The National for Tuesday July 31, 2018 — Manafort Trial, Homemade Guns, Guerrero Jr.

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The National for Tuesday July 31, 2018 — Manafort Trial, Homemade Guns, Guerrero Jr.
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on the Tuesday night another coordinated attempt to manipulate us voters and using Facebook to do it fake accounts meant to sow division polarize the population just months before the midterms but who’s behind it also tonight the legal battle over homemade guns they are untraceable undetectable the blueprints just clicks away but just how big a threat do 3D printed guns really posed signature move is more risky for girls this is the national during the u.s. presidential elections Facebook was filled with politically divisive content and fake news Ruth hit in Russia designed to turn Americans against each other Facebook did little to stop it then but today a different story the social media giant decisively shutting down dozens of back to trolls Susan ormiston explains the significance resistors are not who they claim to be so Facebook shut it down today in all 32 pages and other accounts suspended saying these are Bad actors trying to sew division amongst voters before the US midterm elections in November so who is behind them well Facebook suspect Russians but it can’t be definite it’s clear that whoever set up account when Too Much Greater length 2 send the Russian base internet research agency Ira dead in the run-up to the 2016 US presidential election cybersecurity Nathaniel gleicher we can say that these accounts engaged in some similar activities and have connected with known IRA account to call out the fake sites and groups trying to draw an unsuspecting users high-time it revealed what it’s found what is the US Secretary of Homeland Security we are in a crisis mode the Cat 5 hurricane has been and now we must prepare last spring when we visited Facebook headquarters Monika bickert told us they are laser focused on detecting fake accounts we know that they were accounts before the 2016 election should have been there and now our tools are good enough that there are more than a million accounts per day that we stop at the time of creation because we know that they are fake a million a day yes that’s a pretty big number it’s an arms race as the company and these are the weapons critically injured last time it moved proactively this time the significance here is that these are coordinated campaign and they are not only just posts that are going up on Facebook their advertisements going up on it they were setting up protests that were fake right but getting real people to go to them in the real world in Washington congress’s threatening tonight sanctions bill against Russia and that advertise protest Facebook informed everyone who said they might come about 3,200 people it’s not on differences time around the company said there’s some literary similarities there are differences one of them is IP addresses last time there was some Russian IP addresses this time there are none although they caution those can be spoofed the other thing is advertising some of the advertising last time according to the Mueller investigation was paid for by Russians this time it’s paid in American and Canadian dollars and its small it’s $11,000 paid on Advertising the scale heroic different yeah I mean last time what we know from that investigation is 29 million Americans directly view those fake sides you put in sharing and it’s more like a hundred twenty six million Americans saw them this time talking about only 290,000 people had access to this accounts these accounts so big difference so the question left to chew on is is this a smaller more carefully disguise campaign by Russian actors or is it other disruptor going by the same Playbook thank you we don’t know for sure who’s behind all of this when you can see why red flags of already gone up back in February special counsel Robert Mueller indict 13 Russian intelligence agent among the charge is creating fake social media accounts buying Facebook ads even paying people to take part in Rowley to undermine Hillary Clinton and the Democrats for the benefit of Donald Trump by inflamed easy divide in the United States what did I look like will take a look at Houston May 21st 2016 to rallies happening at the exact same time angry Americans squaring on an internet research Regency was behind both rally it created a group called Heart of Texas promoted at stop the islamization of Texas rally planted for noon but it also created a group called United defending with some rice that rally also afternoon right across the street the confrontation wasn’t huge but it brought attention and perhaps maybe even wider a sometimes ugly divide in American society and Andrew Muller is also investigating whether there was any Corden between Russia and the Trump campaign to interfere in election campaign Paul manafort vision and bank fraud so collusion isn’t part of it at least not on the surface Keith folks planes house protected from the prying eyes of the media and public so he missed this but his lawyer for what might have seemed like the millionth time Kevin Downing heard the question that has dog him and his client since no chance within just a few hours of six men and Six Women was seated and the trial began the prosecution said the evidence would show manafort is a shrewd liar Collective 60 million dollars for his work with the government of Ukraine hit it from the US government to didn’t pay tax on it while spending it extravagantly on houses cars and clothes including a $15,000 jacket made from an ostrich he created cash out of thin air said the prosecutor manafort’s defense will put the blame on his former right-hand man Rick Gates