The Strange Life of Garden Eels | ScienceTake

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The Strange Life of Garden Eels | ScienceTake
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sometimes the strange kind of crop Sprouts in the Sandy Bottom of the Red Sea heels these Garden eels grow up to 3 ft long in about a half inch in diameter they live in open the seafloor into which they can retreat at any hint of a predator even when they’re feeding on tiny animals called Zillow Plankton they stay anchored in the sand they secrete the kind of mucus to helps them stay put what’s Tankard if you can swim and they can if they want to win that got two more food apparently not and low current they stretch out and snack any pray Within Reach in any direction in a faster current when swimming fish have trouble chasing prey the Eagles adopt a? Shape that lets them hold steady and still feed on Plankton it’s a sweet by and then alysis by researchers found the drag on their bodies was up to four times less than it would have been they were straight up that is when the researchers could find the heels this shape-shifting Talent is allowed these heels to colonize the sandy sea floor where other fish have trouble getting a grip sometime stay-at-home moms get all the good plankton
Garden eels live a strange life. They anchor themselves to the ocean floor using their own mucus, and contort into strange shapes and positions to catch plankton. Find out more about these weird and wonderful stay-at-home fish.

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