The supermodels that will never die – BBC News

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The supermodels that will never die – BBC News
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I was inspired to create shooting by models growing up Naomi Campbell armaan Malik on Greystone inspiration is the gorgeous South African princess Barbie who is adopting Bobby but in my opinion one of the most funny I think growing up my kind of was slightly different from the general consensus you know I kind of need look around and you see this very much tonight to your beauty but for me I was kind of always more chewing too powerful women no I’m not trying to how to search YouTube look on to anyone and say this is how the ideal black woman looks so I kind of the line between in the back boxes box debate on conversation about topics I think they really extremely important topics about representation areas opportunities no it’s something that we have to come to wait and see I’m hoping that wish you knew I can kind of educate people and Inspire them to get involved with 3D
Balmain has used computer-generated 3D models in its latest fashion campaign.
Among them is Shudu, who has been dubbed the world’s first digital supermodel, and has previously been used to advertise other brands. We spoke to creator Cameron James-Wilson.
Video Journalist: Miriam O’Donkor

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