Theresa May: “I will make the case for this deal with all my heart” – BBC News

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Theresa May: “I will make the case for this deal with all my heart” – BBC News
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Theresa May: “I will make the case for this deal with all my heart” – BBC News
From the stars, I rejected that Council of Despair about negotiating a deal that worked for the UK. I’M the EU, one that delivers on the results of the referendum for prosperous future, while maintaining with our friends and neighbors. Thanks for the hard work of both sets of negotiations, that is what we have today agreed. I want to take a few moments to speak control. The movement of transition controls in the future, but an end to the free movement of people in full once and for all face, will allow us to put in place an immigration system based on where people come from with all the skills and talents they have to Offer is it all national interest, second controller for money, membership fee at rebate with an end to Vault on your payments being sent to the EU still delivers. Instead, we will be able to spend taxpayers money on our priorities: 84 million pounds per week of extra investment. We’Re pushing into NHS that is in all national interest control over all tools, the jurisdiction of the European court of justice in the UK, with all those being made in all country by democratically elected politicians in, and that is in all national interest. For the UK. For good and forever, the UK will be an independent Coastal state once again, in. Bring controllers allowed to fish in them laws and money for the British people control and our relationship with all European friends course for future of opportunity and prosperity to My Chains intact. This deal. That will be outside in the Customs Union what’s happening with the EU closer than any other country, enjoys good for business and it on National interest. If you’re, one of the over 3 million in Houston, built your life in the UK come to be all colleagues are neighbors and all friends you need to deal that guarantees your rights. If you want to be almost 1 million UK Nationals Wendy you you need to say this deal delivers for you all of us security cooperation between the UK and the EU. We all need a deal that keeps that close pop in touch to a prime minister of the United Kingdom. I have felt very keenly my responsibility to deliver a deal for all of it. Parts agreed protects the Constitutional Integrity of the United Kingdom. We rejected proposals which would have compromised integrity and insisted on keeping oil UK in a single Customs territory. This deal delivers. the song commitment. We made the people of Northern Ireland, but they should be no hard border between Northern Ireland and 20 years and a lot of the people Living Dead eyes as they do today. Uk family, including all overseas territories, in the crown dependencies on Gibraltar process, Fabian picardo for the Statesman like rolled he has paid. We have been assured that your order is covered by withdrawal agreement and by the implementation.. Let no want to be in any doubt for the future partnership. The UK will be negotiation for the whole UK family, including Gibraltar. I am proud and it constitutional status will not change, but agreed today unlock the bright future for the UK shoes that match jobs in spreading prosperity, essential in any negotiation. You want you need to identify interest and stick to them, but be prepared to compromise in other areas in order to achieve a result. I think the British people understand that when they look at this deal, they will see you to the good one for all country and the disease in the National interest, for everyone to get behind. It is known as the referendum protects, what we value future of our exit negotiations with the EU, but it’ll say National debate in our country over the next few weeks before Christmas and peace will finish on this to you, it will be one of the most significant Folks that Parliament has held for many years will depend whether we move forward together into a brighter future, want to spend any more time arguing about brexit. They want a good deal done the fulfills the boat and allows us to come together again as a country to the House of Commons, confident we have achieved steel available, I’d full of optimism about the future of our country in Parliament and Beyond it. I will make the case for this deal with all my heart and I look forward to that campaign. Thank you questions, Minister. I’M BBC News very long process. You have often been relaxing to tell us what’s really going on because you said it Jason and understandable. You’Ve kept your cards close to your chest, but never the process is over. Can I ask you to be very straight with the public and tell us who, if anyone, you think, is pleased about this deal. This is a good deal for the whole. The you every year and cfp text of that, but I think what we see in this deal today, is it the old people on the boat best days ahead of us, the best deal for person we fight it’s, not the European leaders that this is the only Deal is on the table is no alternative at the steel through the House of Commons, and you said before this is not about you. Would you feel duty-bound to reside you’re right what I said before it’s not about me and I will say it again: it’s not about me making the case for this deal. European leaders and the House of Commons United Kingdom prime minister tells empey’s that it stays still. No tail that question again. If it gets down the commons Williamstown down, I was making and that’s being rich right to file toes comparative time. It’S possible deal James today to the British people over the head of Westminster, but only empey’s have a vote. Why don’t you take those strategy to its logical conclusion, give the people of votes on your deal and if they do back, you you’ll have a dry question. James decided we should leave the European Union or remain in it was for the British people we gave overwhelmingly. I have delivered that deliver on the results rule out now, attaching any conditions to the deal at the meaningful vote, especially attaching a second referendum to you offer to this morning, rule out for me a government of national Unity. If The Deele files European Union, I think we should not have thrown that if you want members of the public whether they want the deal as it is presented on taking the arguments in favor of this deal, the pricing for most people in the United Kingdom. They want to deal John and they want us to get home with
Theresa May ‘full of optimism’

The prime minister says the EU endorsement of her Brexit deal marks the start of “a crucial national debate.”

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Theresa May said the deal “delivered for the British people” and set the UK “on course for a prosperous future”.

Speaking in Brussels, she urged both Leave and Remain voters to unite behind the agreement, insisting the British public “do not want to spend any more time arguing about Brexit”.

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