The Unmatched Speed of a Chameleon Tongue | ScienceTake

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The Unmatched Speed of a Chameleon Tongue | ScienceTake
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chameleons are known for changing color but their powers are more than just Skin Deep they fire their tongues out to capture insects to eat and those are some tongues usually about 2 X body length now a scientist at Brown University is found at the smallest chameleons pack an extra punch this is Ram fully and spinosus it’s just under 2 in long its tongue shoots out to about and a half times that body length and accelerate so fast it’s pulling about 264 G’s that acceleration in the power output of 14000 watts per kilogram top any known movement by any reptile bird or mammal the researchers found that the smaller chameleons in general active bigger punch the reason seems to be that smaller animals tend to have higher metabolisms so they need to eat more per pound 4 / fraction of an ounce to do that these chameleons evolved an oversize souped-up feeding mechanism apparently power to the little is an evolutionary maximum
Chameleons are experts at camouflage, but they have another secret weapon: their tongues. The lizards can shoot their tongues out to more than two body lengths, at an acceleration of 8,500 feet per second per second. Watch this 2016 episode of ScienceTake for the full report.

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