The Nets didn’t know Kevin Durant was signing until they saw it online? | The Jump

The Nets didn’t know Kevin Durant was signing until they saw it online? | The Jump
The Nets didn’t know Kevin Durant was signing until they saw it online? | The Jump
Lebron against the question is: are the Nets the best fit for Kevin Durant? That’S ridiculous, that we have these two Max slots that we made a trade with multiple first-round picks for how lucky for us that you said that as a side. I think that the Nets out to hit a grand slam about the Brooklyn Nets that have been the little brother they’ve been the stepchild whatever you want to call for decades for them to beat the next on free agency and defeat the Knicks at this level. It’S absolutely time to celebrate concerned about whether this parody is going to ultimately lead to a championship team. You remember the billboard they put up across the street from massive 2010, and that was the summer they were. They were going to. The world is shocked. New York, by get all the Bixby instead, of course, both teams famously swung and missed, and now Nick here we are 9 years later with a long time ago, 9 years later, and they finally pulled it off. Is this the best 4K TV? Was it the blueprint in the back of her? It was the best fit in that the Nets are in New York. Everybody in the world., Including the Warriors from a basketball state that was not the best fit because the best basketball fit would be stay with the Warriors. Try to win another title or to see what happens but from a human element. Aspect of this guy’s yeah for Kevin he wanted to be in New York. He wanted to be with Kyrie the cultures. Brown you’ve talked about this a lot. I think, that’s important to a certain extent, but even more is the location but 104 KD. It was a good fit in that regard in this sense. Imagine world, if you will., do you think you or is he a Nick and you can either come with me or play against me 20 minutes away? I feel like this point was probably going to Brooklyn, because they must have thought to themselves this place. Is such a dumpster fire the next these these? They are so far away from being where they need to be that it may not be worth it to even try and get there. But in the end I mean your point, I don’t think it made a difference whether they won or not, whether he stays healthy or not doing State as to whether or not he stayed the writing was on the wall the whole time 2 years ago. If I told you that this was going to happen for the thought it was crazy, that is a genuine accomplishment. What I wonder from Durant’s perspective is 2 years from now. Will he look back and say I had an opportunity to join Kawhi with the Clippers. I opted to go with Kyrie to the Nets, not for the Clippers, regardless of what his health is. That was a big choice to I wasn’t like, I think, you’re right, I think Nikki has decided on New York a while ago, but there was a moment there where he or Kawhi got him on the phone and said. Would you like to come? We can make this happen. The Clippers can make this happen, and that’s the the moment in history that I think that he may look back on whether he made the right call. Ultimately he’s not. The reason he left was because he felt like he wasn’t getting just do and to join Kawhi Leonard, especially coming out there with Qui just did in the playoffs. Don’T think it would have accomplished to go that would ultimately seeking fulfillment so shift to a guy that he really didn’t know analysis be sure to download the ESPN app and for live streaming. Sports and premium content subscribe to ESPN Plus
Amin Elhassan, Brian Windhorst and Nick Friedell react to quotes from Brooklyn Nets GM Sean Marks that his team didn’t know Kevin Durant was signing with them, alongside Kyrie Irving, until they saw it on “The Boardroom.” They also discuss whether the the team was the best fit for KD in 2019 NBA free agency.

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