who’s turned witness for the government manafort’s lawyer says he’ll show that Gates was the real criminal that he embezzled aliens from manafort and hit the money Rick Gates had his hand in the cookie jar and he couldn’t take the risk that his boss might find out that lawyer Thomas Conley but the government’s case will rest heavily on documents such as return to the receipt and that’s why I experienced prosecutors believe the evidence against man for his strong it’s hard math you brought in 15 or 20 million dollars worth of Revenue you use it to buy cars houses or whatever where is on your taxes if convicted Mana for his like to spend the rest of his life in prison unless Trump pardon to but he’s gambling he can win this trial and also a separate trial on similar charges in September he loses either one of those he can still walk alright say look I want to operate now prosecutors might not like it but they’ll take them prosecutors might deal with Madoff or even after he’s convicted Andrew because manafort could be the key witness to any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia manafort was one of three Trump people at that Infamous Trump Tower meeting where they expected to get stolen information about Hillary Clinton what they called dirt from the Russians the two others in the meeting with Trump son and his son-in-law so free manifold is considered the most likely to flip and Keith said repeatedly that he didn’t collude with Russia but today seem to change tactics what his lawyer Rudy Giuliani said yesterday Tweety that collusion is not a crime but remember that it’s the opinion of Giuliani and many others that a president can’t be indicted for crimes anyway so they are expecting Trump to have to defend himself in a quarter what they might be preparing for his impeachment where they could argue to Congress that collusion is not a crime impeachment is a political process ultimately thought in the court of public opinion where people including Congressman can believe a crime is or isn’t whatever they want to believe it is or is he spoke in Washington legal battle involving the Trump Administration the race to stop fear is the next gun threat homemade weapons made with a 3D printer that can be lethal and untraceable play today US federal judge blocks the release of blueprints allowing people to make their own firearms just hours before they were set to be wish online this sudden availability of instructions would have met anyone with a 3D printer capable of the job could make handguns even semi-automatic assault rifles like this one even president seem to question whether that idea makes any sense now it’s a nice Federal Court decision that may leave the blueprints in limbo but they’d already been downloaded thousands of times Steven D’Souza now with how plastic weapon has reshaped the gun control debate with 200 3D printers Voodoo Manufacturing in Brooklyn can mass-produce everything from plastic machine parts to corporate swag but there’s one thing they want to do we will not print any weapons were Firearms co-founder Jonathan Schwartz broke that policy for cdcr today to show us just how easy it is to print a 3D gun after probably a couple hours of printing and getting the parts to fit together you have a working firearm it’s untraceable and aside from an optional metal insert it’s made from the same material as Lego walkthrough metal detector with this right now you would not be detected proclaimed crypto Anarchist Cody Wilson invented this 3D printed gun meant to make Firearms more accessible The Five-Year legal battle over the release of its blueprints ended this June when the Trump Administration settled the case that would have allowed Wilson’s company to start publishing again plans for everything from a pistol to an AR-15 Washington in Junction he’s our guns that can be downloaded for Destruction by anyway fugitives felons terrorist domestic violence offenders juveniles the mentally unstable the plans are already out there as they have been for awhile available on plenty of other side just like what we saw with the music industry in the early 2000 is very hard to regulate the distribution of digital files on the internet admits they can’t close Pandora’s Box they have to try this is as much of fight about the future as it is the present and with the speed and a rapid nature of technological advancements were very concerned about the precedent here increase Steven D’Souza CBC News New York 3D gun company has a graded won’t post any new blueprints online until September while that Multistate lawsuit makes its way through the Stephen pointed out anyone who knew where to look on the internet could have made their own weapons for some five years and the US government admitted as much today at least computer-assisted design files have been available online they’ve been legal for US citizens to actually download the plans Trini so called ghost guns and you need to have some skill to make them so many gun Advocates argue that if criminals really wanted gun there are easier ways than building one out of plastic the reality is it’s much easier to to go and buy a gun streets in the durability of 3D printed Firearms is question will take a look at this US law enforcement officials tested plastic guns and they fell apart after a single round was fired they fell at the break and they’re not very durable and they really don’t work so experts say it is unlikely they will be a rush of people trying to make their own guns of course it’s the plans are online people around the world download them including in Canada worth pointing out that here is illegal to make or possess a firearm without a license and auto is keeping a close eye on the case in the United States what if you quit quite literally photocopy a weapon and