Theresa May wins confidence vote – BBC News

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Theresa May wins confidence vote – BBC News
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Theresa May wins confidence vote – BBC News
Caption composition, I’d like to thank the officer that I should judge dignity for help, especially my assistance. The result of the balance held this evening is the Parliamentary policy does have. Confidence does had called me recently denied as leader of the conservative party. The number of votes cast in favor of incompetence in tourism – a was 202 games. What’S 170 in the constitution of the quality, no further can take place for at least won the confidence of her conservative, backbenchers and government minister, a normal news cycle that wouldn’t seem so surprising that our own site has confidence in her butt. 117 of them said they didn’t have confidence in our 200. Did it’s a decent majority, but a hundred and Seventeen lyrics Alfa roadside is quite a bit number comfortable for the prime minister.
Theresa May survives a vote of confidence in her leadership (200 voted for, 117 voted against).

She needed to secure at least 159 votes from Conservative MPs – half the parliamentary party plus one – to remain as leader.

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