’re watching to within months begin across India targeting multiple centers behind those calls. So many Canadians have received arrested to defraud the government for years with tens of thousands of Canadian victims that is now changing its essentially castigation inspector Gym, Ogden runproject Octavia, what’s been happening since September of last year, there have been 39 call centers taken down 45 people Arrested effort begins here, an RCMP Detachment outside Toronto, where 12 investigators shift through leads analyzing phone numbers, making the calls and coordinating with police in India, but officers are also closing in on accomplices here in Canada. Police know who they are or what they’re doing moving the money from victims hear back to India. Certainly what I know and what I can share is that there are Target’s leads that we’re following up on and that one. When we get enough evidence, then we will charge and prosecute these individuals. I just so I’m clear who are helping carry at this Camp. That’S correct! All of the scam for the RCMP say they’re already noticing, if you were reported victims and less money being stolen David, CBC News, Toronto, 2 weeks after BC, teenager was found dead. If an apparent drug overdose, the province’s police Watchdog is launching an investigation into two officers who failed to find him. Someone called nine-one-one after seeing a video of the boy Carson from any online. The officers were sent to invent. I didn’t see him. It’S Daniel Fletcher explains committee was found a few hours later alone and in distress he was lying on. His back up against the fence. Had no shoes, he had no socks strictly rare. Perhaps he could have been safe, but it wasn’t please who killed cartoon 14 year olds in films, then posted it to social media. On the first call came from someone who’s seen one of the Snapchat videos and called nine-one-one. It was around 8 when officers first responded here to the skatepark. They found nothing, so they left it was 2 hours later. That person was discovered about half a kilometer from here. It’S those critical moments: police radio calls are 9-1-1 calls we’ll put all that together, wants the team to allegedly gave Carson the drugs to help responsible charges have not been ruled out. He was poisoned and filmed while he died and I blame those boys everytime. I come there’s more flowers and Amazon rainforest continues to burn at a record Pace, given that it produces 20 % of the world’s oxygen absorbing about 1/4 of our fossil fuel emission. This is a critical Shield against climate change in Brazil, the smoke streaks across the country, Brazil president says he doesn’t have the resources to stop. It he’s throwing up his hands, but not before pointing the finger at your bolsonaro today again cast suspicion on ngos for setting the fires. There’S no evidence. The back aarthi pool has more on what we do know about. Why so much of the Amazon is now going up in smoke, the site of 165000 fires burning at an alarming rate. In Brazil alone, the number of fires has hit a record high, a more than 80 % increase compared to last year. There’S monkeys howling there, Canadian Jenna Bell was awestruck when she visited the rainforest several years ago, but seeing the deforestation and destruction prompted her to start a charity to protect the Amazon. The farmers down there do slash-and-burn farming, and so they chop down the trees and they burn the trees. They use the ashes much-needed fertilizer. The problem is once they start a fire. They can’t control it. I can’t stop it Eagle fires today, for the first time acknowledged, Farmers may be behind the fires after repeatedly pointing the finger and Gio’s. Meanwhile, the UN is sounding the alarm were very concerned about these far as both any for the immediate damage that they’re causing and also because sustaining forces crucial in our fight against the state of amazonas declared an emergency weeks ago. Some Brazilians are declaring where they stand. On the issue 2 online, some A-list stars are adding their voice to the cause Street protests. People complaining iPads and things like that, rather than trying to create more protected areas or something like that, cuz you just not to put up with my right now. That’S heard that conversation, so it’s not just about saving trees and animals. It’S book, saving ourselves. The fear from scientist in Brazil and Beyond is that the damage becomes irreversible. Are people CBC News Toronto. Welcome to America’s top Diplomat in issue dominated the discussion specifically how to get two Canadians released from Chinese detention. Us Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, sat down for an exclusive TV interview with Power & politics, vassy kapelos, to discuss it. Any progress has been made: BMX in China and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, immediately assured prime minister Trudeau. The White House will continue to backup Canada’s efforts to get Michael Survivor and Michael kobrin released they’ve been held in China since December, following Canada’s arrest of Huawei executive Hmong wanzhou. Their case was raised by President Trump