The NBA has approved stricter tampering rules, but enforcing them doesn’t seem easy | The Jump

The NBA has approved stricter tampering rules, but enforcing them doesn’t seem easy | The Jump
The NBA has approved stricter tampering rules, but enforcing them doesn’t seem easy | The Jump
Reporting, the NBA Board of Governors has a package of measures to enforce compliance with tampering and salary-cap circumvention. League sources tell ESPN this is, but I don’t know if it will pass with exactly what was proposed for the news to trick of some of the big-ticket things that we talked about concerned about an item that five times a year would be randomly audited and all Of their Communications would be randomly generated, and what does that mean? Zach, Lowe and Adrian wojnarowski race. A great point in their article yesterday saying that GM’s were starting to ask on. Did you take my phone and you don’t find any tampering? But what, if you find something else, something else, this improper behavior, I’m curious to see how those questions got answered and made the governor’s feel comfortable enough that they could pass this like this to stricter package. What do you think is sort of the main thing? That’S going to come out of the street, that’s the one I’m waiting to see if, if they’ve had that particular measure, but I got two phones reach I’m going to get another one and no wait. I ever going to get that phone and that’s the one I’m going to use. Okay, VA general manager. Under no circumstances can you ever turn over your main phone. That is way too dangerous. Is it that it’s going to be too hard to regulate? That’S the issue and it’s like hey: how many phones do you have? Oh, what is going to be too hard to regulate in sometimes the more regulation? We add the more confusion that you will actually have. I’M not sure this is going to stop tampering, because I don’t know how members of the organization to have conversations you’re on the phone with an agent. Let so I don’t know, let’s use the example of you’re on the phone with an agent about one client who says what you talk about on the phone. So I don’t know how much it’s going to actually stop anything. But I guess what will happen out of this is the more serious message from the NBA of you cannot flout the rules this month, because, with this kind of harsh penalties, you really can’t have 16 deals announced. He wants to be partners. Not pirate beautifully said that he was saying that Adam Silver said your excuse was already done so excuse my grammar. I already drank a little bit today. My issue with this is like 0 0 0, 1 % they’re not doing that they don’t get to that spot by looking out for the next guy there out there with self-preservation, their company and they’re bragging rights. Do I I’m glad that they have at their heart? Is in the right place, for you really asking billionaires to be partners and not Pirates, you don’t become a billionaire unless you are a pirate. What did one of our camera guy to the parrot on his shoulder right now? Ruin your career. If you ever go down for something like that, however, everyone is really good at going right up to the line and where they won’t get caught, and even sometimes, if you watch billions like I do today, there are always ways to win. Would you pay 10 million dollars right with with a fraction of a penny in there, it’s in the right place, but ultimately I think this is going to cause more problems, parts of this equation. There are the teams and there are the agents. This is only addressing the team’s relationship. Relationship relationship is not one thing or the other they’re not completely partner each other, and it is something to take sort of a delegate, dance of leaving things in and out. It is never going to be just a straight line. It is always going to be kind of work. Are they want it? There analysis check out the ESPN app and for live streaming and premium content, checkout ESPN, Plus
Rachel Nichols, Ramona Shelburne and Richard Jefferson react to a report from Adrian Wojnarowski saying the NBA Board of Governors has passed stricter tampering rules. Tampering because a hot-button issue in the wake of an offseason that saw Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, Paul George, Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker and many, many other players change teams.
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