The sextech inventor ‘closing the orgasm gap’ – BBC News

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The sextech inventor ‘closing the orgasm gap’ – BBC News
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we talk about the pay Gap a lot but there is actually a big gap between genders when it comes to how many orgasms you have any for me it’s really important to talk to women about sexuality about masturbation and took it back up when you finding any business it’s really tough there are going to be so many hurdles and Barrios that you need to push through but when you’re starting a business and sexuality or pleasure very sorry as I just thought a little bit higher funding is a tricky thing for any young company when it comes to sex it might not be right for you to take institutional investment for kids unfortunately some of them have closes in the contract that say no sex no drugs no gambling I’m sorry be adopted parts and for simple Frost wise what is speaking to Angel Investors a lot of them for us RX entrepreneurs who have and some family that I like investing in young businesses if a pet fences in the product that I could understand your level of arousal then we could start to deliver you content that was either passing lies towards you sir The Hip Hop with your smart TV or your smart lighting or your smart key thing and make sure when you arrive her and the room is so nice and comfy and warm we’ve had this conception Instax in fishing tank for a very long time of informed enthusiastic consent when he’s not exactly what you’re collecting and give an active yes into it been collected
Straight women have a third fewer orgasms than straight men during sex – and 28-year-old Stephanie Alys is determined to change that.
The inventor co-founded a multi-million pound business and she now sells luxury vibrators in 57 countries.
But working in sexuality can be an uphill struggle, especially when trying to fund a business idea that pushes the boundaries of pleasure.
Be warned – this film is all about sex. And business.
Video journalist: Hannah Gelbart

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