Theresa May: Cabinet has backed draft Brexit plan – BBC News

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Theresa May: Cabinet has backed draft Brexit plan – BBC News
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Theresa May: Cabinet has backed draft Brexit plan – BBC News
The cabinet has just had a long, detailed, impassioned debate on the drawers with Road agreement and the outline preschool decoration on a future relationship with the European Union. These documents were the results of thousands of Oz negotiation by UK officials. How many many meetings which island all the ministers held with reu counterparts, iPhone whether to move on in the tool the choices before us would difficult, particularly in relation to the Northern Ireland facts toll for the collective decision of cabinet, which of the government should agree. The draft withdrawal agreement and the outside political declaration – this is what your neighbors us to move on and finalize the deal in the days ahead be taken lightly, but I believe it is. It is probably in the National interest when you strip away the detail. The choice before us is clear. This deal, which delivers on the boat of the referendum, which brings control of our money rules and photos, ends removement, protects jobs, security and Union or Leave With No Deal only all know Rex it at all. I know that there will be difficult days ahead. This is a decision which will come under intense scrutiny and Charlie as it should be and then totally understandable, but the choice was Bastille which enables us to Take Back Control and the Bill of Rights country going back to square one with motivation, more uncertainty, the failure To deliver on the referendum beginning tomorrow with a statement in Parliament and by just saying this, I believe what I owe to this country is to take decisions in the National interest. I believe with my head and my heart, but this is a decision which is in the best interest of our entire United Kingdom.
Theresa May Full Statement:
In a statement outside 10 Downing Street after a five-hour Cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Theresa May said that Cabinet has agreed the draft Brexit withdrawal agreement.

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Mrs May said she believed the draft agreement was “the best that could be negotiated”.

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