The Science of Exploding Lava | ScienceTake

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The Science of Exploding Lava | ScienceTake
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The Science of Exploding Lava | ScienceTake
If that seems like a volcano, well you’re, almost right, it’s an experimental Recreation of what happens. Sometimes, when cold water is hot, lava. Researchers at the University of Buffalo created this explosion and lots of others, and they did it. The study one of the dangers of volcanic eruption experiment out in the country about 40 miles south of Buffalo. What’S the make homemade magnet and they did that by heating chunks of Basalt? That’S essentially ancient magma now found in Corey’s The Rock they used was formed in volcano 70 million years ago. They heated the basalt for 4. They brought it to a temperature of 2400 degrees that would melt many metals like silver and gold and do unimaginable damage to human skin if somehow, it’s built. For that reason, the researchers suited up with protective gear as you sick for the homemade lava into a container fitted with heat resistant, steel tubes. Those tubes would allow the researchers to inject water into the molten rock. They did that remotely for obvious reasons. Sometimes the water set off an, but sometimes they needed a swinging Sledgehammer to trigger the lava bomb. The combination is homemade explosion and sophisticated video analysis turns out to be a good method for studying this process, really great explosion. Next up search using the same method, because there’s no question about the value of knowing more about lavabox and it’s a lot safer to study a barrel of homemade magma than to get near a live volcano.
To better understand the explosive reaction between water and lava, scientists from the University at Buffalo brewed their own lava. Here’s how they did it. Also, do not try this at home.

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