directly with China’s president, but in an interview with CBC News, secretary Pompeo admitted the Diplomatic pressure has failed to sway the Chinese I’m important. We haven’t gotten these two back to their two homes into their family. His boss made tying monks case to a potential us China, trade deal. Shana, insist the only way for Canada to resolve the Diplomatic risk is to release mom, something both Pompeo and his Canadian counterpart rejected. Or can I just wanted to clear that up for the Canadians who are watching that there’s no way in which malandros case becomes a part of a trade deal with China? Is that an Allied front, but one Canada doesn’t have to go out of its way? To? Thank the Americans for using its eyes and its power to bully smaller countries that are part of this larger Western Alliance. It’S something that should concern the Americans, so it’s not a favor they’re doing for us this weekend still hopeful. The collective pressure will bend the so-far unwavering of the Chinese fashion, Cappello CBC News Ottawa for 14 years now, but that issue was unexpectedly front-and-center in the political debate today. It’S all because the Liberals brought up a decade old speech by conservative leader Andrew Scheer, where he said: same-sex marriage can’t be considered. Marriage homosexual unions are by Nature contradictory to this was a twenty-five-year-old first term opposition MP in 2005, explaining why he opposed the bill to legalize same-sex unions. Christian children cannot therefore be married. Cheer cheer, like majority of his conservative caucus led by Stephen Harper, voted against the bill. So did a number of liberal MP after that vote, liberals decided to post shears comments online and highlight how the conservative leader refuses to take part in Pride Parade across the country. She was a devout Roman Catholic in recent years. He’S avoided to be one major social conservative issues like abortion and same-sex marriage, but his position from 2005 is no secret. I have my own personal beliefs in the background, for the conservative leadership happened in 2005 and I was a member of the time. I voted my conscience. I voted my constituents wishes., Something that I am looking to revisit or to reopen, or things like today. That point saying sheer support same-sex marriage, as defined in law and, as prime minister will, of course, I pulled it. Conservative or liberal MPS have also opposed same-sex marriage or voted against it in the past. Calling the video of the liberal share today. Another desperation tactic from Trudeau on the eve of an election as bringing our problem. Interviewer Chief, Rob, Rousseau and Rob Andrew Scheer has said, he’s not going to reopen the marriage equality debate. So let’s talk about what the Liberals hope to gain here in a couple of things: is it a diversion from the ethics commissioner’s report on snc-lavalin? There might be something to it, but there’s something probably more fundamental to this. They want a frame this campaign as a choice between someone who is a progressive and somebody who they are saying is anachronistic. So there hasn’t been a long long time, but a lot of first-time voters would not know that Andrew Scheer, how this kind of opinion he refuses to say now whether he holds the same you. What he said is not bringing it back, but those words out of Andrews shears mouth and that kind of dim grave make sink. Making him look even more. Anachronistic is probably meant to try and tell younger voters, first-time voters, people who turned out in disproportionate numbers for the Liberals, the last time that if you are not so throw Justin Trudeau, that’s fine. But do you really want Andrew Scheer to be the person who becomes? Prime minister, if you don’t come on out and vote this time, don’t stay at home like I normally do, but the conservative what shows that they that they do need to get those people to come out and vote for them again. If they’re going to win another mandate, desperation may be trying to frame the issue yes, and has it already borne fruit for them? Yes, it has because NDP leader jagmeet Singh, based on what he saw today, probably not realizing it’s an old issue, said that there’s no way he can support a man already conservative government there by throwing away almost all the leverage he would have in negotiating the liberal Government for their support, which is baffling at this stage of the race. Thanks, Rob my pleasure in here. Some of the other stories were following tonight. At Legionnaires, disease outbreak is spreading in Moncton New Brunswick three new cases of the pneumonia like sickness. Today I brings the total to 12 since last month all the patients are recovering, but Health authorities say the outbreak is not over and they’re still working to confirm the source. Massive 5 billion dollar cash deal. Toy manufacturing giant Hasbro has moved to purchase toronto-based Media Company entertainment one. The deal brings together. The maker of Transformers toys than the Monopoly game with the producer of trolls shows like Peppa, Pig and Clifford. The Big Red Dog, the toy maker, said the acquisition of the Canadian