The school beating the odds with music – BBC News

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The school beating the odds with music – BBC News
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The school beating the odds with music – BBC News
The school is rated in the top 10 % in England for improving children’s performance in English. Unless it’s in a deprived and diverse area, 98 % of its people speak English as an additional language. So, what’s the secret music 2010 government right to the school in Bradford as failing the children were disengaged? Behavior was a massive issue, so I’m going to try something different is embraced music in a big way. In 2013, it recruited its first music coordinator. The school just coming out. Special Manchester is virtually no music going on until between 3 and 8 hours a week forever student. If I choose to control the evening time club’s next school clubs, the Nexus animal to untie, was music with the specialist every week. Crucially, these are all designed to be the lessons make sure children actively before music Assamese cements that some children, music accounting seminar, every child is musically. Talented schools out of people’s are now in the top 2 % in England for Progressive Mass Effect you enjoy, like you did too, do you scared.. The results will be affected. Actually. Music and arts are the Bedrock of Education success. You know your results will go up using music and arts, not down
A primary school in a deprived part of Bradford has gone from failing to a success story. The transformation, it says, is down to a decision to rebuild its curriculum around music. Dougal Shaw reports.

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