The sex attack that changed Spain – BBC News

The sex attack that changed Spain – BBC News
The sex attack that changed Spain – BBC News
Vis, a feminist Uprising in Spain, women have taken to the streets they protesting against gender-based violence. In recent memory, a teenage girl accused five men of gang raping her doing the running of the bulls Festival in Pamplona. It happened right here. The five men who called themselves laminada, which means the Wolfpack drunk to go into the hallway of this building and film the attack on the phones. The girl said she froze in Tera by the judges who saw the videos rules that her behavior was passive and on the Spanish Flu type only if there is ever the violence and intimidation in April 2018, the wolf pack was found not guilty of rape. On that same day, thousands of women took to the street / 2 months of protests across Bay. It was something that I have never lived before, so we went out with the time to claim sister. I believe you to support her and we started to to question at the sentence. Even though he’s on the latest system, I trending hashtag and mashed on social media story. As a result, the government promised to make changes to the sexual. This was a big win for Spanish feminists, but powerful feminist movement is facing a backlash. Far-Right political party called Vox is gaining grounds in Europe, but they have something unique. accused of declaring war on women gender-based violence, it’s designed to better protect women from domestic abuse and bruising cause which only prosecute men, but fox, says this law discriminates against men and they Want to avoid boxer holding an event in Pamplona. What I want to find out is why women would vote for a party that is open, late anti-feminist. As a woman, do you feel represented by boss? If the president of the party, Santiago abascal, he says his top priority is a United say. He also says that Spanish, feminist and men into guilty people just for being men, he’s against abortion and wants to abolish full-time analyst groups. They said that they don’t like women. Aluminum spoke to him.. I said to me that they support dogs because they love saying they want Spain to be a United Country and they feel represented by boxes, women as well 18, and they said they threw the books about the fact that there was no problem in Spain with gender Violence, the only one, a handful of seats in a regional election thoughts they going up in the polls, so do they really want to roll back women’s rights? I’M going to the kapital Madrid today headquarters. Spain is a country in the world where it’s safest to be wanted by all stats. Spay, unfortunately, has between 45 to 55 women murdered every year. Now about half of those are murdered by terrorists or immigrant Boston Tea Room Ministry says most killers of Spanish women are themselves Spanish. They commit nearly 70 % of murders relating to gender violence. Abolish the law that protects women against gender violence at the moment discriminates against men only judgment. So if a couple gets into a fight in a gun, violence, quite the woman is all violence should be treated equally. Everybody should be afforded the same legal rights, not just a certain amount of women, Dahlia killed by his father, killed by her son, two women who were killed last year. Women were killed in Spain by their partner’s former partners in 2017 was the worst year on record for violence against women. Nearly 160,000 women suffered domestic violence. Marina is one of them. Show me Yellowman supposed to think Isaac. So you not to laugh in the Kissimmee name of the dictatorship under General, Francisco Franco until 1975. During that time, Women’s Rights was stripped away without the buns approval, women could work on the property or even open a bank account after Franco’s death. Everything changed now in 2019, the Spanish government says it has. The most feminist cabinet in the world, with two-thirds of ministers are women.. Some believe that violence against women is still ingrained in Spanish Society. 4 women explain, but we still have a problem with my sister Society. We have noticed that, as we advanced in gaining and women’s right, then Mattis entirety is stronger to they try to punish our our Victory. So, for example, seems the Wolfpack case happens that we have had more cases of rapes in Spain. Marina is now very open about what happened, but that’s quite rare in Spain only about 20 % of women report sexual abuse, probably because they don’t feel supported by system. But the government is trying to change that is possible that the criminal code in this area is going to be changed because after the case of divorced, but it will help you as a man of Civil Society, feminist organizations that ask for a more effective response. In this type of the reforms that Pilar is working on would bring Spanish legislation in which countries like the UK and Sweden, any sexual act without Express consent will be considered right. But will that be enough? Because the main problem is that we still go through it through completely he’s not in the position or don’t feel like a fable to say yes or no in that situation because they shot right. Now I mean we are not even have the way I mean it’s something that we would love for a long time. We got to keep going because there’s so much to change from when we were kids so and bring about that change in society could get even tougher. The country holes at general election in April and there’s no guarantee that a new government, the promised to best protect Spanish women
A feminist “revolution” against gender-based violence is happening in Spain, activists say.

Women took to the streets in outrage last April over the trial of five men, who called themselves La manada (the wolf pack).

They were accused of gang-raping a teenager, but were found guilty of a lesser offence and acquitted of rape.

The ruling prompted a #MeToo-style outpouring of women’s stories on social media.

The government promised to change the sexual assault laws.
But the feminists are facing a backlash.

Vox, a new political party which has been accused of waging war against women, is gaining ground.

Spain holds a general election on 28 April.

Reporter: Sofia Bettiza Filmed by: Tom Bateman

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