The shopping mall where everything is recycled – BBC News

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The shopping mall where everything is recycled – BBC News
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The shopping mall where everything is recycled – BBC News
Best shopping mall in Sweden may look normal, but there’s something different about it. Every Isom here at 2nd and some products are upcycle. So unwanted things are reinvented something new like this lamp shade, which is made from worn-out, leather, some High Fashion, Fair shopping, mall, where you can come and just do sustainable shopping and sweetie loves it and the world loves it. Everyone wants to be like us. The cleverest thing about this mole – Stockholm is its location right next to the city’s recycling center. So a steady stream of cars is already coming to drop off unwanted household items, team sort, everything in Castries, the mall shopkeepers upcycle, the real Austin runs a popular show. It sells handmade household ornaments and you can buy things. Other people don’t use anymore. So it’s good for the nature and good for the environment. To think about the environment and shopping lights is good for them. At the mall has 14 specialist shops. It also hosts a design school students learn how to upcycle commonly tonight. I really want to make something good about that climate crisis right now and I feel like I’m on the right place. In 2018, the 1.3 meaning of unwanted items found new homes.
At the ReTuna shopping mall in Sweden everything for sale is recycled, thanks to its clever location.

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