production company is aimed at expanding its Brands, reach Global it semitism or misogyny reaction today to the sentencing of newspaper editor James Sears, to receive the maximum one year jail sentence for his work. For the toronto-based publication, your ward news Harris was found guilty of willfully, promoting hatred against women and Jews. In articles he wrote an edited over a three-year period. The papers publisher is set to be sentenced next week. The Washington now or Donald Trump is going to sing his critics again tonight on gun control. Ever since those back-to-back mass shootings left 32 people dead 3 weeks ago, he was president has spoken often about taking action, but it’s all Hunter reports. It’S not clear precisely how remember Parkland and Newtown Orlando Vegas San Bernardino, Dayton, El Paso and countless others Chief among those who can never forget is of the Dead. My daughter died in Parkland today on various us. Talk shows pricing for tougher gun laws. Yet again, what war of an emergency situation can we envision for a country slamming Donald Trump for saying he sympathizes, while so far taking no action using the pain of the victims of gun violence to speak in a way that allowed you to look like you’re, going To do something only to play games with their emotions and not do it in the end. I don’t care about you, mr. president, but I hate what you do case in point Trump after the shooting in El Paso. Then yesterday dropping the word meaningful. I have it appetite for background. Checks were going to be doing background checks what moments later hedging further slippery slope used by Trump. Today, after a phone call with the head of the NRA, then tonight another turn tweeting about a very good meeting on preventing mass shootings talks with both parties and a hint at meaningful legislation. That’Ll the real difference. All of that, on the heels of a call to action yesterday from students of Parkland who released their plan for laws to curb gun violence. But the real fair in this country Remains What, if nothing ever changes in the 19 days since those two big mass shootings in Texas in Ohio there being 18 other mass shootings here more will follow Paul Hunter CBC News later on the national in death in Hong Kong AO3 Canadians are conflicted by living there. The next new questions about the way autism is diagnosed at Canadian live study looks at whether the bar is too low. We are now diagnosing the and seeing people who identify as autistic who we may not have considered that way in the past there new questions tonight about how autism is being diagnosed. A Montreal researcher who helped calm Decades of data says the bar for being diagnosed with autism is no solo, the difference between those who have it and those who don’t could be disappearing around the world. The rate of diagnosis has been climbing for years. As of 20 15, an estimated 1 in 66 Canadian children have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder boys far more frequently than girls more than halfway diagnosed. By the time they hit six years old, almost all of them by the time they 12. The diagnosis can be key to getting early intervention for a child with autism spectrum disorder, but it’s Christine bierock explains for researchers. There’S a downside to having so many cases under that heading. Despite being non-verbal. Motor skills, aren’t bad Peters been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, but if he’d been born decades ago, researcher State he might not have been these sentences and State scare me, a Canadian LED review analyze the results of nearly a dozen previous studies published between 1966 and 2019 to diagnose autism, psychological and neurological tests still examined differences in traits like social and motor skills, sexual development and facial expressions, but the review found now that it has broadened into a spectrum. The diagnosis includes, more people spell expression. They’Re. Both parents need a diagnosis to unlock treatment, diagnosing people who identify as autistic. We may not have considered that way in the past and their presentation may be a bit more mild, but I want to emphasize that their chai lunches that they experience are quite real for Peter’s mom. It all boils down to this should be able to get them. It doesn’t matter what intensity your prescription is, but you made the right prescription so for kids same thing: they have different needs. Some will need very little or none and some will need a lot. All sides agree regardless of labels. The goal is to get kids to help and care. They need Christine bierocks, CBC News Toronto, Call it spring dr., Daniel Martin, the family, physician at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto and, of course, a regular contributor to our health panel and wondering if their child is on the autism spectrum. What are the things that they? You consider a simple blood test or urine test for the autism spectrum disorder, and so we were asking questions and observing a child’s Behavior to see where that child is meeting developmental milestones and observing how they relate to others, whether