The village that’s eradicated FGM – BBC News

The village that’s eradicated FGM – BBC News
It’S playtime for seven-year-old zainab at a little sister. Unlike most Sudanese girls, her age zeynep have not and will not be cut. Thanks to hug parents decided to end the practice of female genital mutilation in their family 35 years ago. Closest young woman not to have sexual desires, our religion does not allow it before we decided not to do it. My wife was under huge pressure to do it, but thankfully she reviews your daughter has won, get married. If the and Cat they threatened to tell anyone who proposed to my daughter’s that do I not circumcised the family and slowly, their neighbors started emulating them now. They’Re retired Village of Ibis fear about 3 hours. South of cartoon has turned its back FGM. Local religious leaders spoke to them. That’S something the Sudanese government is trying to replicate across the country with support from British and their training religious leaders to preach against FGM. Villages like Uma Laura in Jazeera State they using drama and humor to break the silence on the taboo public display is about convincing the mother’s grandmother’s and midwives who carry out FGM in the privacy of their homes. To stop wake me up in one more people at changing their views like Amira, a midwife to the number of girls, the included her own daughters and granddaughter will override in banana. I wish God would forgive me to the children’s so me as if I was the angel of death. If I could speak to them, I would ask forgiveness in Islam, honey about 200 million women around the world and living with the effects of genital mutilation and Mila. 70 million more at risk, foam on external genitals are removed and the golf a stitched up. It is supposed to protect their virginity, but causes incredible suffering, singing Our Lives. It’S the clitoris. We has a husband and wife feel like something is missing. When we sleep together, we should get what we need. We have to explain that issue to our daughter’s. We need to say to them, we have lost it, but you must not lose it to is being raised in sedan, 902. Favorite angles relation between here in this cool, a group of girls have decided that will not be cut. The part of a project told Sunny her, as God intended, the weary took pride of the ticket stand for their health. The hope is that one day, if Jim will no longer be an issue to talk about in the school assembly that the practices finally end here in Sudan and across Africa and SRI bbcnews Jazeera
It started when one family decided not to circumcise its women 30 years ago. That idea spread and now an entire village in Sudan has eradicated female genital mutilation (FGM); they don’t even talk about it anymore.

Elsewhere in the country, the majority of girls and women are cut. Now, Sudan’s government, with help from international aid, is hoping to put an end to FGM nationwide, by 2030.

It comes as the British Government announces £50m to tackle the issue across the continent. The BBC’s Senior Africa Correspondent Anne Soy went to meet some of the people turning their back on the practice and witnessed the change they are bringing to their communities.

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