Theresa May calls off MPs’ vote on her Brexit deal – BBC News

Theresa May calls off MPs’ vote on her Brexit deal – BBC News
Thank you for speaking with commission I’d like to make a statement when exiting the European Union. We’Ve now had three days of debate on the agreement from the EU future relationship after we have left that remains widespread and deep concern proceed to divide the house at this time. In my speech opening the debate last week, the reasons why the isn’t necessary to the people of Northern add why, whatever future relationship you want, there is no deal available. That does not include the Back store sovereign state that the hard one piece, the fact that the hard one piece that is being built in Northern Ireland over the decades. It will create a whole new situation on the 30th of March will, for the first time, become the external Frontier of the Europe Union single market and Customs Union. The challenge dispossess must be match. Businesses, operation cross that border crossing it everyday are being there in spoken to some of those people. They do not want that everyday life to change as a result of the decision. They do not want a return to our border, and this this house cares about preserving our Union. It must listen to those people, because all Union will only angel with a consent. We had hoped that the changes we’ve secured to the Back store would reassure a members that we could never be trapped in it indefinitely. I hope the house will forgive me if I take a moment to reminder changes the customs of them into the office now uky. It no longer splits our country into to customs territories. This also means that the backstop is now an uncomfortable arrangement for the EU, so they wouldn’t want it to come into use both sides, and I legally committed to using best endeavours to have all new relationship in place before the end of the implementation. Ensuring the back Door is never used it on your relationship, isn’t ready. We can now choose to extend implementation. Further, reducing the likelihood of the backstop coming in to use it’s about us coming to use the new relationship in place. Instead, the treaty, the treaty is now clear. The Box. Can only ever be temporary other reason, Iowa to emanations gold turn this place into my own conversations.. These are efficient number of college, the reassurance that they need. I spoke to a number of EU leaders over the weekend and in advance of the European Council. My counterparts in other member states and the leadership of the council in the commission – I will discuss with them the clear concerns at this house has expressed. We are also looking closely at new ways of empowering the House of Commons to ensure any provision for assault. Has Democratic legitimacy Antoinette evil house to place its own obligations on the government to enable a house to place its own obligations on the government to ensure indefinitely mr. speaker the best part of two years poring over the details of brexit listening to the public fanfiction suggests That is too, I’m testing the limits of what the other side is. I’M an absolutely no doubt that this field is the right one result of the referendum ratings of the benefits of attending to our proceedings. I emphasize that, as per usual, I will call everyone who wants to question the Prime Minister, but meanwhile, please hear her the prime minister of security and all Union, but it also represents the very best deal with the EU members of this house in this house. In support of it, if I can secure additional reassurance on the question of the Box Store, if you take a step back, it is clear that this house face is a much more fundamental question. Does this house wants to deliver brexit to do so through reaching an agreement with the EU? Is yes successful, brexit without some compromise on both sides of the debate? Many of the most controversial aspects of those men that you continue to disagree need to shoulder the responsibility of ossification, an alternative solution that can be delivered and do so. I’M do so without ducking its implications. If you want a second referendum to overturn the results of the first be honest, but this risk dividing the country again dividing the country again when it’s a house, we should be striving to bring it back together. If you, if you want a customs Union, if you, if you want to leave without a deal, be upfront, but in the short-term this week any of those courses of action in this house, but not with increases, will step up its work in preparation for that potential Outcome on the cabinet would hold further discussions on it. This week we have a responsibility to discharge. If we will the end, we was full. So will the means – and I know that new members on this side of the house and a few on the other side to sit still and spoken up for it. Many many others, many others, I know – have been wrestling with our consciences. The question of the Back store seized of the need to face up to the challenge posed by the artist folder but genuinely concerned about the consequences. I have listened assurances note on the morning of the referendum two and a half years ago. I knew that we had witnessed a defining moment for our democracy. Elections were making their voices heard and saying that they wanted things to change. I knew in that moment delivering brexit. It means working across solarious, building a stronger economy, improving Public Services. Jamaica is a country that Rooney works for everyone, a country where I know what I’ve nobody is Left Behind, and these matches are too important to be off to Thornton R politics. They deserve to be at the center of all thinking, but that can only happen if we get it done right. Apps that put food on the tables of working families and the security Partnerships and the security Partnerships of keep each one of us safe. It protects job security and all Union Mission. I am determined to secure required to get this deal Over The Line zipper for the British people.
Theresa May says she has called off Tuesday’s crucial vote on her Brexit deal because it would be “would be rejected by a significant margin”.
She said MPs backed much of the deal she has struck with the EU but there was concern over the Northern Irish backstop.
But she said she believed she could still get the deal through if she addressed their concerns.
And that, she added, was what she intended to do in the next few days.
She said she would be speaking to EU leaders ahead of a summit later this week.
And she would also be “looking closely at new ways of empowering the House of Commons to ensure that any provision for a backstop has democratic legitimacy”.
She wants to enable MPs to place obligations on the government “to ensure that the backstop cannot be in place indefinitely”.

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