‘The revolution has failed’ – Fred Fleitz on the Islamic Revolution

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‘The revolution has failed’ – Fred Fleitz on the Islamic Revolution
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‘The revolution has failed’ – Fred Fleitz on the Islamic Revolution
The US view Fred of Iran we always told, is that it’s a pariah state is that it’s regarded as as the universal Pokemon in the world. Is that the few that you have from from your work for me for the office that you go to from the people that you talk to? Well? I know they do hear a lot of that and I think it’s unfortunate, because Ron has a warm and welcoming people their well-educated, their hard-working, have a rich culture and there’s no reason why the two countries can’t be allies, there’s this false narrative being circulated and that We heard it on this program a little earlier that data runs isolation and economic problems for the fall of the United States of Donald Trump. That’S just not true. We have to see that admit that the revolution spell the economy has been very badly managed by the country’s fanatical Theocratic rulers, who have wasted millions and billions of dollars on terrorism. Sending troops into Syria building missiles play weapons program, and then we have the Irani people who can’t buy eggs or can’t buy food it. It’S just an appalling tragedy that this country has been managed so badly and if Donald Trump is really responsible for the current problems. With the enemy, why were the Iranian people suffering during the Obama Administration? Why did the economic disaster continue? Because the regime wasted all the sanctions relief? They got under the nuclear deal and put it into weapons and terrorism, and I don’t know what else they wasted. I think it’s a terrible tragedy, but I hope the end of that tragedy is insight.
Fred Fleitz, President of the Center for Security Policy giving his opinion on the Islamic Revolution

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