The US war that never officially ended – BBC News

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The US war that never officially ended – BBC News
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nothing news cameraman recalled the Lost biker events of the Korean War as a convoy of army vehicles brings of the signing of the armistice United States are still officially at war with North Korea and that is so important to remember because it serves as the backdrop for why we have these tensions today and it is North Korea is rationalizing Justified the construction of nuclear weapons South Korea did not sign the Armistice agreement that the United States would have to be part of any kind of peace treaty or peace agreement that will be signed with North Korea the United States is so Central to their ideology but if they want to move on from this war rhetoric and start focusing on their economy what can you unlearn needs some sort of Declaration when leader of North Korea says he supports a nuclear weapons free cream Peninsula he needs not only North Korea giving up its nuclear weapons also withdrawing its nuclear assets from the region and that is very tricky because the United States to be Frank has military Assets in the region not just because of North Korea but because of others Regional and strategic interest China for example United States is not going to give up its we could be States and North Creek and get on the same page get on some sort of road map or timeline that will lead to concrete measure toward denuclearization so that they can start talking about peace
As the leaders of North and South Korea meet in Pyongyang, one issue on the table is the never-ending war with the US. So why was a peace treaty never signed at the end of the Korean War – and what are the chances now?
We asked Jean Lee, director of the Hyundai Motor Korea Foundation Center for Korean History and Public Policy.
Video by Aakriti Thapar.

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