Theresa May visits Paris and Berlin to seek backing for Brexit delay – BBC News

Theresa May visits Paris and Berlin to seek backing for Brexit delay – BBC News
Theresa May visits Paris and Berlin to seek backing for Brexit delay – BBC News
Good evening, Theresa may have spent the day visiting Berlin and Paris with just 3 Days To The set date for the UK’s exit from the European Union. Prime minister is trying to get the backing of Chancellor Merkel and president macron for an extension to the brexit process. Possibly until the 30th of June 12th to taking place on the eve of the emergency send me tomorrow in Brussels, when Mrs May will put a request to the other 27 EU leaders report. No one could accuse the prime minister of not covering the grind, but clocking out the miles, isn’t the same as convincing your audience. Resume landed in Berlin first for more time, for the normal red carpet was rather lonely. Today the Prime Minister had to wait for a welcome before the cheerleaders headed back outside for the usual snaps and smiles. The mission, though, ask for delay, but to give the answer why we want want to send what’s the you can eat this extension for extraordinary Division release still needs Clarity from the UK sides. Whitehall invite it again for negotiations with the prime minister get her brexit deal through Parliament with Tori votes. They could compromise to get labor numbers 2. Did the government open swimming day? Both sides engaged seriously we’re looking for a way forward, as you’d expect the number of areas where we differ, but we are anxious to ensure that we can carry on with this, but at least one cabinet minister might still. Rather the Prime Minister goes back to basics. I think would be fantastic if I’m going to move who will try to support a proper UK brexit by agreeing to Rio picture of the payment number tens official allies in Northern Ireland would like that too. But it’s not happening and they seem to be moving further away. It is rather humiliating up we’re having to go bag so that we can leave years since the nation voted to leave the European Union and we’re not explaining to stay in so that we can deal with matters that should have been dealt with before tie easy. In hindsight, in any language agent, job is hardest here in Paris. The prime minister to persuade The Reluctant presidents that pressing pose on brexit will be worthwhile, but he’s just one of 27. L will have to agree a draft of Anika 14 by the BBC tonight, which shows the EU Club is poised to offer a delay to the UK. But for how long a taxes in the space where a date should be the crucial blank to be filled in tomorrow, night’s Emmanuel macron has long beans resume stuff. Is EU customer so she’s here tonight to ask for help? Let brexit wait. He and other EU leaders are not likely to refuse her Politico cost to delay at home and it might come with strings attached talks. Just a warm-up relay for the main events in Brussels tomorrow, for the Prime Minister has no doubt learned on this painful Journey. Even neighbors and be friends and allies, but Rivals two little kids by BBC News weather at Summit taking place tomorrow in Europe Atlas that extends from you of what kind of reaction mrs. Mae’s likely to get from the other 27 to this request Haven, Brussels at tonight. Until just a few seconds ago, 27 ambassadors, representatives of the 27 EU countries, were locked for several hours in a room here, trying to fold some kind of United from how to respond to the prime minister’s request for further brexit extension of cosanti. You know they need to come to unanimous conclusion at tomorrow’s brexit Summit. Everest is a draft of that conclusions earlier this afternoon, but the keeper where it should say the maximum amount of time to eat was willing at to a lot for another extension has been left like you needed all still divided on this issue tonight and anyway, he Dropped confusion should we take him with a big pinch of salt Elite is a perfectly capable of turning up at tomorrow’s Summit, ripping up their conclusions and starting again they’ve done that before I brexit Summit, turning out to be much tougher in person and on the day, A diplomatic here in Brussels worth so much depends on the chemistry between them tomorrow and so much more depends on the prime minister’s performance. First, she will give a presentation to Evita. They will then quiz her politely. No one wants to be seen two humiliating her tomorrow, but performance needs to be credible. They want to know how she’s going to get the brexit deal puss and when she’s left the room, then they’ll debate the logic of whether a longer or shorter extension, Brussels to Paris and flowers that the kind of reception, the mrs. maisel today in Berlin and in Paris, there’s nothing special about the kind of that they might be willing to offer her conversation still ongoing at home. First off serious frustration, particularly on brexit, about the fact that she’s asking for any kind of delay at all winter so long. She said she would try to stick to the timetable. Second of all, either is about why she can credibly ask for more time for those talks while taking place in good faith are difficult and it seems tonight the more they talk. The more they understand. Just have big and ask it is to get the two parties on to the Sea. Hey! I’M sorry, of course, the registration from physicist from families from people around the country that another step in this process is a way of prolonging the agony, but for the prime minister of the decision from her has phenol. But it is better to pursue this difficult path to ask for another delay, then open with my sophina Pandora’s Box and leave the end of this week without a formal arrangement with the EU in place. None of these easy calculations are possibly something that I’m going to end comfortably for the Prime Minister, but that’s the decision that she’s taken, but it’s not in her hands to decide it. Russell’S
The UK Prime Minister Theresa May has spent the day visiting Berlin and Paris in an attempt to get the backing of two of the most influential EU leaders for a delay to Brexit. Downing Street said the Prime Minister’s discussions with both the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron focused on the UK’s request for an extension until June 30th to avoid a no-deal exit on Friday. Mrs May’s whistle-stop tour comes ahead of the emergency EU summit in Brussels tomorrow. – where she’ll propose her plan and the other 27 leaders will decide on what the next steps could be.

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