This man is so ready for a nuclear apocalypse – BBC News

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This man is so ready for a nuclear apocalypse – BBC News
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well I thought for years this is it I keep thinking they can’t get any worse than this but they do we put the first or buses and in 1980 and actually the shell it was built for 1,000 people and the Yarmouth standard at that time was 10 square feet per person then they have the standard till now S500 okay through cuz it’s the key corner of any shelter cuz this is fun stops the radiation it just comes down the hallway and runs into that wall radiation won’t turn Corners this for people coming in with side arms that the drop them here so we don’t take too long we leave a guard over the arms here decontamination Spanish table decontamination shower this bunk room is 496 kids we sleep them in here 48 of the time on two shifts this is a water supply we have a 5000 gallon tank stainless steel tanker behind there and this is the water well I expected sir mostly the people in the local community I don’t think people would have the opportunity to come in got here there’s a big question whether people in local community will even come in and join me so I don’t know rather than seeing these catastrophes they’re going to happen as being the end of the world we see it the beginning of a new age Humanities going to after that event hopefully establish so throw me world peace and He-Man kilgroe forward from this point but it’s just at the bottom heads right now
Ark Two Shelter contains over 50 rooms built into 42 buried school buses. At 10,000 sq ft (930 sq m), it is one of Canada’s largest nuclear fallout shelters.

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