The secret world of teenagers hacking Fortnite – BBC News

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The secret world of teenagers hacking Fortnite – BBC News
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The secret world of teenagers hacking Fortnite – BBC News
This is me playing fortnite game. I need all the only one that are hundreds out that most of them teenagers. This is the world huge, it’s the world’s most popular video game, with 200 million players worldwide, thousands of pounds a week, the games free to play the people spend real money, upgrading the way that characters look, they cool them skins, unable to buy accessories like paragliders and Pickaxes and that’s what makes these accounts payable and the target testing them in huge numbers and selling them online to never growing and hungry Marketplace and all of the social media victims of venting their frustration with them. To tell me exactly how it feels to be hacked. It’S pretty it’s pretty heartbreaking. You didn’t take all of my skins and everything that I had honestly. The biggest thing tried to have me buy my account back. Isn’T it time network of Bio, Sellers and middlemen operating completely in the open? Some of these hackers themselves? How to learn how to become a cracker? He says he’s mainly a middleman now selling on cracked accounts. He knows he’s breaking the law and said he wants to stop soon and his how he did it crack his by huge list of usernames and passwords have been published online by who’s who carried out data breaches in the past. They then use a tool to input them into the fortnite login page, thousands a time when they get a successful hit. They take over the account to make it difficult or even impossible for the owner to get it back and then say, accounts president lose 25p or hundreds of pounds, depending on how in-demand accessories all agreed to speak to me. If I met him inside the game, it’s just popped up every single character item you can imagine, of course he has a limited edition skin. He, let me see, show some of the accounts he sells coming with hundreds of pounds, despite the accessories not giving players any advantage in the game. He breaks into major databases to steal even more usernames and passwords, so you’re absolutely convinced that you’re doing this, along with hundreds of other people and you’re never going to get cold. But how can you be so sure, because what you’re doing is a crime right, Sirius Cybertron, Ethan’s, the youngest-ever recruit of the National Crime rate he’s a guy meme self. These individuals that thinks that they are Anonymous makes you realize that they have one of these offices. This is a genuine coin. Wallet doing isn’t is quite serious, just the compromise of a prison taking place on that platform. One thing that reluctant to do, though, is to encourage any technical changes to the games, but we’ve spoken to hackers who told us that that businesses with end of the night, if the platform enforced two-factor authentification, are you attached to a mobile phone to her account to Prove Who You Are the game maker says it’s working to improve security. It also encourages and rewards players who take steps to increase their account protection in the meantime that gains popularity grows daily and these teenager for Shootist, or even expanding that put nights now in its seventh season. The new one just don’t see how the day, which means there’s loads, world-class signing up and that’s plenty more opportunity for these hackers to make it killing.
The BBC wanted to find who was breaking into Fortnite accounts and selling them. Our cyber-security correspondent Joe Tidy discovered a ring of teenage hackers making thousands.

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