The robot that draws on walls – BBC News

The robot that draws on walls – BBC News
This robot draws on your walls, it’s called scribit and it can transform you all into a work of art. We put them to draw the BBC news websites, give them a bit of a challenge, I’m having a very long so we’ll see how so Andrea tell me. Why did you come up with the idea for a robot that draws on Walls? Group question? Yes, I think about how we’re live, something about like here at CES there’s so many Innovations coming, but they all are bringing more pixels more data into our life. So we thought that we wanted to create a technology, something another tape that was able to remind us that beautiful things required times has been very slow to draw this. Why does it take so long? Because the point is not like having things that happened here. If you want to bring our two people to f*** that is able to raise their drawings, it’s very important feature to us. When I was young, my felt tips would dry up. If I left the cops off, you have to type these out when you’re finished, or can you just leave them in that’s a recommendation would give like once you have used it unless going to make like a new drawing like within the next 15 to 20 minutes. The best recommendation is taken away, all finished, websites., Pretty good job inside we’re, making improvements and that’s like a custom process. So what do you see like has like things are not like completely aligned? That’S part of the game, we’re making improvements and every minute we worth it,
A robot that can draw on walls with marker pens and then erase its designs is on display at the CES tech show in Las Vegas.

Scribit has already raised more than $2m (£1.6m) in a crowdfunding campaign.

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