it would be it would be usable two to cause harm to other people that is a critical issue that law enforcement and governments are examining around the world 3D plastic guns face mandatory prison time if they are convicted of being called the eight sectors me to moment British lawmakers have released findings of an investigation into reports of sexual exploitation disaster victims by some of the very Aid workers who were supposed to be helping them investigator say the system is Rife with abuse and aide agencies aren’t doing enough to stop it Katie Simpson in Haiti’s earthquake ravaged streets torment persisted at the hands of those summon to help aid workers preyed on vulnerable women and girls and it is now clear that kind of suffering is not uncommon and is that this is a widespread problem of sexual exploitation and abuse we think that it is endemic has been a problem for years organizations are respond to claim the wrongdoing to the point that it appears to be complacency verging on complicity the study recommends making it easier to report abuse more funding to support investigation and developing an aid worker the screen out Predators sometimes people pagar industry to access to these people is that recognition of this needs to be treated as a kind of large-scale criminal activity is long overdue but some Advocates argue the only way to actually start changing the problematic culture within the aid sector is to force Charities and government to do more to compensate victims remix make sure that they’ve got that’s right to reparation so they can begin to recover from this awful awful abuse groups at least for now appear to be focusing on prevention instead Oxfam is promising to do more after admitted some staff hired prostitutes while working in Haiti’s earthquake zone other organizations have pledged perform as well but little has been seen in the field policy level very very hard to tell what if anything is really changing on the ground Facebook page for her peers Are Not Unusual she is hopeful though the public conversation around me to will finally Force these eight groups to make meaningful change and encourage more women to come forward Katie Simpson CBC News London tabzon including quite a story out of Mexico a plane crashed it was destroyed but incredibly everyone on board survived the Aeromexico liner had taken off and then crashed or if it just ran off the Runway but it ended up on its belly catching fire in a nearby Field there more than a hundred people on board but as I said everyone survive those two people are in critical condition what exactly might have caused that crash the investigation is still ongoing but official say The Airliner was hit by a wind gust just as it was leaving the runway there something like this neighborhood but honestly this is what I came and saw that I can’t believe it free people were found dead in two separate Home Police found the bodies this morning after receiving a call from someone to check in on those home beyond that you’re not saying much about what might have happened except that they believe the deaths are linked and they have a suspect in custody we take you to Buffalo as the Blue Jays next big thing makes his Triple-A debut + important info for parents why heading a soccer ball might be riskier for young girls than boys and meet the scientist with a difficult job tracking an orca which is spent days carrying is dead, we think maybe it’s part of the grieving process I’m just the physical and emotional pain she must be going through to carry it I catch myself at random times tearing out for thinking about different things plane evacuation should no more than 90 seconds to get everyone off but in several recent emergencies many passengers seem to be more preoccupied with saving their bags than themselves in a Selena should be explains changing that mindset could be difficult chaos and fear in the moments after his passengers looked out to see flames shooting up from the wing everyone to safety none of the passengers was injured but there was a major issue with the evacuation too many people ignore tacky warning from flight attendants and as a result of that the the activation process wasn’t he didn’t stand significantly slowed bags in Halifax in 2015 and when this Air France flights get it off at Toronto Runway seriously injuring 12 people back in 2005 ever since the TSB has urged Transport Canada to make the warnings about bags is there a need to evacuate the aircraft leave your personal belongings behind Air Canada and WestJet plans to starting this fall does not require Transport Canada only recommend that Airlines warn you to leave your bags behind even though the department recently issued a safety alert saying those voluntary warnings are so effective mandatory or voluntary that’s not the only problem with flight attendant says many passengers simply tune out people in a bit complacent and forget the fact that every plane is a little bit different he suggest slipping the warnings about carry-ons in right before a movie take a moment take 10 seconds to plug some safety information in there and really captured people’s attention at a moment when they aren’t expecting it a creative way to get the message across that stopping for a carry-on is just too dangerous for everyone on board Selena should be CBC News Ottawa Seth Rogen is stepping out the comedian now the voice of the Toronto Transit System as well plus I Halifax police officer with a huge crowd on and offline and our own Tom Murphy gets a little dance less in our moments of the day or the first one is a whip and then we Nae Nae Nae Nae okay and then we do it again same hand with tonight on the national two-point and stories about endangered whales and the desperate efforts to save them in a moment will