The Story of ‘Mo Bamba’: How a SoundCloud Rap Track Goes Viral | Diary of a Song

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The Story of ‘Mo Bamba’: How a SoundCloud Rap Track Goes Viral | Diary of a Song
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what’s good bro hey what’s up man times has very strict everybody wants to turn up to it at a party and yet like it doesn’t get that much radio play it’s not on the Hot 100 but it still feels like a huge song and then I went over to their profit evil well we should definitely get check on this and he was like let me hit him off right now space for it the mic and then he starts rapping people calling you my friend talking about it I like the whole thing like I had a older laptop at the time so please please God though everything freezes and then just ignore music we just ordered on recording everything and then they’re like we need to put a second artist that you know it’ll all like make sense came together yes I like that was like you know 20 minutes and then 2 days later sixteen-year-old just uploaded it to his SoundCloud page shop that we didn’t turn it into No Label we didn’t have to wait a month to get it on Spotify Obama has been an influential song crazy when you see like come on still hasn’t hit its peak are you guys around for the video shoot one check it broke his leg or whatever we in Harlem but cryptic text like show up to the middle court midnight
Today, a rap recorded in 20 minutes can go from internet obscurity to a Drake-approved club smash. The artists Sheck Wes, 16yrold and Take A Daytrip show us how they did it.

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