they’re engaging in repetitive or restrictive Behavior. So there are a set of criteria that get used often and Primary Care were simply identifying that a kid is not meeting the milestones we would expect and then referring them on for more in-depth multi-disc Berry assessment and if they were to be diagnosed as being on The Spectrum: what’s the significance of that to help that child and that family show The Early Intervention and behavioral support for children on the autism. Spectrum is really important in helping kids achieve their their best potential, and so, although the label can sometimes be frightening for families, when it’s appropriate incorrectly applied at it, often unlocked unlocked access to the resources that can be really useful or concerns with autism might be overdiagnosed. There weren’t, you know there was autism and Asperger’s and he’s different kind of watertight compartments and now there’s a recognition that autism is a spectrum and we’ve enlarged. Definition is so we’re necessarily now going to pick up more folks in that in that more in life. I definition I think we have to watch issues around social stigma and around over labeling variance of new normal human behavior. A lot of people are different, but certainly when you see a kid who’s struggling development and not hitting basic Milestones, orduno meeting there, their language milestones at, I think you know it’s really important – that we intervene as quickly as possible and so part of the spectrum issue Is trying to make please pick up those kids with mild or symptoms earlier, so we can help them eager to help, but next life in a polarized City, three Canadian space, conflicting choices. I made Hong Kong’s political unrest thing that we set up here. We can’t just abandon our family and our friend British is hunting for answers about this Matt Simon Chang. It works in the UK Consulate in Hong Kong. He was taking a train into mainland China when he disappeared. The Chinese authorities now say he’s been detained for soliciting prostitution. Other is worried that Who’s online support for Hong Kong, pro-democracy movement that made him a Target. Now, the Canadian Hong Kong consulate, who cancel traveling to Mainland China for its local staff for months now, the words Hong Kong and 10 I’ve been ordered in the same breath. One side sees a fight for democracy. The other sees thugs whipped up by Foreign in the territories being torn apart in for hongkongers with links to candidate. The rip runs right through their communities. Sometimes even there. Chris Brown is in Hong Kong and he has their stories adjust over here. We’Ve got some some gloves, you’re, also going to want something to protect your crotch with hongkong. In the midst of a fight, heart and soul, this military supply store has become a go-to destination for a Canadian we’re calling Robbie. I’M sorry for the disguise Robbie says he’s. Never incited violence but believes he could be arrested and just for being on the side of protesters. Aside from his fears of possibly being arrested, there’s another arguably more important reason for the disguise. Many and his family don’t agree with him, especially his chinese-born. Why we have had some serious arguments? I’D say that we came very close to actually getting a divorce. He was born in Canada met his wife at a Canadian University, and then they moved to Hong Kong more than a decade ago. Ever since the protests started in in June, we just been in NADA just on opposite sides of the fence, but it’s like we’re Worlds Apart in what should be done and how to so, sometimes without her knowledge, he says he comes to the store to buy survival Gear for the protestors, so they can stay safe in dangerous situations. I do try to send the complex feelings that she must be going through, but on the other hand, I know that if I want to be on the right side of History, I’ve got to stand with Hong Kong as it struggles to maintain. Would it has there’s no way to know how many Canadians living here support the protesters and how many sides with the administration in China, but it seems no one – remains neutral.. Just before Sunday’s huge protests, we met what Canadian Edward chin just to bring a message to Beijing. Actually that don’t use the police at the political means, Hong Kong people. He was making signs and preparing to take to the streets, investment books and he’s a recognizable business figure. He used to work for TD Bank, most business Balto. The line so was not to offend China, but not him. Thank you.. We have to go by what we believe in as someone that I’ll follow I’ll free them accordingly, values that include preserving Hong Kong, special one country, two systems status and pushing back against Beijing purported encroachments on that. These days he’s also what this uncertainty is doing to their Investments is outspokenness is gone. China’S attention when the VP of Huawei was arrested in Canada and China detained to Canadians in response chin spoke out for the men’s release. My office was visited by police and also my phone. They send the fire truck ambulance, people and police. They came for imitation eight