take you to the Bay find a word search is under way for a right whale Tangled in rope but first we begin on the west coast where an orca is trying to keep her dead calf afloat researchers say the cat died a week ago and probably live for only a few Powers it’s yet another blow to the dwindling population of Southern resident orcas as far as short explains it’s not yet clear what happened this is Howard Taylor shed has spent most of his waking hours for the past week navigating through the Salish sea to keep watch on a mother in mourning the southern resident killer whale known as j35 has been pushing a carrying her dead calf with her since July 24th she’s still has this stress in this pain that she must be going through it doesn’t really hit me until I get back to the office late at night and I’m going to be images going through this eight days on dance but to carry it for this long is unprecedented which is why teams from the US and Canada are working to keep watching the whale and other boats back while she’s doing all this also we are concerned a little bit of water per body conditions picked up when the Padres passed sound equipment underwater Southern resident whales are already closely monitored because they’re in danger there are only 75 left the full cap was a girl which would have been really important this community cuz she would have been able reproductively to contribute additional so sad on so many levels once the mother finally lets the calf go researchers are hoping to retrieve it so they can find out just why she died screw say they will try to track do you work at as closely as they can to help a mother who for some reason is not ready to let go Briar Stewart CBC News off the coast of Washington State East Coast will rescue teams are in a Race Against Time to find and free in North Atlantic right whale Tangled in a rope the 10-year old will was spotted yesterday morning in the Bay of Fundy tree rescue teams from Canada and the United States of the dispatch find it but fall wind waves and mechanical problems have been slowing them down North Atlantic right whales are endangered so losing even one is significant it’s estimated there are fewer than 500 left in the world and only one 100 reproducing females more than a dozen of turned up dead in the Gulf of st. Lawrence as Tom Murphy found out last year’s scientist maybe desperate to save them but there are no clear answers it’s a mystery at least 15 North Atlantic right whales dead engine few short weeks leaving few Clues but carcasses littering the shores of the east coast of fragile population that was just coming back from the brink of Extinction now a mystery that needs unraveling we’re still trying to help this population recover one well at a time and so each of these losses affects its potential for Recovery this is a very depressing story it’s the mortalities continue at anything what they have in this last year they approached it we’ve got a situation that we may not be able to turn around here on the waters that hug the shore of Lubec Maine will detectives if you like on the case at dawn All Summer Long on a tiny 20-foot boat these research scientist steam 3 hours into the Bay of Fundy between Maine and Nova Scotia patrolling searching for Clues Joe Brown is a right whale scientist at the Canadian whale Institute 37 Summer She’s Come here to work with other experienced right whale researchers this year looking for evidence hoping for a lead in a desperate situation has been a year was very few cited so we had we had a couple of dozen right whales the end of July early August and then we had a lot of surveys with no right whales sighted and that’s what has researchers on edge to lose so many whales and one summer is much more than tragic it’s a catastrophe for one simple reason fewer than 500 North Atlantic right whales are left Planet they are solitary and in their own way mysterious and they don’t give up their secret easily surface up we know we can collect a little information on that Wale and contribute to our understanding of it and then it disappears again and we’re essentially just looking at the surface of the water so the magic lies below now there’s an international effort to try to understand the North Atlantic right whale and it’s migration habits this mother and calf was spotted in the Gulf of st. Lawrence this summer surface of the water and then hundreds of groups from regular citizens to respected scientist up and down the coast of North America are part of this Herculean effort to save a species forget this researchers are baffled the whales aren’t showing up where they usually do and no one is really sure why Monday that has traditionally been such a lucrative place for right whales and not see any the challenge where them face just how long do we stay here and keep doing this so when the bill goes cold try to retrace it here at the furthest tip of Cape Cod in Provincetown in the spring these waters are teeming with North Atlantic right whales mothers and their calves a Feeding Frenzy before heading further north Canadian Waters Beauty whale watching tours in waters the whales were once hunted for their valuable oil there is a reverence for whales here listen to naturalist Carolyn O’Connor talk about the right whale I saw down in the counting and breeding grounds behavior called cradling where the mom will be upside down at the surface and she will hold her calf and between her to pectoral flippers and a bonding situation I’m sure other species do that as well I’ve only seen it with the right way I’m sure humpbacks do that as well but it’s that’s what made me fall in love with them and they’re not a species gets enough attention in my opinion like I said advocating for them a little bit desperately needs Advocates the mammals birthing