Theresa May: ‘If we are to leave with a deal this is it’ – BBC News

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Theresa May: ‘If we are to leave with a deal this is it’ – BBC News
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Theresa May: ‘If we are to leave with a deal this is it’ – BBC News
Discount obvious racist, but it is in the interests of the EU as well as the UK to get to this over the line. Conclusions feu made player relationship needs to be triggered expeditiously set. The EU stands ready to embark on Preparation as soon as possible. I’Ve always said. It’s over. The EU is very firmly committed to this course. This morning, with my who is clear at Zion in coming days, interest of older people in the EU to get this done as quickly as possible. I’Ll take a few questions angry when you were speaking to Jungle Jim car earlier today. What did you say to him and did he admit that he had called nebulous conclusion suggesting you is not willing to budge that you appear to be suggesting that they might? Can you tell us more about what they’ve said to you about their willingness to move because a part of the EU for Festival, keeping choking when you use that particular phrase? It’S clear the clarification we come. Look at this issue. A further clarification presidential simply don’t believe you can get this withdrawal agreement through Parliament, whatever they say or do to help. You assurances disgust intention for the backstop. The thing in this relationship trade-in deals for March next year. We will be you look like you’ve had a trying week. What was it being clear that I want to be down here to do that X? Absolutely something I just wanted to ask you. What was your impression about presidency and transfer during face hold talks about an agreement between the United Kingdom sounds
Theresa May has said it is still possible to get the assurances MPs need to back her Brexit deal despite EU leaders ruling out any renegotiation.

Speaking at a summit in Brussels, she said there was still “work to do” but there had been progress and talks over “further clarification” would continue.

The UK PM admitted having a “robust” discussion with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

He urged more clarity from the UK after “nebulous and imprecise” debate.

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