times totally a time, but he says the intimidation didn’t work at that. Big protest. Chin came out and brought his eight-year-old son Nathan with him into two or three different matches. He knows that the Democracy Jason fall into your lap. You have to you, have to walk, but the protests haven’t all been peaceful. One of the enduring symbols of the unrest has been tear gas. It’S been fired according to police when aggressive protesters of targeted police stations or metros and many neighborhoods. There wasn’t anything near the Kowloon Street, where artist and teacher Rachel Smith lives July 14th, protesting in tear gas type of daily diary, each one telling the story of a different event fast. It was one of the big protests and then the two million people came out on the street and everybody has a story, and then this piece goes in here and then you look at it. This way everything everything’s uncertain, uncomfortable in many ways, but also not unexpected. This has been coming very very long time. Smith is originally from Southwestern Ontario, but she moved here 15 years ago when she married her Hong Kong born husband. He didn’t want to appear on camera himself again, but a fear of reprisals. She’S too part of the protest and fill many here will see her as an outsider. She says she feels like it is her fight, my family and its people that I care about Mississippi that I absolutely love living in the last 14 years, because people in Canada often ask her. Is it safe? When will you leave if I decide to leave my foreign passport, if my husband can come with me, maybe my in-laws, but who else can I take? Can I take all my friends? Can I take along my ex-students we’ve got to wait and see happens then we can’t just. We can’t just abandon everything that we set up here. We can’t just abandon our family and our friends in Hong Kong today, a big distrust about the existing political system. The rallies and demonstrations show none of the Canadians. We talked to could predict how this ideological battle with end, but all of them felt it was now their causes. Well, Chris Brown, CBC News, Hong Kong. The push to fix sides intensify some Canadians in Hong Kong. Choose the police, take Joseph Chan of Toronto. He believes protesters have been crossing the line in clashes like a recent scene in Hong Kong. Yuen Long station play we’re going into like the Woodlawn station and then they take them and then start hearing people, and then this is spot. This is not acceptable. I understand why they doing it. In Long Lake Chan describes, a peaceful demonstration last night ended with a brief but intense standoff. There were no official reports of injuries coming up next tracking, an endangered killer whale, how salmon Peter the search. If we understand the movement of the praying and behavior the pray, we can understand more about what the killer whales have to do in order to find those pray. Welcome back we’re falling the impact of a deadly thunderstorm in Eastern Europe. Emergency crew scramble to help those caught in the mountains. Southern Poland, at least four people were killed more than a hundred others injured. A fifth person died in Slovakia when lightning knocked him into a gorge in Paris. Today, with a focus on the Irish backstop measuring to preventing a hard Border in Ireland, Emmanuel macron called it indispensable, but the new UK prime minister, Boris Johnson, argued there was room for change of the single Market from the EU. Johnson remains committed to leaving the European Union on October 31st of Canadian Pacific salmon report. The findings are blink, Sockeye, Coho and Chinook numbers are declining across beefy researchers say. Climate change is largely to blame. Her ocean temperatures are affecting habitats and disrupting the marine food web and that’s bad news for BC’s Southern resident killer whales. They rely on Chinook as their main food source and scientists are worried, they’re not getting their fill early. This month it was announced that three missing, orcas or presumed at least one of them was emaciated. Now there just 73 left so tonight we’re revisiting a story by Briar Stewart about a cross-border project to tag Chinook and track their predators. If you spotted these efforts falling off the coast of Washington state, you might think this is one of the many fishing vessels in the area, not your ordinary fishing trips suck it hard to do if it’s very, like rough conditions right, It’s Tricky when the weather gets Rougher, it’s a really really nice calm day for surgery today is pegging Chinook, but this is not just about the salmon. That’S because the salmon are the main prey for the endangered Southern resident killer whales. These orcas only hunt for fish there’s been a tremendous interest in the United States and the plight of the Southern resident killer whales, and I think it really has raised awareness of what caught their put in a mixture of clove oil and Water Act, prevented open acoustic Tag is inserted into their abdomen afterwards, their stitched back up moved into the recovery unit. Basically, a cooler with ocean water can see you waking up another minute or so, and he’ll be up right and and looking feisty and then we’ll. Let him recover a little bit longer and and releasing place in the ocean. 