rates are dropping add to that the untimely deaths this summer these mammals who can live as long as humans and only reproduce every 3 years are in trouble Charles storm email right whales scientist with the University of Massachusetts is based here in Provincetown where they have not seen the Carnage of right whales found in the Gulf of st. Lawrence whales dying in one location there are times we have 200 whales in Cape Cod Bay they pass through shipping lanes and very active fishing areas and we do not have that number entitlements are ship strikes and he fears that the number of deaths could in fact be much higher there may very well be a number of carcasses that weren’t found perhaps Wales that drowned in heavy gear and even more likely carcasses that blue offshore that were never found so whatever numbers we get there probably a minimum and the maximum is anybody’s guess from here the right whale mystery only deepens instead of coming to the Bay of Fundy to feed their going further north to the Gulf of st. Lawrence in unfamiliar Waters for this Summer’s unprecedented tragedy unfolded scientist to Amy Knowlton no it’s at these plants and patches don’t seem to be happening certainly not the time of year that were now that we’re still here whether it’s happening earlier whether it’s not happening at all we don’t know the answer to that Bank in Lubec Maine at whale research headquarters in a Shabby old Victorian house turned lab Amy pulls up the Stark photos from the summer some of them entangled in fishing gear others showing signs of blunt trauma most likely being struck by a ship and one of the busiest shipping lanes in North America each one as identifying features but she never imagined she would have to use those features to identify so many dead whales patch and our female and and you can see these scars lineup and we were able to match the majority of the carcasses that were found up there it was a difficult summer for these scientist fathers we just know so much about the individuals so it’s personally heartbreaking to me now the next step is trying to find a way to minimize the threat to right whales or testing some ropes call some Lobster fisherman down there they’ve developed these Chinese fingertips leaves working with a rope manufacturer that are 1700 pound strengthened they can splice them into there and line every 40 feet and the hope is that soil hits that particular online that is going to break it said of start wrapping itself up in the heavy gear that’s attached to find shipping lanes that steer vessels away from areas where whales gather can also greatly reduce deaths so it works it’s been done in the Bay of Fundy time is it the essence because we expect right whales to return to the Gulf of st. Lawrence next summer so we still have our work cut out for us these animals are still holding a lot of Secrets from us time is against the scientists they need answers for the simplest question where are the right whales going next they can’t protect if they can’t find them on the right but ever so quickly the excitement of spotting The Familiar blow face it’s not a right whale but a pot of humpback the wrong species and so the mystery continues the right whale refusing once again to give up its secrets from the D Tom Murphy CBC news on the Bay of Fundy tell him to that story for his last year and if he wants to go to the Canadian government unveiled a new plan to protect these wheels among some of the changes lowering the speed limit for vessels traveling in the western Gulf of st. Lawrence close in certain fishing areas when wheels are in the area and requiring commercial fishing fleets to report any interactions with whales and a reminder for you the Channel today takes you inside or journalism every weekday afternoon go deeper on the top stories missed subscribe to your newsletter CBC News tonight on the national twenty people are missing as the car fire Northern California continues to grow the missing all people from in and around the city of reading which was devastated last week by the fire so far it’s killed at least six people burn nearly 900 homes to the ground and it’s still out of control meanwhile in Ontario wildfires there two are forcing more evacuation the big fire of note is called Parry Sound 33 and it just grew to about a hundred square kilometers in size and number of areas south of us they are part of the new slate of evacuation and on BC South Coast distant wildfires are being blamed for Hazy skies and poor air quality cancel The Heirs a little easier to breathe and another issue has been the Heat last night was so hot in fact BC hydrostar record-breaking electricity use because so many people were turning on their air conditioners and their fans what’s the top season for the Toronto Blue Jays injuries to aging players piled up and so did the losses so sung fans are shifting the focus to the team’s Youth and it’s minor league affiliate in Buffalo I want a Hotshot to Guerrero down to the turf picks it up stores at the first and it’s in time Junior Baseball top prospect and tonight just one step away from the majors the Jays 19 year old female got promoted to Triple-A ball over the weekend any Raptors first game with the Buffalo Bisons earlier this evening which by the way shouldn’t surprise anyone family his dad was a Hall of Famer play for the expos in the 90s and so lots of people turned up in Buffalo tonight for a glimpse at what the Blue Jays future may hold in the cbc’s Jamie Strachan was there too in sports there are a few guarantees prospects come and go but some players are deemed truly special enter Vladimir Guerrero Jr his rise to the Jays minor-league system has been rapid and for the teams fan it’s a reason to get excited in a season where there has been little to cheer about