The Trick To Tracking Trump’s Lies And Corruption | MSNBC

The Trick To Tracking Trump’s Lies And Corruption | MSNBC
The Trick To Tracking Trump’s Lies And Corruption | MSNBC
That weird moment back in January 2016, was during the primaries When Donald Trump was in a fight with Fox News, and he decided to skip their debate and instead held a fundraiser for veterans, and he bragged that he raised $ 6 for the best, including and then Started on the campaign Trail, but here’s the thing he’s stiff veterans. It was a crazy thing, so one reporter at the Washington Post just started running around trying to find out exactly where the money and what he found out was a Donald Trump donated all that at all they’re basically shamed him into giving the money. And then we backyard president and and the one who reported got a Pulitzer and he has now become the foremost reporter on the scope of the president. Corruption is conflict of interest, so you you start on this journey where the presents translations. At a certain point, the president calls you he’s a candidate that pointed it right and so at this point his campaign and said he’s giving $ 1000000 to Veterans, but I couldn’t find any evidence that he had. I spent all this time. Looking calling you know, every veterans organization, I can think of every person who knew about you and I can think of, I couldn’t find any evidence you’d, given the money out and so Trump called me and Trump said. Then. Okay, 10 minutes ago I gave the million dollars away. Okay, yeah right, and it was one of the strange conversations I’ve ever had because there was a bunch of other people’s money that other people have given him, and he was still sitting on that. He said he would give to Veterans, and so okay, you know. Where is that money and he he would weird interaction. What he would say. Instead of answer the question, he would say: you’re a nasty person you’re, the worst person ever. I can’t be divorced person and answer the questions actually regressive actually didn’t evolve into insults. Again. We did that five or six times before the interview was over with you about how to make the speak kind of a hobby for me was, like somebody said, go to go right about Donald Trump’s charitable giving. But Marty said that instead, okay well in that under the microscope of a presidential campaign, this is the brightest Spotlight. We have in American journalism. This guy tried to stiff veterans, honor group in our society that under the microscope, we have on him now what doing before? When it was just entertainment by keeping him on his reporting on the foundation throughout the campaign, there’s this great there’s always amazing, portraits of himself with three have that part. We have a portrait of of like Foundation money. He uses Foundation money to buy big portraits of himself, then puts them in his property and there’s no money that ever not real charity there. This is what happened at Mar-A-Lago. The sort of a side-by-side entertainment they’ll have like a option of paintings or whatever, and I think the artist had learned that if you paint a picture of Donald Trump, he has to buy it because one else will buy it and it is just say their unsold And so he would buy these paintings of himself. This is a charity auction to write like if you want to spend $ 20,000, which is what it was in one case to buy a giant picture of himself great. The money goes to charity. The problem is: can use his own money, use this Charities money to buy the save him money. Okay and now, if you do that, if your charity buys the painting that painting is now charitable, asset must be used for charitable purposes. Important question: where is this painting? Is it hanging on the wall of a children, Hospital someplace with me, search using Twitter? One of my Twitter followers founded hanging on the wall of his Golf Resort, at Doral future side of the group of seven Summit. The New York attorney general has basically shuttered it. There they’re going to shut it down as soon as I can figure out how to distribute beautiful, moving to a different part of this beat, which is the foundation’s, relatively small, and it’s a small world and you can kind of trackdown. They both have to have public filings. He could track down some other folks that are balding. It can a president who has a vast business Empire that he’s not really that disconnected from. We spent a lot of time on it now and what we know is that it’s a lot of it is not doing very well, and we spent a lot of time trying to identify his business. He could become more desperate for favors or other people taking to help him through his business right. I’D rather have a president as bad as it sounds. You baby would rather have a president getting rich off his business, been a president losing money and needing help with this business. You know I have never heard you articulate that, as your theory of the case is a desperate in debt, spiraling downward president dangerous from a corruption perspective, warhorn influence protective because they might be desperate to do whatever they can to get loans or gifts or money to Stay afloat, Gino to pay off a loan on Friday in a woman he do, if he’s, if he’s in that kind of desperation, so a lot of his business – and I still can’t tell you with the whole business – is making money or losing money. But a lot of his dues in system. I understand that as well as who’s putting money in a few stories, if not impeachment real real right arm pose real constitutional press stories about Saudis, just dumping, a ton of money into his hotels. That’S right at least two instances of that morning to sort of bogus lobbying campaign where they would fly American veterans in to Washington have them Lobby Congress for a bill that the Saturday secretly opposed against. You got veterans who get flown out to Lobby against, to build a Sally’s want to kill. Yes, they don’t know they’re, doing it the money and putting them up in the Trump Hotel, 500 hotel rooms course of three months at the Trump Hotel, plus banquet halls meals. All kind of things it was at least $ 270,000. Obviously there’s some expenses here, but if we found out that the sound e Prince had written the president a check for $ 27,000, that would obviously be the biggest story in the world. Right right are just trying to like it was just starting to understand how it works with Trump. Maybe somebody is writing checks. I don’t know. I’Ve never seen that, but there are ways that people get money to him through his business is his business. Is 100 % owned by him, so you pay his business to $ 70,000. That’S a personal asset of his expenses, not $ 200,000 of pure profit, but that’s money that goes to a pot that he controls when you do 500 rooms. City of the Trump Hotel here in New York on the Saudis family came through and I think he reported that they like they put them in the black for the quarter right so Hotel in New York on Central Park. West Bruster’s is beginning of last year saying great news for once we made a profit for the quarter and the reason was one group of Saturday Travelers traveling with the Crown Prince. They said for 5 days. They spend so much the hotel make money for the quarter. So there’s two things about that. Imagine the information getting back to present. It would be one thing if this was happening and he was blind to it all. He doesn’t know where the money is coming from came through for 500 room get booked, there’s a plausible case. It gets back to him really been interested in, and I can’t tell you that much about what information gets to him and how it gets to him right over Saturday spend that much money and they tell him their investors. Does that go to him? Who tells him that communication from the business and Trump is something I still don’t understand very well. Lance’s right now? No, not me not in any sort of holistic way. I can tell you how this business is doing in that business is doing, but the whole shebang Now microphone and promoting Doral, which is his property in in Florida as the site of the next G7. How is Daryl doing really poorly actually huge part of his finances at a big hotel, but, unlike other hotels, he owns it directly. So all the revenue goes to a franchise, and so it’s the biggest source of Revenue of all his hotel. That’S has one of the biggest loans and since 2015, it has been in the words of Trump’s own representative. Severely underperforming and profits have gone down, 69 % since 2015 and the reason it was actually great. We got this video of Trump’s representative talking to Miami-Dade County in search of a lower tax valuation, but she was explained why the hotel was doing so poorly and she said that’s what the reason is Trump. The reason is, the brand has a negative connotation on the brand, so this is a hotel that needs help influx of Revenue. I mean, even if it didn’t, you know, we didn’t pushing it profit profitability, just a bunch of Revenue to keep the lights on, will be hugely welcome. Their final question: the investigative reporting, a genie pops out of the lamp, and he comes in you dated farenthold and he says David. It’S a look at any any set of documents. You want we’re living at the Trump org. I guess I mean business doing overall and if it needs financial help, where does it Financial come help come from? Have they ever gone to anybody outside their company in outside of the sources of money? We know about what you’re doing to Bank in other other public lenders have they ever reached out Beyond and for financial help either during the presidency or in the Years preceding the presidency.
Washington Post Reporter David Fahrenthold used an old-school notebook and social media – and there’s still plenty of work to be done.
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The Trick To Tracking Trump’s Lies And Corruption | MSNBC

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