The three witches of Instagram – BBC News

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The three witches of Instagram – BBC News
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The three witches of Instagram – BBC News
The same as people took yoga people be able to just talk about that which process someone he’s awake to someone who just practices, Witchcraft and Magic that doing things like that West. Anything to like the fairies healing weather I tend to do. Spousal gives me that, like face, I use crystals a locked meditating if I’m having a hard day and then I go home and I practice and it does have a much nicer Outlook. It was very much hush-hush, very much like unseen, but now with Lightning by social media. It’S massive. It’S huge gather around like a codrin, because there was so many people putting their practice out. Then I was specially on Instagram. People are more accepting of it. Like this generation, especially anybody, I’m proud in times of that in this kind of world, where everything is so stressful did they kind of Eva. That is really what made it less. I phrase them coming out of the broom closet, I’m very open to the idea and that accept it straight away, but some people have decided it was quite a satanic thing is going to be to make sense. Just follow your intuition. It’S very not true in nature, and it’s love.
Meet three witches who believe the social media era is transforming the way people view witchcraft.
Rowan Jasmin, Thea Jade and Stephen, all from Dorset, between them have more than 55,000 social media followers.

They are part of a growing trend of witches on Instagram.

The hashtag #witch has been used more than seven million times on the platform.

Video journalist: Emily Ford

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