The woman behind Rihanna’s yellow dress – BBC News

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The woman behind Rihanna’s yellow dress – BBC News
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The woman behind Rihanna’s yellow dress – BBC News
Do you think my big break came with Rihanna dress in 2010? It took over 30 months and tens of thousands of working hours to make the dress was actually already made when we on so I online and ask for it. Frankly Speaking, I didn’t know who she was at that time, but the dress work because of Rihanna’s strengths and beauty and her ability to carry it off when China was most backward and closed off. There was no fashion that all the couch or Revolution was a disaster for us at the time almond will Mouse style, stand-up collar suits and women were similar things. I could never have imagined that today there would be so many beautiful and colorful dresses. Now I’m trying to let you know that my parents didn’t think designing clothes would provide a living for me, but I insisted on it set up my own business. This was Unthinkable at that time, but wanted to pursue my dream to make the most beautiful dresses for the most beautiful women as a result of my childhood. I now particularly like fancy hand, embroidery and now employee 500 people, I’m particularly proud of my 300 embroiderers. My whole life has been pursuing designing that one big dress, I don’t know how beautiful it will get. I can keep improving it, don’t you designed My ultimate dress, but I want to keep on doing it. My dress is a record of the time we live in. It’S a record of our memories, thoughts and emotions. China has been developing rapidly loss of this, which lost quite a bit of our history. My Generation has a responsibility to ReDiscover on missing history and culture and pass on our Traditions. I want people in a hundred. Will 500 years time to look at my dress and to know how people lived today they take a shity
Chinese dress designer Guo Pei’s big break came when a singer she had never heard of, named Rihanna, contacted her about a yellow dress she had seen pictures of.
The pop star wore it to the New York Met Gala – sparking a viral meme as the outfit was compared to an omelette.
But for Guo Pei it led her to Paris Fashion Week and international acclaim.
Born in 1960s communist China, where “there was no fashion at all”, Guo Pei told the BBC how she took the “unthinkable” risk of quitting a well-paid job to fulfil her dream of designing and making dresses.

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