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criminal use of our source and dispensable this is important because it’s about control of this land not just now but in the future everything that happens here is politicized and deeply connected to this long and very bitter conflict what they seem to be doing is blocking alternative routes into the only one left open and that means that when they come to demolish this place be able to control everyone who goes in and everybody who goes out much more easily ligament and how you know yeah the route over final akmal touches the big issues of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians but it’s also about families who most likely will lose that homes children who will lose that school and a community that might be dispersed this conflict has caused Great suffering across generations and it seems that more will soon be inflicted on the people of Hannah LACMA
After ten years of legal battles, Israel’s Supreme Court has authorised the destruction of Khan al-Ahmar.
Supporters of Israel’s settlement of the occupied territories applaud what they say is Israel’s right to build on its own land.
But many, including the United Nations and the European Parliament, have been highly critical, saying the move jeopardises any chance of a two-state solution being found in the region.
Jeremy Bowen sent this report on the plight of those living there.

You can watch his interview with Israeli cabinet minister Naftali Bennet

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