The PewDiePie Hackers: Could hacking printers ruin your life? – BBC News

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The PewDiePie Hackers: Could hacking printers ruin your life? – BBC News
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The PewDiePie Hackers: Could hacking printers ruin your life? – BBC News
Even for the internet, this was a strange one.. Someone hacked printers moving on same global news. Then they found the wild about cyber-security how’s it golden worth it for the first time, boys and girls. It all started with a play from this guy PewDiePie YouTube’s biggest star was being Cool, Sup, fine, Indian music, channel cruelty series, The Swedish comedians Army of followers, a bizarre campaign was launched, including Billboards, leafleting and posters. One fan cooling himself package of raw decided to take it to an extreme, even criminal level. He acted estimated 50,000 printer producer poster in support of PewDiePie. That’S what I need. That’S what I’m talking about all this important to keep me on top is so funny. Just don’t do anything illegal! Okay! If that will look bad on me. Thousands of miles away his hack was inspiring someone else. It didn’t take long for them to team up. We’Ve been invited to a small town somewhere in the rural MidWest America, online, echosim self user. Can you get me off war memorial because I know this movie showing? Can I get a hundred thousand princess post as a paid in homes and offices all over the world about and exploited for years, but never on this scale and for the next stunt, the Padawan to the Target, a new device to highlight a different vulnerability? Google Chromecast dongles Play that video around the world. It came with a warning, secure device, oh and of course, subscribed to PewDiePie time’s. The video was played out to confuse view is what we do know. Is it once again with the push of a button these teenagers together headlines around the world and even of Google so giraffe and use that it was the exposure dreaming of the then everything changed Department open court? That became too much good positive people. Sending me pictures of watch with mounting online abuse in the prospect of jail time hanging over them for that other plant hacks with canceled for the teenager, insisting have made a difference, and this of a foreign office kind of printers opens their attacks. They say is the proof: 70 60,000 $ 30 bill. So I believe, through our texts for positive difference and these people are entering the French, but these teen hackers have made an impact. Security is an increasing concern. We have nowhere the authorities trying to find them. There’S a good chance that we’re looking for a lot longer.
Would you break international laws for your favourite YouTube vlogger?

Two teenagers did just that. They hacked tens of thousands of home and office printers in support of YouTube’s biggest star, PewDiePie.

The hackers are now in hiding from the police and internet vengeance. They tell us how they did it, and whether it was worth looking over their shoulders for the rest of their lives.

Reporter: Joe Tidy

Video journalist: Jack Slater

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