The new college football overtime system is ‘stupidity’ – Mike Greenberg | Get Up!

The new college football overtime system is ‘stupidity’ – Mike Greenberg | Get Up!
The new college football overtime system is ‘stupidity’ – Mike Greenberg | Get Up!
Give me a message through the NFL Draft coverage last season last week, but the NCAA football rules committee decided to revamp its overtime rules for this season is short and games. Here’S a look at the new rule reaches 1/5 / X, creating two point blade. Instead of starting another drive at the opponent’s, 25-yard line they’ll be a two-minute rest. After the second and fourth overtime and the rules for the first four overtimes remain unchanged. Mike Greenberg is very upset about this. You have the floor and then I’m going to tell you why you’re wrong to be upset over time is already contrived nonsense. Okay, that’s like that’s like settling to Masters. If there, even after 18 holes, miniature golf course in playing Putt-Putt and now they’re going to put the bowl of a 2-yard line, and this is how they’re going to decide what potentially an important game where alabama-auburn at the end of the college football Ali over here. Rutledge add to the best of my knowledge, the difference between a win or a tie by putting the ball on the two better idea: ridiculous overtimes in the first place before they’ve, got to be kidding 326 FPS games only for have reached the fifth overtime. You’Re all upset because of the LSU, A & M 7 overtime even played in a game that went over five overtime, so this never happens and when it does happen, it doesn’t matter they have to do this to make sure the player safety is Paramount. They don’t want these players or not being compensated by the way. The end up having to play extra Snapchat really are not important snake. This is a luster tip of the larger issue which is at the entire system, is stupidity. I’Ve got a better idea if the game is tied at the end of regulation play five minutes or 10 minutes. You have to give the college football playoff committee actual records that do not have ties them for who their top four teams are going to be you’re. In college football you are compared which the playoff era is fabulous because of this, but you were sitting there as people in a committee room trying to make a case for team and if you’re looking at is a reasonable outcome, I would rather be able to judge The team based upon the game it actually played then put in some arbitrary, put the yard line and let’s make it really important decision, we decided. country popular, don’t you have a playoff
Mike Greenberg dislikes the revamped college football overtime rules that states teams will alternate two-point plays when a game reaches five overtimes. Greenberg suggests that the NCAA uses the same overtime rules as the NFL, but Laura Rutledge notes how rare it is that a game actually reaches five overtimes.

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