Theresa May updates MPs on draft Brexit deal – BBC News

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Theresa May updates MPs on draft Brexit deal – BBC News
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Theresa May updates MPs on draft Brexit deal – BBC News
Last night I met with the details of the relationship. We had a good discussion about what we need. Changing teams to work through the remaining issues as a result of the text of the activation has not been agreed between the UK and the European Commission on this progress this morning is a good deal for a country in for apartments in the EU vote people by Taking back control of our borders call Precious United Kingdom free movement once and for all people come from is the jurisdiction of the European court of justice in the UK, okay cool. I didn’t even end to sending Vol sums of money to the EU, so we can take full control of all money to spend on priorities, including our long-term plans. The NHS 394 million pounds more per week by 20, 23 24, and just this morning I was able to 123 24 with no tourists, fees, charges or quantitative restrictions economy in the world, which will be good for jobs. The EU said that the choice was binary. Norway or Canada, the political decoration, recognizes Spectrum with the extent of our commitment taken into account Jackson controls the development of an independent trade policy by the UK deals with all the countries and capitalize on the opportunities in the fastest-growing economies around the world, and we will Be able to get home with this negotiating deals., I’m putting them in place immediately agricultural policy, and let me be absolutely clear about what this would mean to fishing with controller at the fish it all Walters. We have firmly rejected. We have fun, we have fun, it is not something we will be trading off against any other priorities. We all clear that we will negotiate trade agreements with the EU also services and investment that will go further than any other recent EU agreements leading industry. We would also have a cutting-edge agreement on helping to facilitate on Justified Trade, Fair adentro, neither side people are people say that would be criminals to Justice, know not to wear in Europe. They break the law arrangements for sharing of data, including on DNA and fingerprints operation between security threats, relationship in a smooth only way it will deliver. So that we have time to put our relationship in place, sleeping in the UK and UK citizens living in the EU. So they can carry on living their lives as before. It wouldn’t show border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, say the future relationship in place. On the 1st of January 20-21, specific commitment Arrangements on Technologies softer are withdrawal today being shed with the leaders of the other 27 member states. I had to especially you cancel on Sunday conclusion in the interests of older people continue in the future relationship, but I was absolutely today I’m at chancla cuts of Austria, the presidency. They want you to feel that sets us on the coals for a brighter future. To come together as a country and to move on to focus on the big issues enable us to do this: it’s now we can all cross and these crucial 72 hours ahead. I will do everything possible to deliver it for the British people and I commend this statement.
Theresa May gives statement to MPs on draft Brexit political declaration

European Council chief says the document has been ‘agreed in principle’

The declaration will form basis of talks on future UK-EU trade agreement
It comes after UK and EU agreed draft withdrawal deal last week

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