The town where ‘police don’t come out’ – BBC News

The town where ‘police don’t come out’ – BBC News
Alright, Alright you’re getting arrested to prevent a breach of the Peace good job. sobador in Haverhill, get interviewed about the please two three years ago. It wouldn’t be strange for themselves to be full on a Friday and Saturday night the prisoners taken from Hartlepool to Middlesbrough to cups out of hot. If you know so, it’s just not sure stopped in the neck to know that there is people walking the streets. I could be looking for them rodolfo’s on Wagon Wheel, given a few hours up through the night, just to protect ourselves and for everybody else, but everybody else is only love what we say. We expect somebody to come out to visit this one. We said we had CCTV, but that didn’t happen. It’S a little great crime to them. To me, it’s 15 towns with the tools we basically do. A few people who knew a few people and phone calls were made. The tools are 3/4 of those to pay you. What was lost and we doing the best with what we’ve got, stop
After eight years of spending cuts affecting public services, the government has said austerity is coming to an end.

But what has the effect of less money been on local communities?

The BBC has been following officers in one of England’s poorest towns to investigate how budget cuts impact police on the front line.

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Cleveland Police cover the districts of Hartlepool, Redcar and Cleveland, Stockton and Middlesbrough – all in the North East.

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