560. Juvenile and similar work is going on off the coast of Vancouver Island researchers with the University of British Columbia or tagging 100 out of Mammoth. It’S all part of an effort to track the dwindling population in Behavior the prey we can understand more about what the Killer have to do in order to find those prey and where they might be going and spending their time just last year. Another image cause dismay. This mother carried around her dead calf for 17 days in the parent active grief they aren’t around this year. I want these guys beautiful through a different type of orca prescribing because, unlike the resident orcas Marine naturalist, John Lopez explain to those onboard this whale watching boat, whether or not likely to see the endangered Orchid this time of year.. They just haven’t been seen in the area for a long time, and we believe that is because there currently Aren’t Enough Schnucks Batman returning to the river area, so they have to be somewhere else to get food. That’S got kids to feed when you’ve got youngsters. You better go where there’s food in the cupboard few sightings of them. It’S meant that researchers who’ve been tracking the southern residence for years had to delay their studies this season, so the dog is at the front of the boat. Deborah Giles has spent the last ten summers in a boat on the Sailor sea she’s part of the team that has trained dogs to sniff out well whale poop, and she recalls one of her best fine, beautiful sample, huge and fat. You know that kind of information that you can get from a sample like that. It’S like gold. It really is like gold samples to learn about the Wales health and tell whether they were pregnant and if your getting proper nutrition, the whales are in a salmon and deeper famine. These whales are not getting enough to eat at any time in the year is spring. The federal government put in place commercial and recreational fishing in BC, more than 100 gathered to protest, calling the move political, the Giles completely disagree. I’Ve heard things like well they’re eating our fish and my reply to them. No, actually technically we’re eating their fish. They were here first, they evolved hundreds of thousands of years ago to eat Chinook salmon, we’re the ones that are eating their fish. The tagging project give them a sense of the Chinook’s Behavior. How do you say travel and where they go, they hope the day that can help shape future policy when it comes to protecting the Chinook in some populations are really at risk. I do worry, you know, 20 years from now, what populations will still be around, which ones won’t survival depends on the map of the coast of Washington State in two weeks. They expect to get their first Glimpse at where the seminar, if they had the women, who really really wanted to become a u.s. citizen. Our Moment, is on the way. Well right before the ceremony, I was approached dad. Well, we have a special situation here, protecting her right to bear arms and a baby good. First in case you missed it. What is glaring error in Canadian geography today, Winnipeg hosted the Green Bay Packers and the Oakland Raiders in Alberta online scoring was Swift as with Kohl’s humble response. Apologies to the citizens of Winnipeg Manitoba, just a kid from Atlanta Florida playing football in Oakland Nevada with a low geography. Iq, don’t worry about it, but instead one winnipegger. I got another shirt for you if you need to borrow one at the tailgate party. Canadians were mostly for giving t-shirt that they are on Instagram inside he bought it on Amazon. I just think it’s just indicative of what they what they talked about in the states. They really don’t know the difference between Winnipeg and Alberta and BC in Toronto. It was supposed to be just another u.s. naturalization ceremony at another Convention Center than someone said. The words a lady has just gone into labor. No, the judge didn’t to deliver the baby, but the mother was refusing to leave until she was sworn in as US citizen. So plans had to be juggled, the judge had to improvise and the result is Our Moment required by the law right before the ceremony. I was approached and said: well we have a special situation here so dough. What was that situation funny? She refuses to go to the hospital before she gets sworn in. I don’t know how to deliver a baby citizenship ceremony. We don’t leave home and I really hope that everyone is here and trying for a better life get that opportunity, because silly woman only wants her. First name used cat heaven, so the thing is her: child would be a US citizen under the so-called Birthright rules in case those rules change. She wanted to make sure that the baby’s mother would be an American citizen. So that’s why she did that there were thirty. Two hundred people at that one ceremony being sworn in as Citizens that day, so that’s one way to get to the front of the line at is the national for this Thursday August. The second goodnight
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