The Seven Commandments of Fake News | NYT Opinion

The Seven Commandments of Fake News | NYT Opinion
May 21st 2016 in Houston, Texas. This is an empty Islam. Protest outside of mosque in the heart of downtown Street account around the same place same time, Post in Russia, same techniques, according to the information he produce english-language News Channel, Google self-reliance is Russia – is suddenly much more powerful Catholic crosses gameplan to achieve a change in the Behaviour perception and Viewpoint of foreign, audiences and government, they are good question. Have you ever tried to meddle in other countries election four years, accountability? We must never allow the end justify the means. It was just a few weeks before the 2016 election Straight Out. The Playbook has been around for very long time: Vista textbook toolbox, playbooks, snap verification at Hannaford since 2008, a time-tested step-by-step recipe to creating the perfect fake news story. Saru number one cracks in the Target Society: Christy Regional division actually emphasizes Division and actually make people lose trust in one another. Patient he’s got a disease that causes weakness here, instead of trying to make it better and try to make everything worse. Also, so egregious that if they could get people to believe it, it would be totally damning room number 3 around of Truth, okay she’s over there to kind contain some information is eventually accepted. The story came from somewhere else. Useful idiots are are essentially people. They would identify who unwittingly will take the kremlin’s message and push it into the target audience the foreign population. They want to rape, they were idiots and there is very useful and what happens when they I will ask, because they play the long game. Minion accumulation of operations and, if you think about it as a drip on a rock today, the trip doesn’t have any impact 7 simple rules, but then something came along as change the game entirely. The incidences bought an embassy Ubiquiti, an emergency and combinations that we didn’t have in the area of talents, machines and shortwave, radio and refreshing prices. You can reach maybe 100,000 people if the paper was had a nice circulation Coos by ISIS. The deadly phosphorus leak in American Falls, Idaho and the list goes on and on the plane, MH 17 was shut down by Ukrainian fighter. Jet is the queen behind the Ebola outbreak and the zika virus spectrum, and now that you know the rules of the paper, you can see how effective weapon it really is face or anyone to understand what really happens here. We need to go back to March 19th. 2016, Washington DC. This is the time and the place where hackers go into the Gmail accounts of Clinton’s campaign. Chair John podesta emails were the information to power. The pizzagate conspiracy, behind the big surprise, don’t get much bigger in the presidential candidate running a child sex ring from the basement. What’S a genius idea communicating automatically in in synchronization we never seen in the history of social media, you exactly what to do. Where you can say is it nice, 80 % of that coverage is actually excellent coverage because 80 % of the time that doing quality journalism when 20 % of the time, then I used to go before the election. The story has taken on a life of its own, the Magnificent langhe beginning to pay off. That said, even Russia pizza restaurant support, one story took 6 years old. The shift the world balance of power in Western countries on themselves placing a sophisticated weapons from the inside fighting a war. The highest art Warfare is not to fight at all, but two subvert anything of value in your enemies, country anything White against black. I don’t know well taken Sport and so on doesn’t matter as long as it’s disturb society. As long as it’s custom, moral fiber of a Nation, it’s good, washington-dc spot zombie crisis will come
Operation InfeKtion, Episode 2: The Pizzagate Playbook — same tactics, new technologies. How the seven rules of Soviet disinformation are being used to create today’s fake news stories. Pizza anyone?

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