These students found a $100 bill — and gave it away

These students found a $100 bill — and gave it away
These students found a $100 bill — and gave it away
These fragile students volunteer to clean up trash, but instead they turned up Lost Treasure. There’S like some cotton it and he was like you were looking for it. Just like garbage and Colby can only garbage. I didn’t. I wasn’t expecting one little bit of finding a $ 100 bill Partners, Andre and Brayden – we’re also pretty surprised and like anyone. Would the kids debated whether to keep the money, but then we thought tonight, let’s just not take it like. I started and I’ll be right thing to do money for a week and no one claimed it. So it was up to the kids to decide how to spend their windfall. We donate link to the iwk. My mom works there too. So they’ll be like nice. You know, and so we all agreed on it, but their teeth decided they deserved reward. What would you like to do with your $ 10? Their generosity has made their parents proud and her good luck hasn’t fired. A few other treasure Hunters. I was with my friends at the school one time just over the weekend like just like playing on the playground and then and she’s like a remember when he found that hundred-dollar bill and I’m like yeah. So she like whatever’s the fence and she started like digging. We already found all the money Laura Fraser, CBC News.
Three students at Central Spryfield School in Halifax are being praised for turning in $100 and donating it to the IWK Children’s Hospital.

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