The NBA’s new tampering rules could uncover another Danny Ferry/Luol Deng situation | The Jump

The NBA’s new tampering rules could uncover another Danny Ferry/Luol Deng situation | The Jump
The NBA’s new tampering rules could uncover another Danny Ferry/Luol Deng situation | The Jump
So another thing I thought he pointed out that it was is really interesting. Is that they’re going to the owner or the governor of each team that goes, the Board of Governors meeting is going to have to certify each year that this is that this is here. Your compliance report, complaints, which means, if you are found to be out of compliance, it is the owner who is on the hook for and it’s whoever certified think of it, like your taxes, right on your taxes, use on your taxes, and I certify this is true – And correct, so does your accountant, you guys what the answer to the IRS that the it for owners put the names on this is a big deal, you’re going to have to be so dumb to get fine in to get in trouble. So cuz there’s going to be, and maybe another guy that that you might want – or you know, a possible free agent. That’S on your team. There could be crosstalk, so there’s going to be tough, but if we think it’s no different than less they Peds for everyone. That pops up and that they are testing for there’s another one – comes on the market that other people will be able to try and use. So I just think that they’ll find ways kind of around it, but they can’t flaunt the rules. Like you said, we cannot stop tampering completely to any degree. We all know that people have conversations, but the outfits are important and makes the league look foolish. If there’s all these deals announced. You know. Obviously, one of the big concerns that we’ve heard reported having these meetings. The past couple days has been okay. What about these audits? They talked about 5 teams a year being randomly audited. All their communication has to be submitted. What happens if you submit your phone and they find one thing that they weren’t looking for that they, you know: how does that get you in trouble and silver, addressing some of that to take listen to people’s life outside of what is relevant to the creation of Their teams, unless, of course, there is an issue that requires we looking on to something outside the scope of what we’re addressing here and the league has the authority in essence, 2. What does procedures will be going forward? Obviously they were repercussions of it. So what happens? If you find something like this, you seen somebody get in trouble for saying something and in this day and age of cancel culture and – and you know everyone being very politically correct. If all of a sudden, you find language that you shouldn’t find you’re just going to ignore that, like that’s something they’re going to ignore it, that that’s that mean, that is a very definition of the slippery slope. Personalized write my personal life, isn’t any of your business. Things that you might find that that maybe you might consider. You’re, not appropriate or whatever. I don’t want you to be talking about that or addressing that personal life, but when it comes to things like the dairy, Sarah Danny ferry incident with Walter, that comes in the unless we have to – and I think again they find something else that a person was A front-facing representative or anywhere presented the NBA should definitely not be doing. It is okay to say, hey can someone’s phone the phone and it fell into that. I’M fine with that, and I think what’s interesting also, that we haven’t that haven’t gotten a lot of attention, but they also could have made it easier to blow the whistle on tampering. Didn’T really turn anyone else in for tampering because they didn’t want it to be turned it back on themselves. Like most people didn’t say anything because it would be known. It was herb Simon from the from the Pacers who wanted to look at the Lakers for tampering with politics today, which way the those rules have now been relaxed, like there’s a lot more anonymous, something that they just can’t put their name to. Because of his, you stay all the other circumstances, because if they get busted for tampering, I can get my client in there instead opens the kind of slippery door people who have devious motives. This gets back to the piracy that Richard was talking about early on the Shelf, thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube, more sports highlights and Analysis be sure to download the ESPN app and for live streaming. Sports and premium content subscribe to ESPN, Plus
Rachel Nichols, Ramona Shelburne and Richard Jefferson discuss the latest set of tampering rules in the NBA that was approved by the NBA’s Board of Governors, Adam Silver’s comments about the rules, and consider whether it might uncover another Danny Ferry/Luol Deng situation.
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