Theresa May defends planned Brexit deal – BBC News

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Theresa May defends planned Brexit deal – BBC News
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Theresa May defends planned Brexit deal – BBC News
The recommended good progress is being made in the negotiations. Special European Council will be cooled for Sunday, the 25th of November to a brexit deal the Integrity of the United Kingdom, and it delivers in ways that many said could simply be done. We were told that we had a binary choice between them. 2019 EU citizens living in the UK only have to plan for one set of changes. We have agreed principles, base areas are covered, five withdrawal agreement and we have agreed Affair Financial settlement follower. You convinced me so future relationship with the European Union, but the insurance policy comfortable process all the times that we all the EU Charlie happy with all the arrangements of it being included within it. But, of course this is the case. This is an arrangement that we have both said want to have to use, but while some people might pretend otherwise that is no deal which delivers the brexit to the British people voted for, which does not involve this insurance policy. North Canada, + + + no way for now on white paper. The EU acceptable, as it would have meant, creating a custom folder down the Irish sea and breaking up the Integrity of all United Kingdom. Second, we have created an option for single time-limited extension of implementation.. As an alternative to bring in the Back store – and I do not believe we will need to do so – this is about an insurance policy, but if it happens, I will be able to make a choice between the UK Customs arrangement for short extension Plantation. continued access To the whole of the UK and total market, and that means – and that means it would have meant, reneging on a promise made to the people of Northern Ireland during the referendum campaign and afterwards would have made it impossible to deliver withdrawal agreement. As prime minister of the United Kingdom, we on our way to finalizing the details of an ambitious future partnership turns into a full future framework, will end free movement once and for all and said we would have already come from. We have such an arrangement with the EU and, at the same time, we will also be free, just like new trade deals with other Papa’s around the world. We’Ve also reached Financial Services which go well beyond WTO commitments, but decoration in Shoals. We will be leaving the common agricultural policy and Fisheries policy, so we will decide. Environment UK will become an independent coastalstates once again, as well as Arrangements perspective day to exchange on passenger Name Records, DNA, fingerprints and vehicle registration data, a close on flexible partnership on foreign security and defense policy. Mrs. speaker when I first became prime minister in 2060. There was no ready-made blueprints for brexit many people said it could simply not be done. I’Ve never accepted that I’ve been committed on the results and ensuring the UK leave the EU absolutely and on time, but I also said that withdrawing from EU membership off the 40 years, brexit brexit, which is in the National interest, is possible. We have persevered breakthrough if we get behind a deal together and sees the opportunities that lie ahead. This dumb, the dressing, the other issues they care about, the UK, I’m focusing every ounce of all energy on building, so we can rest now or we can choose or we can choose you, I choose to deliver the British people. I choose to do what is in National interest.
Theresa May says the UK will be free to strike trade deals with other partners around the world.

“This goes well beyond WTO commitments.”

The UK will be leaving the Common Agricultural Policy and will be a free coastal state once again, she says.

The prime minister says there will be a “close and flexible” partnership with the EU on foreign and defence policy.

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Theresa May says when a final deal is agreed she will bring it to Parliament and will ask MPs “to think in the national interest, give it their backing”.

She says “voting against would take us back to square one”.

Theresa May says the British people want MPs to “get on with other issues” such as creating jobs, helping families with the cost of living and providing a “brighter future for our country”.

She says “the choice is clear: choose to leave with no deal, risk no Brexit at all, or we can choose to unite and support the best deal that can be negotiated”.

“This deal ends free movement, takes back control of our borders, laws and money, and delivers an independent foreign and defence policy while continuing the security cooperation to keep our people safe.”

She says “this delivers the British people’s wish.”

“I choose to do what’s best in the interest of the British people.” #BREXIT #BBC #NEWS

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