many made the two-hour drive from Toronto to Buffalo just to catch a glimpse the raw power that he has is something that very few guys at this level can match he’s just a really special player Guerrero Jr caught the attention of things during spring training when he hit a walk-off homerun during an exhibition game in Montreal who’s playing Third Base tonight Buffalo comes with intense pressure and scrutiny but speaking with reporters earlier today through an interpreter he didn’t appear phased comparison and do the best I could he maybe only 19 but he’s already well-versed in baseball cliches they the same baseball and baseball the only thing that I need to do is go there and play the game was born in call is his father Vladimir Guerrero senior was emerging as a perennial All-Star for the Montreal Expos senior was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame over the weekend and the two share the same power and love for the game he’s always thinking every opportunity is a good opportunity and he never gets caught up and what’s going on around him he look over at 3rd and if he’s not smiling he’s smiling on the inside big Club in September to give fans something to cheer about another Guerrero to lift the spirits of Canadian Baseball fans Jamie Strachan CBC News Buffalo hard hits off a batter one thing but they come off the head well that’s a whole different ballgame a recent study took a closer look at heading in soccer and it’s cancerous you learn it can hit female players far worse than men make a next step in the movie head to the ball these young soccer players are learning how to head the ball safely muscles really tight so we already have this moved forward to the ball and it makes it safe for them heading is an integral part of the beautiful game but also controversial because of concerns over head injuries Joanna Roy started playing when she was six Not only would my favorite thing to do it was the thing that I did every single day it was it was my life but a series of hard hits to the Head Force Troy off the pitch for good in my head was hurting and I was busy in the lights on the subway seemed really loud in a new study researchers in the US founded women worse than man when it comes to brain trauma from heading soccer balls players using a special MRI researchers scan the players brains and found a damaged brain tissue was 5 times worse and female players the areas in the brain where the more heading the players did the more abnormal brain was researchers aren’t sure why women might be more sensitive to head injuries than man it could be hormones are just differences and neck strength dr. Paul Ecklund has done his own research into sports-related brain injuries with hockey players when it comes to soccer he doesn’t believe there’s any safe way to head a soccer ball and wants to practice band at the amateur level next should be off limits and this isn’t a radical it’s proven with science but there doesn’t appear to be any canada-wide guidelines with specific rules Castro C CBC News Toronto moments is up next police officer whose dance moves well I think that it showed police in a different light where did you know what I have to say my mother I love you Mom all right before that actor and comedian Seth Rogen says he wants to make everyone’s Transit experience as wonderful as possible so less than a week after joining forces with Vancouver’s transit system he’s coming to Toronto as well she customer Seth Rogen here fellow Canadian and public transit user from blocking doors hold the door for my mother because she raised me right but holding a Subway door for her would get me in trouble I don’t need the hassle or the delay but leave them doors alone to transit for pots like personal grooming I can’t believe I’m actually go what stop clipping your fingernails on the TTC it’s gross to move comes less than a week after Rogen’s voice for. On Vancouver Transit time from Vancouver British Columbia taking public transit my whole life and I still use public transit when I’m in the city in Vancouver he’s a HomeTown of the TTC I think he’s from Vancouver and I thought we should go to torontonians to debut Mike Myers maybe Mike Myers with Seth Rogen still good I don’t know I just feel like make you smile my kind of Halifax police officers getting a lot of attention after a video surfaced of him busting a move and a busy late-night intersection Pizza Corner the cbc’s Tom Murphy caught up with Constable Jordan Shepherd to check out those moves for himself call it a dance off and call it what happened kind of spontaneously we are at Pizza Corner monitoring the crowd about a minute later the song starts you can’t help yourself just wanted to dance but I had no idea it would turn into something like this in a different light so I’m glad that it went viral in the sense that it’s showing The Human Side we all have a job I do and you know I just hope that it breaks down some very or so to speak you’re pretty good I’ve always been known to sing and dance and have a good time and just so happens that I didn’t uniform Allen call me or I will say this different people are impressed by different things you know some people are really impressed by my great public speakers on a whim in the middle of a big crowd and just start dancing that that’s something you know if you go around YouTube you can find various police officers and doing various dance moves across North America playing against type but also just trying to kind of reach out so if the for National hosts were to do it least likely to do any dancing you and me most likely our friend Rosemary in fact we should encourage you to do it when she’s back from vacation next week it is an actual for Tuesday July 31st good night
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