The new virtual country with no borders – BBC News

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The new virtual country with no borders – BBC News
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The new virtual country with no borders – BBC News
Migration, terrorism, poverty and inequality, climate-change pandemics, in biosecurity, Conflict, landmines, human rights, women’s rights, children, price, minority rights, language right, the two things that people most commonly associated with a country on a having a possible and be having a territory. We haven’t offended countries in Houston. The moment you have territory, you need it on me to defend it, I’m by definition, what about citizens of already got somewhere to live, so we don’t need to provide them with anywhere else and then thing that you can actually travel. All good country is to change the culture of governance worldwide for world leaders. That means understanding that it’s not enough in this moment in history to just care for your domestic population in your size of territory $ 5 in annual tax, and that means that we will have economic, hard power. So in certain instances we might choose to use that. I can, on the card party Drive of the Raptors or negotiating table. At least 10 % of the world’s population would like to see the well change in the way that we described it more cooperation, more collaboration, a tiny bit less competition competitions, fine, but when it becomes the only Alternate which countries worship then it becomes problematic. Policies will be power, politics that we’ve seen inside existing government over the past 50 years and we’ve seen the creation of of dozens of new countries, and so, if anything, it would be odd to see new countries form in the 21st century. Of course is a new kind of country, and that is really important because we have a different angle. I realize it’s not going to be easy. It’S not going to happen overnight, but this project
If you were to create your own country, you might think about a territory, language and passports. Simon Anholt and Madeline Hung have taken a different approach. When they launched the Good Country in September, they ditched notions of national identity and focused instead on the international interest.
In the current climate of aggression and competition between countries and their leaders, the Good Country aspires to change the way that nations interact. Their research suggests that 10% of the world’s population could share their world view. Based on that, they aim to recruit 760 million “citizens of the world” and use the power of the masses to fix some of the world’s problems.
Is the Good Country a game changer or just a romantic daydream?
Video Journalist: Hannah Gelbart

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