The prison in a ‘state of crisis’ – BBC News

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The prison in a ‘state of crisis’ – BBC News
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Monterey in Haitian people in prison has had a long and troubled history it was the scene of a riot in 2016 which left for wings badly damaged 500 offenders when moved out the worst prison disturbances for decades since then inspected say conditions have deteriorated to the point of Crisis supposed to government to take over the running of Birmingham from the private phone G4S leadership and management we’d hoped that G4S bringing in a new experience Governor would make a difference it didn’t which is why we had to make the difficult decision to step in ourselves order and with violent inmates able to act with impunity a letter to the Justice secretary said there was a fear of violence among some prisoners who refused to come out of that cells groups of stuff had locked themselves in their offices and conditions were found to be filthy with blood vomit and rat droppings on the floor the chief prisons inspector suggested ministers should have intervened earlier you knew about it why didn’t they do something about it intervened take effective action show leadership be the case that the only time urgent action is taken to restore decency is when an inspection report is published surely somebody must have been asleep at the wheel since the start of the Year G4S has been warned numerous times that it must address the problems of Birmingham official Improvement notices sent to manages lost month the former prison officer told the BBC he was frightened to go to work I would sit in the car for length of time trying to get yourself in the right State of Mind to go Madea’s work was it your idea to be assaulted you know you were just expecting things to come along in May the volunteer party that carries out regular visit to Birmingham was so alarmed about conditions it wrote to minister Gordon for Action the headcount needs to be reduced I think mine is just need to be allowed to manage and be visible on the wings and I think the whole issue of safety and violence and Drug in grass needs to be addressed G4S won the contract to run Birmingham seven years ago stalking stop protests the company won’t get the prism back for at least 6 months until it’s safer and more stable Keef arrested welcome the opportunity to work with the government to address what it said would be exceptional challenges addiction people many other prisons in the public sector face similar problems of violence and drug-taking but none on the scale
Birmingham Prison is being taken over by the government from the private firm G4S, after inspectors said it had fallen into a “state of crisis”. Chief Inspector of Prisons Peter Clarke described it as the worst prison he had ever been to. Problems at the prison have escalated since a major riot in December 2016.

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