The plastic smokers leave behind – BBC News

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The plastic smokers leave behind – BBC News
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tell me to take this home we found full Millions is cigarette down the drain in the last month alone you are any fat posting it out to see because it goes through the drain into storm drains into the water table potentially three rivers and then out into our oceans they are mix of organic tobacco once you remove can you take off the paper you’ll see where I purchased the filter which is plastic we basically Canada credit turn into a white powder and then from that we’ve come up with a unique impression technique where we can buy to the combine into which of the Plastics like pee which is polyethylene and then we can turn into everything even in injection molding things like the back to you and begin with a little bit of frustration little bit disheartened people obviously haven’t gotten a message
Jason Alexander founded ‘Rubbish Walks’ to clean up his local area and beaches in Suffolk.
He’s targeted cigarette butts, which, surprisingly to some, are mostly made of plastic, and collects thousands in a single outing.
Video journalist Lucy Bickerton.

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