Theresa May says draft agreement is “right deal” – BBC News

Theresa May says draft agreement is “right deal” – BBC News
So here comes to resume and we will listen to what she has to say people and deliver a good brexit deal. Last week we achieve decisive breakthrough when we agreed with the European commission the times for all smooth and order, the exit from the EU. Alongside agreement, we publish outline political declaration setting out the framework for our future relationship last night in Brussels. I had a good detailed discussion with for the United Kingdom teams to continue working overnight and, as a result, the text about declaration but being agreed between the European Union and the United Kingdom painted the cabinets on progress and I’ll be making the statements to House of Commons later this afternoon, this is the right field for the UK. It delivers on the control of, and it’s also while protecting jobs, protecting all security, I’m protecting the Integrity of the United Kingdom, the agreement between the UK and European commission. It is now up to the 27 videos of the other EU member states to examine this agreement in the days leading up to the specialty you council meeting on Sunday. I will be speaking to my counterparts over that time, including meeting chancla Cook’s of Austria streets later today, that on Sunday will be able to agree a deal that delivers for the whole family, including Gibraltar. On Saturday, I will return to Brussels before the meeting with President. Why we will discuss how to bring this process to a conclusion in the interest of all our people? The British people want this to be settled. They want sex is on the coils for a brighter future. That deal is within our grasp and I am determined to deliver it.
The EU and UK have agreed a draft agreement on their future relationship, paving the way for a Brexit deal to be finalised this weekend.

The political declaration – outlining how trade, security and other issues will work – has been “agreed in principle”, the European Council says.

London and Brussels have already agreed the draft terms of the UK’s exit from the EU on 29 March 2019.

Theresa May will make a statement to MPs at 15:00 GMT.

Downing Street said the prime minister has briefed cabinet ministers on the draft agreement in a conference call.

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