‘The worst refugee camp on earth’ – BBC News

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‘The worst refugee camp on earth’ – BBC News
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The Paradise Island of lesvos to the refugee camp described as the worst on the planet Monica Monica Monica play fighting disease I’m sure children it’s not normal it’s not normal account controlled by the Greek government and I have that price representative as an escort five minutes early to go around the section between 2 and 3000 around 70 people put toilet the sewage system doesn’t work for play many Charities have left discount in protester how bad it is how long is the wait for food I’m what you got up for breakfast on people come at 3:30 a.m. Cuban refugees are arriving on the island than previous years but I’m not leaving the part of the Greek government is holding people unless both rather than moving them to the mainland they can leave the gate to Viscount but a trumpet on the island so George is just telling me that this is a line of 1000 with Africans and it has moved it off till the fight between them and Syrian refugees High how can I come in I just closed why is it closed is there anything we can do to help the woman said she wants to move all the people each of each of them a problem this Saturday at the state would like to come here for 4 days to order 45 days Google I’m going to be leaving the island do nothing because my account is now spilling out the surrounding Countryside known as the Olive Garden where everyone stays calm fit in that conditions even one and everyone just wants to tell me how about it is less than half an hour later and violence erupted put some loud shouting and yours around here say hello we try and find out what’s going on from Lucca who works at RT msf between different Community Afghan and Siri on something like that start in the afternoon and then explode in the nighttime like will life and my old office. And I’ve been working in several country Warzone I’ve been working refugee camps in Central African Republic in Congo in the biggest wrecks in the West African 2014-15 but I’ve never seen her level of Surfing we are witnessing here everyday even compared to yeah but people even if they still have them to support of their family their society their Village the relative you’re no you’re the old is taken away by the system refuse to operate inside Maria in protesta conditions it’s just outside the children here has skin conditions caused by poor hygiene inside the spirit tree diseases Baldwin mental health program for children here and in between our patients who had until are sold child what time to Suicide inside Maria senior constantly damoria we are it’s the meanest look with Children what times suicide suicide we push to move this children to Athens as soon as possible it’s not happening still here Holly is Kurdish originally from a friend in Syria refugee camp on the island Maria often our new toys fight that in May in Arab man with iron bars the money what engine hundreds of kids flat Maria of the fight honestly I’m over there by pianos you didn’t mean to know she ain’t coming across hey in Michigan Oceana what we can ask now we need is to improve the lives in condition and agree government should do that including condition where you still provide doctors access to Medical Care care despite the conditions the boat keep London Kentucky one of the 53 men women and children on this flight from Afghanistan but doesn’t have been killed is hex just this month they celebrate London in Europe Landing somewhere at least most safe Dunlap Avenue trauma that lies ahead
Children as young as ten attempting suicide and almost constant horrific violence. This is life inside a European refugee camp. The BBC has been given rare access inside Moria camp on the Greek island of Lesbos. Workers for the charity MSF say it is the worst refugee camp on earth. It has a capacity for around two thousand refugees yet houses around eight thousand. On just one day the BBC visited two people were stabbed. Catrin Nye went inside.

Reporter and Producer: Catrin Nye
Camera: Owen Kean
Research: Leo Sands
Picture Editors: Sarah Hosny, Richard Tulip
Translations: Najiba Feroz, Vanessa Bowles

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